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Live Feed Updates - 9/29 - Day 56

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  • Live Feed Updates - 9/29 - Day 56

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    Everybody is sleeping.


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      Trying to go back & get more info (at stars right now). Feeds were on for a bit & they were all discussing being shown a video with Dr. Will & the word "Nominations" being in a different font. Kevin said he thinks it's a fast forward week. Tyler doesn't think it's HOH related because they would normally show them a video on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Prior to the video they watched, the living room screen said Day 56 Neighbor's House


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        Feeds are back. Memphis & Nikole walking laps inside (looks like inside lockdown) & discussing possible schedule changes. Kevin in have not room seriously pitching to Enzo why to keep him & said he is going to talk to Christmas too.


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          Excellent selling points from Kevin...He's pointing out that he hasn't won comps but he has drawn HG Choice a few times from Veto bag & would be willing to promise to choose someone someone if he gets it which he says is crucial moving forward to help someone stay off block. Enzo saying he's gonna tell him straight that he thinks Cody would vote him out so he has to get 4 votes & he can't see Kevin getting them. He told Kevin to talk to Christmas & then Enzo will talk to her to find out where she's "really" at in case she doesn't tell Kevin the truth. Both Enzo & Kevin saying the season has been boring & the fans would probably love to see things shaken up (YESSSSSS) & they would definitely love to [email protected]#! things up. Now discussing whey they don't think Kevin can get 4 votes. Doesn't think he can get Tyler for sure.


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            Nicole & Dani are telling each other where all their stuff is in case it's a fast fwd & they don't get to pack before if evicted.


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              Memphis & Cody are in HOH discussing Tyler & not really trusting him. Memphis said he feels like a lot of people don't want HOH & want other people to do their dirty work. Memphis told Cody they need to convince Enzo to really go for it for The Wise Guys because they think Enzo would be okay if he doesn't get it. Speculating Dani going after Christmas, Christmas going after Dani, Tyler going after Nicole.


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                Kevin & Memphis think they may have a fast fwd today & a double eviction on Thursday. (Don't know what they saw but seems like they're piecing it together). As Kevin exits the room, he speaks to camera & says "I have no f'ing shot."


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                  David and Dani talked...

                  He asked her for her vote ... he also asked her what she wanted for it
                  She told him that she's not that kind of player... or the that kind of person that would say "if I give you my vote... you have to do this for me"
                  She tells him he knows how it is ....
                  Dani - I scratch your back .... you scratch mine.,,,, we are both .. not in the best spots in this house

                  He tells her that if he wins HoH .. he would really like to talk to her ... and not only for a minute or two ... like really sit down and talk to her .... see what she's thinking ... etc.

                  He tells her that he should have trusted her back when she was telling him things... but he didn't ...
                  He tells her he's not "opposed" to hearing what she has to say now .. about where they stand in the house ...


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                    David tells Tyler that he talked to Dani and that he told her that he ( Tyler ) was probably gunning to get him out ... so if he hears that .... from her .. just know it's "bull****"

                    Tyler tells David that as far as he knows....he thinks that it's Keving going home....
                    He says unless they are planning something that he doesn't know about ...
                    He tells David that he tries to go in rooms.... listen ... etc.

                    David talks about how he needs to win this next HoH
                    Tyler encourages him ... telling him he really needs to win ....

                    Tyler also tells David that if he ( Tyler ) wins... the others will expect him ( Tyler ) to put him ( David ) on the block...

                    Tyler says that he;s ready to shake things up ...
                    David agrees... and says that he thinks that America will be cheering.

                    Tyler tells David they just have to win ....

                    Tyler tells David that he doesn't have anyone in the house ( on his side ) other than him ( David ) and Enzo
                    David wonders if the others are targeting all 3 of them...

                    Tyler tells David that the 3 of them ( him/David and Enzo ) are at the bottom of everything

                    Tyler - we're not even in a ****ing alliance.... we are just pushed together now


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                      Tyler and David speculate about what's happening this week...

                      David tells Tyler that he thinks that there will be an eviction tonight,... and then 2 people evicted on Thursday,......
                      Tyler to David - 3 steps ahead.

                      David to Tyler - has there ever been 3 people evicted in one week?
                      Tyler - - no ....

                      David says that would take them down to 6 .... going into next week ...

                      Tyler- I just want something to happen.... 3 going this week.. I'm good with that ...

                      David - yes .....


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                        Tyler tells David that after Kevin goes... that Nicole and Dani have to be next.... and it doesn't matter what order... because they ( Nicole/Dani ) will never going to vote against each other. David agrees....
                        David also says that he doesn't know if Memphis and Christmas wold ever vote against each other ...
                        Tyler- true.....


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                          Enzo talked to Dani ... saying that they could do the HoH tonight ... then PoV tomorrow .... he says you never know if Julie will come on and tell them to gather in the living room ...

                          Enzo to Dani- that was just weird.... he ( Dr. Will ) comes on for like 5 secons... winks.... twice.. and then he's gone...

                          Dani - so weird.... so stressful....

                          Enzo - there's 9 people.... in here with 4 weeks to go ....

                          Enzo says that everyone is scheming,.... scared...... studying.... and campaigning....


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                            David tells Tyler that Dani told him that she feels like she's at the bottom of the barrel....
                            Tyler says he doesn't think so ...
                            Tyler -she's ****ing lying.... but we'll see ... I dunno man....
                            He says again that 3 people going this week .. would be good with him ...


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                              Tyler talks to Dani about his talk with David ...

                              Dani asking what will they do if it's a double this week.... and what if someone uses the veto ...

                              Tyler tells her that they just have to have a solid pawn .. that they all agree on .... that they won't vote out .... someone like Memphis ...

                              She tells him that she's not going to vote Memphis out .. she is "sticking to the 6"


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