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Live Feed Updates - 9/24 - Day 51

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/24 - Day 51

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    All HGs sleeping.


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      Just catching us up quickly from last night and all the Black Out of the Feeds ...

      Once the feeds returned, there was apparent explanation from the HG as to why the feeds were down SO long.
      They ( the HG ) were all gathered in the LR playing charades, but through the night, there were no side convos, to give us any hint as to what was going on.... although the were eating "left over pizza" ... so .... maybe BB gave them a pizza party for over 22 hours .... ,.. and then made them play charades...

      I did get an email from CBS that, as most of you either read on their Twitter Account or here at BBU ... that the feeds were set to return ... BUT .... the email also said that "the feeds were potentially going to stay down for another day or two... BUT .... they are now going to return tonight ( last night ) at 10 PM BBT )

      So ... really who knows what the heck that was all about .... we're just going to move on .....

      Around 11:30 PM BBT Cody and Enzo talked about they think they are in a good spot ....
      They also talked about how they think that Tyler will target Dani next., as well as Nicole.

      Dani and Nicole talked about Cody ... and how they think that Christmas will target him soon ...
      Dani told Nicole that she thinks Christmas will target her ( Dani ) and Cody .. .before she targets Nicole.

      Enzo and Tyler talked... with Enzo telling Tyler that "he can't trust Dani'
      Enzo also said that Nicole "hasn't done anything in this game"
      They talked about Da'Vonne leaving ... saying there's no way that she doesn't know that she's the one going home...
      Enzo says that she ( Da'Vonne ) ****ed up her own game...

      Da'Vonne and Dani talked
      Da'Vonne asked Dani if she won HoH who would she target ..
      Dani to Da'Vonne - Mr. and Mrs. Claus and backdoor "Reindeer". ( so that's Memphis and Christmas ( for sure ) ... and "reindeer" I'm guessing is Tyler )

      Around 1:25 AM Da'Vonne talked to the camera - she tells " Daynation" that she's done ... and she hopes they aren't disappointed with her.... she says she hopes she didn't let them down ...
      Da'Vonne says she really tried... this season was hard...she didn't come for the money ... she came for a greater purpose ... but the money would have been nice... the win would have been amazing ... she says again and again that she really tried ...

      Cody and Christmas talked about how they both think that Dani won't try to win HoH ... because if she did .. she would have to show her cards...

      Dani told Nicole that she doesn't think if Kevin gets HoH .. that he will target them .. before he targets the guys.
      Nicole says she thinks Kevin will target her .... because of the ( 1st ) Wall Yeller ...
      Dani tells Nicole that Kevin doesn't know they are working with Memphis.... if he did ..he ( Kevin) would put them up...
      They talk about trying to avoid going on the block together ...

      Kevin and Da'Vonne talked...
      Da'Vonne telling him that Nicole's conscience is tearing her apart ( about the vote )

      Kevin asked Da'Vonne if he gets Hoh .. who should he target...
      Da'Vonne told him to put up Cody and Tyler ... with Enzo as a renom plan .... she also told him that he could do any of those 3 ... whichever way he thought best.


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        Eviction ... a new HoH takes over ... and that BB Legend becomes a neighbor .... all tonight!

        Ready for a shake up? I am.

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          Catching us up quickly ...

          Dani told Memphis about her Replay Power ...

          Dani to Memphis - I'm willing to use it on you today.... if I use it ..... you can play in the HoH competition

          She explained to him ( her side ) of how she thought she had convinced Da'Vonne not to use the veto last week... because she revealed her power to her ... . she told Memphis that Kevin told Da'Vonne if she didn't use it on him, she would not get his jury vote... so now she's worried that once Da'Vonne goes to jury ... that and she (Dani ) uses her "Replay" power on Memphis, that Kevin will target her ... because he ( Kevin ) would realize quickly that she ( Dani ) is working with him ( Memphis )

          Dani asks Memphis if he has her back ( if she uses the power on him )
          Memphis to Dani - - I got your back 1000%..... we've talked about this and we are on the same page

          As she left the HoH room, Dani spoke in her mic, asking BB to call her to the DR

          ( so I guess we can expect the Replay Power to be revealed tonight with Memphis playing in the HoH comp )

          ( just wanted to add that for you guys )


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            Currently @ 12:38 PM BBT

            Da'Vonne is making one last pitch to Christmas

            Da'Vonne telling her that she's not someone she would take a shot at .
            Da'Vonne to Christmas- there are only 4 of us ( girls ) left...

