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Live Feed Updates - 9/23 - Day 50

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/23 - Day 50

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    Feeds were on stars for several hours overnight and are on puppies and kittens right now.

    There was a wall yeller last night that said something about Nicole flipping.


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      Here's a little bit from last night ..

      Da'Vonne talked to Christmas and she ( Christmas ) told Da'Vonne that she doesn't have the votes to stay.

      Da'Vonne told Kevin that she knows she's leaving, someone and she's not telling him who, confirmed it for her. She tells him she's made peace with it ... she also warns him that he better win HoH ... or he will be right behind her.

      Cody confirms to Kevin that "he has him" for his vote to keep him ( Kevin )

      Da'Vonne tells Dani about her talk with Christmas and how she confirmed that she's the one going this week.
      Dani asked Da'Vonne how does she ( Christmas ) know
      Da'Vonne to Dani - are you blind?
      She goes on to say that most everyone ( guys ) already know she's the target and the one leaving, they already made their decision early on.

      Da'Vonne told Dani that she talked with Tyler trying to find out how she's in the position that she's in ( as the target )
      She says that he ( Tyler ) told her he didn't know .. he's not working with anyone .... the only thing he knew is if he used the veto .. David would be the target and he didn't want that to happen ...

      She also tells Dani that Christmas was very nice... respectful to her when they talked....
      She tells Dani that Tyler just "fed her ****" when she talked to him ... and that she is going to also talk to David.

      Nicole and Christmas talked about how Nicole's lie is weighing heavy on her ..
      They talk about how if she tells Da'Vonne before she leaves... it will expose the Committee ...
      Christmas again suggests that she use her Goodbye Message to tell Da'Vonne about the vote ( her not voting to keep Ian )

      Kevin talked to Da'Vonne about questioning Nicole's vote ...
      He tells her that he really thinks that it was Nicole and not David that flipped ...
      He asks why is she taking Nicole at her word anyway?
      Da'Vonne tells him that Nicole hasn't been lying to her all season ... but David has

      Kevin talked to David about how they need each other.... but should act like they are upset with each other .. so that maybe they won't be targeted together ...

      Da'Vonne asked Dani if she told Nicole to flip her vote at the last minute
      Dani swears she did not

      Da'Vonne pitched an idea to Dani about how she could tell David that she really does believe that he didn't flip the vote and that it was Nicole...
      She wants that to get back to Tyler ... ( I guess so he will think that she's targeting Nicole ... in hopes of staying )
      Dani tells her that she will go along with it ... she likes a sneaky plan ..
      Da'Vonne tells Dani it's her only hope ...

      Dani tells Nicole about Da'Vonne's plan...
      Nicole doesn't like the plan .. she's worried about David putting her on the block.
      Dani tells her that no one would believe anything that David said anyway .. so it doesn't matter
      Nicole continues to tell Dani that it's a stupid plan

      Da'Vonne and Kevin continued to talk about the "plan"

      Kevin tells Da'Vonne that he's tired of Enzo ..
      Kevin- I can't wait until his ass gets on the block..... I might even put his ass up just to see his thirsty ass walk around for votes

      Around 12:11 AM BBT - another Wall Yeller


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        Going on 13 hours of animals!


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          According to @CBSBB-

          The Live Feeds will be back tonight at 10pm BBT


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