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Live Feed Updates - 9/26 - Day 53

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/26 - Day 53

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    Veto comp today


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      Just going to catch us up with a little bit convo between Cody and Enzo from last night ..

      Cody talked about how he's annoyed with Kevin for throwing out the privilege stuff on him...

      Enzo tells Cody that he thinks they are being preceived as "boring" right now ... because of the way the game is being played....

      Cody says the first 8 weeks they ( that's means you the fans ) got ot see how a POWER house works.... and so now .. with those same people ... here's your chaos

      Enzo agrees saying yeah ... they keep the BIG NAME people in the house ... and now people will be forced to get blood on their hands...

      Enzo tells Cody that if he won HoH .... we would probably put up Dani ( and whoever is left David or Kevin ) and then if he had a chance back door Nicole, because she's a champion and so she has to go .. plus she's not pulling her weight and he's "tired of carrying her"

      Cody tells Enzo to remember that Nicole would never target him.

      Cody also tells Enzo that Memphis or Tyer would also not target him ( Enzo ) .. so keep that in mind ... keep them off the block.

      Cody and Enzo talk about how if Christmas goes up as a replacement nominee ... she would probably be the one to go ... over David ...

      Cody says if he gets House Guest choice, he will pick Memphis .. because he knows Memphis wouldn't be swayed by the prizes.

      Cody recounts his convo with Kevin, about how Kevin told him that Christmas told Kevin that someone ( Cody ) told her to make Kevin a Have Not to weaken him

      Enzo tells Cody that he can't even brush his teeth, without Christmas trying to pull him and talk to him.

      They talk about how they think that Dani will go on the block next week, no matter what ....

      Enzo talks about if it's a double eviction coming up .. that he thinks they are protected ....

      Enzo also talks to Cody about his "new alliance" with Memphis and Christmas ... and tells him it's called the "Wise Guys" ...
      Enzo says he can't keep up with what alliance is what ... when he talks in the DR ...

      ( that in a nutshell is the convo from them last night )

      Today's Power of Veto Competition should be a good one...


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        8:25 BBT

        HGs are sleeping. BB is letting them sleep in today.


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          9:30 BBT wake up call.

          BB asking them to change their batteries.


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            Veto Players-


            Tyler (Of course)

            Correction-Enzo is playing.

            Memphis is the Host
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              From just before they picked.

              Cody and Dani were talking in the HoH about different scenarios and who would go after who. Cody told her about the tiff with Nicole telling him that they were taking out all of the people close to her and not taking out anyone close to him. Dani and Cody got into a little argument because Dani said she had talked to Nicole and Nicole was fine with it. They also talked about the Tyler-Christmas F2 and if they take out Christmas, they can pull Tyler closer to them.

              Cody told her that Enzo had relayed what Kevin said to Enzo last night about Cody being privileged. That really has Cody ticked off. He said Kevin knows nothing about him or his family. says they aren't rich or anything and he has what he has because he was a good athlete, not because he was good looking.


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                At the same time, Nicole was talking to Christmas in the lounge and telling her that she trusted Christmas .


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                  Tyler and Enzo were talking to Cody in the HOH.

                  Dani is on the radar, but Cody doesn't want to backdoor her this week.

                  5:35 BBT Went to puppies. Veto comp is getting underway.


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                    8:57 PM BBT

                    Still on PET CAM


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                      Cody won the Power of Veto

                      David won $10,000


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                        Christmas to Cody - I'm still good with sending Kevin home...

                        Cody to Christmas - Dani is going to push hard for him ( David ) to go home.... but I'm not sending home who she wants... I dunno... I feel some type of way about it
                        Christmas - I feel some type of way about it too ... but I haven't been expressive about it


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                          Christmas to Cody - nice job, Cody..... sweeping the week
                          Cody- I'm so pissed cause now Dani is going to try to use that..... ( David winning the money ) ... he ( David ) is so ****ing dumb (taking the money)...... he makes himself look bad


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                            Enzo to Tyler - I told Cody when they're out I'm going for the money. ...
                            Tyler - that's what I said...
                            Enzo - the first one. .... we might have to send him (David) on his way cause of that ... that rubbed me the wrong way.... that shows that you don't even give a **** anymore


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                              Tyler to Ezno - don't tell Cody.... but there is a curse... no one thatwon OTEV has ever won the game
                              Enzo - nice....I feel better

                              ( What Tyler is saying is true... the curse hit Tyler too .. he won OTEV in his season and didn't pull out a win in F2 )


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