            Da'Vonne to Christmas - there are things that need to happen in this house ... and they need to happen quick....

            Da'Vonne tells Christmas that she has 3 ( votes ) ...

            Da'Vonne - they said if I can get 4 ( votes ) I'm good to go ...

            Da'Vonne to Christmas - I am not here to win thing game... I'm here for a purpose... with everything going on in the world,....this is what we need

            She tells her that she's still fighting ... ( to stay in the game )

            Christmas told Da'Vonne that she hadn't expected this conversation ...

            And .. the feeds cut

            Feeds are back ...

            Christmas and Da'Vonne are still talking
            Da'Vonne continues to try to secure a vote from her

            ( I'm not really here... so if anyone wants to jump in ... any help is appreciated ... )


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              1:20pm BBT STARS... only stars...


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                1:29 Christmas and Nicole talking, about "she" . Dani? Nicole said something like I can't keep it inside anymore... not sure what or who...
                Camera 3&4 are still stars.
                Now 1&2 switched to Kevin and Day... nothing substantial.

                Now 1&2: Tyler cooked something that smells good...

                Now 1&2: Switch to Bathroom - Day with her face and Cody shaving... talking about Paul on his season. melting when he saw a butterfly, while it is ladybugs that remind the family of their grandma who passed.

                Now 1&2: David and Kevin - making plans... talking about Day thinking she has 3 votes... David doesnt like it that she gets mad and throws sh** in his face. He is telling Kevin that she flip flops. Nicole is playing her so bad... David feels right in his decision (im guessing to vote out Day). Kevin will work with her on the low, so they can make progress.

                David talking to feeds: I'm sure you have people who you want and when they leave, it is disappointing
                voting out Day, the truth is... CUTS to FRIDGE and Nicole saying Nice jeans to someone ...UGG


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                  Nicole was putting a mask on and started talking game with David... he must have stopped talking to the feeds.. and it CUT again right as she was saying "Day...

                  Now 1&2: bathroom, banter and chit chat...
                  3&4 still stars... they want to know if Kevin will get a Happy Birthday from Julie
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                    Here's how tonight played out...

                    Live Voting:

                    Tyler- Da'Vonne
                    Enzo -Da'Vonne
                    Nicole- Kevin
                    David - Da'Vonne
                    Cody -Da'Vonne
                    Dani - Kevin
                    Christmas -Da'Vonne

                    By a vote of 5/2 ... Da'Vonne has been evicted from the Big Brother All Stars house and becomes the 2nd member of the BB Jury

                    Julie to Da'Vonne - how are you doing?
                    Da'Vonne -I am relieved.
                    Julie- Why?
                    Da'Vonne- Julie, I was sick of them people. I was ready to go.... sometimes being in there is just too real.

                    Julie - why do you think .. 5/2 ... why did the majority of the house want to keep Kevin over you
                    Da'Vonne - because Kevin can be a puppeted.... I love Kevin .. he can be puppeted ... .. I can't

                    Da'Vonne's Goodbye Messages:

                    Kevin - Da'Vonne. meeting you .. playing with you .. has made my time not only more bearable... but a dream come true and I'm sad to see you go.

                    Tyler reveals the Slick Six Alliance to Da'Vonne saying that's the reason why Christmas didn't want to put him up ... and that he thought that he had to get her out because he felt Dani and Nicole were positioning her ( Da'Vonne ) to come after him.
                    Tyler to Da'Vonne - I hope you don't hold this against me.

                    David - we had our moments... where we had a little bit of friendship... but ... just know I wouldn't have gotten this far without you .. and I appreciate you for that.

                    Nicole to Da'Vonne - I'm in an alliance with five other people since Day 2 and.... I got caught in the middle of this lie ....where I had to vote Ian out of the house...... I'm so sorry, Da'Vonne...... I just really hope you will give me a chance outside of this house to be friends... because I really do love you.

                    Julie- before we get to Nicole, what are your thoughts on what you heard Tyler say?
                    Da'Vonne - about the alliance.. I knew it .. there were allainces everywhere.. they were falling out of the sky.... out of the couches... out of the pool.. out of the duck ... they were everywhere.. so I knew something was going on ... BUT ... Nicole and Dani ....

