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Live Feed Updates - 9/22 - Day 49

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/22 - Day 49

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    Everybody is sleeping.


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      Last night

      Kevin and Da'Vonne talked about what they would each do if they stay ..

      Kevin said he thinks he would put up Cody and Memphis and if one wins veto .. he would put up Tyler
      Da'Vonne said Cody and Tyler on the block together right away ... and if one of them wins veto .. she would put up Enzo ... otherwise if she put up Dani/Nicole and or David any of the 3 of them are an easy target ... so it would have to be Enzo beside who was left out of Cody/Tyler

      Enzo and Cody talked...

      Enzo says he won't go after David if he wins HoH .... that he has a plan that will "Turn the House Upside Down"
      Cody asked him did he mean putting Dani on the block
      Enzo doesn't answer ...


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        Memphis talked to Kevin ... Kevin telling him that he's really not campaigning ....
        Memphis tells him to do what he's been doing .... because he will be shocked if Da'Vonne even gets one vote ( for her to stay )
        Memphis tells Kevin that he's sure that Christmas will vote to evict Da'Vonne

        They agree that they ( Kevin/Memphis ) need to work together for the next few weeks... to help keep each other safe.....


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          Christmas and Memphis talk .. about how Da'Vonne made it easy to vote her out this week.
          Christmas talks about Have Nots for next week....she says that if Cody picks David ... she will pick Kevin

          Memphis tells her about his talk with Kevin ... and suggests that she also talk to him ( Kevin )

          They talk about Enzo being excited about the "Wise Guys" ...

          They also talk about who they could put up as a pawn against Kevin ... Dani's name is mentioned as a possible "pawn"

          They also say they think if Dani wins HoH .. she would put up Tyler and David.

          (that's all I can do for now .. if anyone wants to jump in.. ANY help is appreciated )


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            Feeds back up for awhile. General chit chat and eating.


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              Checking in ... after the feeds were down for 4 hours... ( no clue why ) ....

              Not much going on ...
              Guys playing pool

              Da'Vonne has made Kevin into a "rock star" with her wig ...


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                Now she's using him as a mannequin ... so that she can curl her wig

                Kevin - oh my god girl .. cover that up ...


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                  Feeds on STARS @ 5:10 PM BBT


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                    Feeds back

                    Not much has changed...

                    Christmas telling David that being part of a double ( eviciton ) is wild...

                    Christmas leaves to go get some slop
                    Enzo on the couch with David now ...

                    Nicole watching Da'Vonne and Kevin

                    Memphis, Cody and Tyler playing pool....


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                      4:00 a.m. BBT

                      We are on kittens.


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