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Live Feed Updates - 9/25 - Day 52

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/25 - Day 52

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    Feeds are on Stars


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      2am BBTime - HOH Room - Cody, Dani, Enzo & then Nicole. General chit chat. Enzo agrees with everything that anybody else says.

      Meanwhile down in the Love lounge-Christmas is crawling onto the couch and adjusting her blankets while sniffling. Now she's talking to the camera, complaining how deceptive and manipulative everyone ELSE is. She full on sobbing now, she misses her son, she says that people here aren't just two-faced, they are quadruple faced. She says Nicole didn't stab Davonne only in the front, but in the back twice. She says the girls are probably upstairs telling Cody to backdoor her (yep) she's really crying. She says she needs a week by herself. X-mas is trying to pull herself together, drys her eyes, starts talking about how she and Loyal play with the hose, and water the flowers. After a while she gets up and goes to bed.


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        Cody & Memphis in HOH discussing Dani & Christmas. They are convinced that Dani is already working on jury votes & is more out for herself than Christmas when it comes to the Committee. They also agree that they believe Nicole & Dani voted against Kevin & not Day (correct).

        Enzo & Christmas in the mirror room talking about the HOH comp & that neither considered going for prizes until they knew they couldn't win. They were both irritated with Tyler for going for the 5k instead of HOH.


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          Memphis left HOH and Nicole went in to talk to Cody then we get stars.

          Just prior, Christmas counting votes if she is nominated against David and the POV isn't used.


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            Cody is telling Nikole he plans on nominating Christmas if POV is used (sounds like Kevin & David getting nom'd again ). Nikole says he is just doing Dani's dirty work & Cody said no that he knows Christmas will come after Dani & then him because she is in a final 3 with Memphis & Enzo. Nikole trying to throw Dani under the bus but Cody ain't buying it.


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              5:53pm BBT



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                Cody nominated Kevin and David for eviction


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                  Catching us up ...

                  After the nomination ceremony

                  Christmas talked to David
                  She told him she's sorry he's nominated
                  He told her that it's all part of the game
                  She told him to look on the bright side, he can plan in the Veto tomorrow
                  She also tells him to win that veto .... and if you don't win the veto ... win some prizes ....
                  She also told him that from Cody's speech ... it didn't sound like he ( David ) is the target
                  He tells her "you never know in this game"

                  Christmas to David - just win the ****ing veto.....shove it down their ****ing throats

                  David tells Christmas that this season has to be boring to watch ... it's the same thing over and over again

                  Christmas tells him that no matter who picks her .. she's going for the prizes....
                  Christmas to David - I'm a comp beast and there is no way I'm throwing anything...... I want to see you here


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                    David and Kevin talked
                    David to Kevin - here we go again block buddy
                    Kevin tells David that he knows the's the one that is staying

                    David asks Kevin about his pre-nomination chat with Cody
                    Kevin tells him that Cody got mad " real mad"
                    He says that he talked for 45 minutes about how it sucked to be HoH... etc.....

                    Kevin - I told him ( Cody ) that if he puts me up against you ( David ) .... then it's clear that I'm the target"...

                    Kevin he ( Cody ) was like.... do you always feel you are the target?.... and I told him no .... cause the other HoH's made it clear to me

                    Kevin to David - if I save myself this week... he (Cody) is definitely coming for me..... .. but he got ma.....he wants everyone to like him and it's like not everyone has to like you ( Cody ) ... and he gets the vibe that I don't like him.... I don't have to like you Cody

                    Kevin - he ( Cody ) said ... can't you see it's a good move?.....

                    Kevin - or I can see like you targeted me from week one. .... you isolated me and pretended to be nice to me

                    Kevin talks about how Cody only talks to him before HoH comps, in case he wins ...


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                      Kevin to David - he (Cody) doesn't even know h's privileged.... he doesn't even know he has the privilege of power....

                      Kevin tells David that when Cody started to insinuate that ... it's your ( Kevin's own ) fault that I have to do this to you.... the powerless person..... I was like I'm not having this

                      David to Kevin - that's why I respect someone like Memphis ....because he doesn't beat around it... he ( Memphis ) is like.... this is my reason and you don't have to like it.


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                        Enzo and David

                        Enzo it's about to get ugly in this hous..... now they have to go after each other.
                        David - that's why I was like no hugs.... ( after the nomination ceremony )
                        Enzo - I love this part of the season.... this is when it gets fun.


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                          Cody and Christmas

                          Cody tells her that Kevin said something like.. Christmas came up to me and said I made you a Have Not ... cause someone said to weaken you
                          She tells him that 100% that is not true ...
                          She says she told him that he's a Have Not ... because you haven't been one since week one....


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                            After Cody leaves...

                            Christmas to camera- Kevin is a little snake. .... you ( Kevin ) could have a team.... you could have people working with you..... but you decide to throw your girl under the bus

                            She talks about how much she's done for him in the game... and how much she genuinely felt so bad for putting him on slop... she says he's exhausting ...

                            Christams to cam - you ( Kevin ) are going to throw the one ally you have in this house under the bus..... Cool.... we'll play that game

                            Christmas to cam - you ( Kevin ) played you self kitten..

                            She walks out of the room ...


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                              Cody tells Enzo/Christmas/Nicole about his convo with Kevin ( before the nominations )

                              Cody - he ( Kevin ) was like " the world doesn't revolve around you, Cody. ..... let's throw a pity party for Cody ,,, because he's the HoH and has to nominate".
                              Cody - I was like this conversation is done now


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