                    Julie - all week you've been asking Nicole to tell you the truth.. where do things stand now between you and Nicole?
                    Da'Vonne - I don't know .......because I was asking her for purposes that were not game related. I told her ..... I told her that I am a black woman in this game.. and David is a black man in this game... and I do not want to be on television bashing him ( David ) and calling him a liar if he did nothing if you voted Ian out, ....just tell me... I won't hold it against you .. I won't be angry ... just be honest with me...

                    Julie - and she said?
                    Da'Vonne - she said .. " I swear I voted Tyler out" .... and so THAT is why I am bothered ... game wise .. I get it girl .. do what you gotta do for your alliance.. but that was personal.... and it was important for me.. and I told her ... to be honest with me about it.

                    Julie reveals "the Neighbor" - Dr. Will Kirby

                    Dr Will - what's up All Stars ... great news .. I just bought your neighbor's house. I guess that makes me Dr. Will, your brand new neighbor. I mean c'mon, you didn't think you could have All Stars without me did you? And, as your new neighbor, I thought it would be fun to put my own little spin on the game. Now, maybe you remember my life motto: Money can't buy you love, but it can buy you stuff, and I LOVE stuff.

                    Dr. Will - So, for the next HoH competition and Veto competition, you are going to have an important decision to make...go for power or go for prizes. I sure know what I would do. Good Luck. Oh, and I do live right next door, so you will be seeing me again. <Wink>

                    Dr. Will - So, for the next HoH competition and Veto competition, you are going to have an important decision to make...go for power or go for prizes. I sure know what I would do. Good Luck. Oh, and I do live right next door, so you will be seeing me again. <Wink>

                    Julie -when faced with prizes or power, what will the house guests do? And, will Dani exercise the right to use her Replay Power, allowing Memphis to play in the upcoming HoH Competiton ?

                    HoH Competition: - has not been played ... but we will update you with the new Head of Household as soon as the competition plays out ...

                    Julie also announced that OTEV returns to the game ( for the Veto Competiton ) and that next week Neighbor's Week ends ..and a 2 hour special event episode on Thursday will be a LIVE TRIPLE EVICTION

                    For now ... the drama continues on the Live Feeds...

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                      The feeds are on PET CAM .. and will most likey stay on PET CAM until after the show airs on the West Coast ...


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                        9PM BBT

                        Still puppies and kittens


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                          While we wait ....

                          Dr. Will: The “neighbor” kicks off one of the greatest weeks in the history of Big Brother. Immense powers and opulent prizes are at stake. Plus, it’s capped off by the first ever triple eviction. This will be a defining moment for the series!

                          Us: So you do host the jury roundtable, but be real, will we ever see you play again?

                          Dr. Will: Let’s be honest, I’m uniquely qualified to host the jury roundtable. I’ve done it for seven seasons now and I love it. And I’m honored to do it! But I’m not even sure that we can have a jury roundtable this season because of social distancing and quarantine requirements. That said, I would hope that I could continue to serve the show and the fans in that capacity for a long time to come. As far as the possibility of me actually playing again goes, in the interest of full candor, it would just have to be just the perfect situation. So, as it stands right now today, I’m officially retired from competitive reality television programming and I’ll just continue to focus my efforts on the aesthetic dermatology world. Will I ever come out of reality retirement? Stay tuned.

                          Us: Oh, and one more question. You’re a fan of good speeches. What were your thoughts on Da’Vonne’s speech tonight?

                          Dr. Will: One of the best exit speeches of all time. I think that puts her at the top of the list for America’s Favorite Player.

                          Here's an article about Dr Will and BB


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                            Still PET CAM @ 9:51 PM BBT


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                              This line from the email that I received from CBS last night has me like...

                              the feeds were potentially going to stay down for another day or two..

                              I mean they did come back ( last night ) ... .but why would they say that ??

                              to make us feel better that they came back at all .... ?
                              to make us read something into it as we sit here and wait yet again .... ?

                              Hopefully, the whole annoucning that Dani is using her Replay Power .... and Dr. Will playing whatever role he's playing in the HoH competition is just taking a lot longer than it should ... right?



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