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Live Feed Updates - 9/28 - Day 55

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/28 - Day 55

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    All HGs sleeping


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      8:00amBBTime - David is awake and in the backyard talking to the camera. Most is just blah, blah about his causes and friends back home. He finally gets around to some game talk. His read on the house.
      He's talking about Xmas and that she's gaming, acts like she has his back, but no. She's all over the house. As far as Dani, not sure, he's says he's going to have convos with every single person in the house. He's counting Xmas, Enzo, Tyler and I think he said Memphis too as his votes to stay.
      He's still saying that Tyler lost his trust as far as the Bailey situation goes. Without Davonne, and her going back & forth on trusting him, hopes they can be friends after all of this. She had an alliance with Cody since the beginning, but was mad at ME. Its very frustrating. Frustrating that Ian went back to Cody and the group. (Hey, I'm just transcribing) Tyler came back and won veto, neither Kevin or Davonne picked him to play. Tyler could have used it and got me backdoor. Tyler couldn't believe that I voted him out. Blabbering about people saying what they said in DR. You're not allowed to say that BS, its against the rules. Now he's talking about the deal he had with memphis (not using the veto) he says he would have used it anyways, you don't have to hold to those agreements, when you have some power you use it. He's saying now, that Davonne is gone, he's finding out she was throwing him under the bus to be put up. He says you gotta take a shot at the comp beasts. (Whew, he's so hard to follow)
      David is back inside now in the potty.


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        8:30am BBTime--(note to David, never take your mic into the toilet with you).
        David is playing the "make the cameras follow me game" and goes into storage. Gets a vitamin packet.
        Checks out all the fruit. Leaves and back to kitchen and heats up his coffee. (This guy talks to himself more than he talks to the other HGs) And back outside he goes. He's complaining that he's gained "stress weight"
        Jabbering about jets.
        Says when Memphis gets up he's probably going to come out here and sit. "I need to have a convo with him, without Xmas being right there". Now he's eating an apple (in Christie fashion) chomp, smack, chomp, smack....ughhhh. Close your mouth dude.


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          8:45 BBTime - David has gone back inside, says he's dead tired today. (C'mon man, somebody else get up!) Dumps his coffee, says fake sugar is disgusting, gets a fresh cup with real sugar. Back outside & doing some laundry, checking out the planes overhead.
          "Got my vitamins and got my coffee"
          "What a pleasant morning."
          orning.oops started mentioning somebody's name (who must not have signed a permit) cause all cameras are now on sleeping HGs.


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            8:55 BBTime - back mid sentence to David mumbling about education vs. financial security. Mental health is important to him. How he wants to help and bring awareness to that (?)
            He misses his grandparents, never met his fathers parents, Ms Alexander, now mosquitoes are attacking him, and hes freaking, saying "I'm just trying to live my best life"
            Says his Dad raised him without a significant other. (PLEASE STOP WHISTLING!)
            "The birds are talking back to me or I'm losing my mind" (STOP WHISTLING) C'mon BB, tell him!
            "Yup, I'm losing my mind, the birds are not coming any closer, I'm bout to take a shower and get dressed for the day" (I'm beginning to think this guy has the attention span of a goldfish) he flip flops sentences more than a politician) talks about Ian being so loyal to power, "I tried to tell you Ian" (lol) now blah blah shower, get dressed for the day & back inside he goes.

            Ok, I'm out for now, i just can't, with this guy) I will listen out for anything else of importance.


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              It's almost 10am in the BB House, maybe they will wake these folks up soon? David is showered and dressed and in the backyard again. He again says how tired he is...


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                10:10 BBTime-- "GOOD MORNING HOUSEGUESTS, IT'S TIME TO GET UP FOR THE DAY. There are fresh batteries in the storage room". The music starts and we go to stars. (Finally)


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                  10:25am BBT - Backyard Memphis and Xmas now out in the yard with David. (Guess David isn't going to get his "alone" convo with Memphis after all) lol. Xmas telling a story/dream to the guys.
                  Sounds like BB is getting perturbed with the HGs about getting up for the day.
                  Memphis says his dreams don't have a "story line" like Xmas's. The 3 are comparing nightmares, hahaha. Memphis is getting technical.
                  Cody has now joined the dream club in the backyard. Xmas is an expert on dreams now.
                  Oh, and meditation too.
                  Kevin is now up & in the bathroom.
                  Cameras 1 & 2 are on the "still sleeping" have-nots, 3 & 4 are on the dream team.
                  It doesn't matter the topic,. Xmas is an expert on it. David & Memphis inside.
                  Cody now talking to Xmas and we get stars.
                  (Thanks button boy) this is probably the 1st convo worth typing this am, and I get stars!
                  Kevin is now out with Cody & Xmas.
                  David & Memphis back outside, just in time to "Please lower the outside awnings" BB just calls all backyard names and says thank you. Cody says you're welcome Bob. Oooh, Bob's mad "what do you not understand about wake up"!!!
                  Nicole up to the bathroom now. Cody joins her. Nicole is whining about something, can't hear, she's not mic'ed.Tyler up in the bathroom now also. The only ones I don't see are Dani & Enzo.
                  Just general chit chat.


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                    10:50am BB Time--Enzo crawls out of the have not room and makes his way to the bathroom. No Dani yet folks.
                    Backyard group talking stage musicals.
                    Xmas called to the DR.
                    Dani gets the "wakey, wakey houseguests"
                    She is still under the covers.
                    Nicole gets called to the DR. She's in the shower, so BB says disregard.
                    Tyler folds his load of clothes and takes them inside.
                    Memphis is now the expert on stand-up comedy, lol.
                    Enzo joins the backyard crew. BB tells him to reattach your microphone.
                    Cody is making a pot of coffee.


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                      11:07 BBTime- general chit chat with Memphis, Xmas, Tyler, David on BYard couch, and Cody is cooking in kitchen. Enzo running laps in yard. Dani still in bed and Nicole in DR? Topic turns to Davonne used to LIVE in the bathroom, Memphis says he didn't notice it till she left.
                      Now, talk turns to basketball.

                      Well folks I gotta scoot, its been real.


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                        Cody did Not use the POV.

                        Kevin & David remain on the block.


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                          Catching us up ...


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                            After the Veto Ceremony...

                            Cody and Enzo talked....

                            Cody talked about dragging David along.... just like Victoria was dragged in his season.

                            Cody telling Enzo that he doesn't want to target Dani or Christmas on the block yet.... because they ( Dani/Christmas ) will cannabalize themselves
                            Enzo tells Cody that he just worries that they will make a move on them first ...

                            Enzo also says that if they get Memphis out .... they will have Christmas closer to theim ...

                            They talk about how someone ( other than them ) needs to target Tyler ...
                            Cody tells Enzo that he would rather keep Memphis in and take out Christmas ...


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                              Enzo tells Cody that he feels 98% sure they are good this week .... and then next week .. they both can play in the HoH competition ....

                              ( boy that Triple is going to throw them for a loop )

                              They say that if things came down between Nicole and Dani... they would keep Nicole... cut Dani

                              Enzo says that he loves Dani ... but she's not making it to the F2 ...

                              Enzo - she ( Dani ) has gotten too messy...

                              He tells Cody that he really did want to work with Dani ...

                              Cody tells Enzo that he and Dani were tight ..... but she ( Dani ) has "burned that"


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