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Live Feed Updates -9/30 - Day 57

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  • Live Feed Updates -9/30 - Day 57

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    All sleeping


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      Catching us up from last night ..

      Kevin did a little camera talking ... saying that he doesn't think he has the votes
      He thought that maybe Memphis would want to vote out David, but no ... he ( Memphis ) told him straight up that he won't vote to keep him.
      He says that Enzo told him the only way he would vote for him to stay, is if Cody gives him the okay ....
      He also says that he thinks that Nicole is just trying to placate him ... about her vote ... so that she could have his vote in jury
      He says that he is sure Dani would vote to keep him.... but that's just one (vote )

      Kevin goes on to say that he should have never come back ....
      He says his experience this time has been terrible ... and while the others are saying that it's been the "most fun ever" - because they are all united - he thinks this season has been the most horrific season ever

      Kevin compared his time in the house this season to the Hunger Games.... saying he feels like he's been selected to play some bizarre game ...

      He talks about watching Dr. Will's video .... about being their neighbor and staying 3 steps ahead.... which made him think there would be a fast forward .. followed by a double eviction

      Kevin says that what he realizes is .. that David is going to be dragged to the end ... by the others .. because they all think he's such a terrible player of the game.


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        Enzo and Cody talked about Memphis and Christmas

        Cody telling Enzo that Memphis told him that if he ( Memphis ) won HoH ... he would put up David, as the target, and Nicole as the pawn.

        Enzo says as long as he and Cody are safe, he doesn't care what anyone does ... .

        He goes on to say that if Memphis proves that he's loyal to them ( Cody/Enzo ) that they will need to "clip Christmas"


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          Enzo and Cody continued to talk ... now they have convinced themselves .. ( since nothing happened last night ) that this week will just be a regular week....
          They say that maybe BB wants them all to fight ... have drama... drag it out ....

          Enzo tells Cody that he really hates that David isn't going home this week .... but he's the HoH and that's how he wants it ... so be it ...
          They agree that David has to go next.... "his time is up" ...
          Cody says that if Nicole ever wins an HoH .. she will target David and Memphis ...
          He says he thinks she would want Memphis out .. so they need to think about that ... watch for it ..

          Cody says that he would want Tyler out before Nicole.... since they really don't know exactly how they feel about Tyler... where he stands and all ... plus getting him out .. would take away one of Christmas' allies...


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            Cody tells Enzo that if someone gets "cute" with the votes... he will call out Dani right away ..
            He tells him for sure .. Nicole will vote out Kevin.

            Enzo talks about how Nicole is just "coasting" along in the game... never winning anything ...but making it far ..

            Cody says that if Memphis did win HoH and put up David and Nicole... they don't want Nicole to go home..... they want David out ... but ... they also talk about if Memphis had to do a replacement nominee.... then maybe they could convince him to put up Tyler as the renom .. and get him ( Tyler ) out ...


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              Enzo asked if Cody thinks that Christmas and Tyler are close
              Cody tells him he doesn't know ...

              Cody says that he would really like to see Dani win HoH .. and put up Christmas and Tyler ...


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                Enzo tells Cody that Tyler told him that he thinks that either Nicole or Dani have to go next ...
                Cody says that he can use that info ... to tell Nicole.... so that she won't target Memphis ... but will target Tyler instead.


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                  Memphis and Christmas talk about Dr. Will's "3 steps ahead" clue....

                  Memphis told Christmas that he can only think the clue meant that they will have 3 quick evictions ...

                  Christmas to Memphis - a triple?
                  Memphis - there's not enough time
                  Christmas - yeah it would be dumb..... there would be no drama... no gameplay....
                  Memphis says that he doesn't understand why they ( BB) would hint to them....
                  Memphis to Christmas - what's the ****ing point? ... you ( BB ) ruin the surprise.


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                    Christmas asked Memphis if he thinks that Enzo is sold with them ( him and her ) ..
                    He tells her yes.... that he was talking to Enzo earlier and that Enzo said that she ( Christmas ) is a "solider"

                    They agree that they are good with everyone ... they only worry about Dani winning HoH ...


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                      Kevin talked to Enzo once more... trying to sway his vote to keep him ...
                      Kevin warns Enzo that things will get 'ruthless' and talks about how Nicole cut Ian .. who she claimed was her "best friend".

                      Enzo told Kevin that it looks like Memphis and Cody came to play
                      Kevin warns him not to "sleep on" Tyler or Christmas

                      ( that's pretty much it from last night )

                      So... even though the house guests seem to know about the TRIPLE .... and even though now they are back peddling and over speculating on if anything really eventful will happen this week .... WE are still expecting heavy traffic here at BBU on Thursday ....

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                        Catching us up quickly with some of the game talk that happened this afternoon ...

                        Christmas and Enzo talked with Christmas telling him her order in which she thinks evictions should go -
                        She says Dani, Nicole, and then David..

                        Enzo ( of course ) agrees ... and starts on how Nicole is a champion but she's won nothing, done nothing this season.

                        Christmas talked about how Dani is "playing dirty"

                        Memphis joined the convo ... he tells Christmas and Enzo that he doesn't think that anyone will put the 3 of them ( a combo of the 3 of them ) on the block together ... so they have that going for them allinace=wise ....

                        Memphis talked about getting David out
                        Christmas still wants Dani and Nicole out before David ..
                        She says they shouldn't waste a shot ..
                        She calls getting David out a "fluff shot" ... and getting either Dani or Nicole out .... a "kill shot" ....
                        Memphis says that it ( taking out David ) isn't a "fluff shot"


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                          Cody and Memphis talk about about how Christmas is "ready to go to war " ( targeting Dani and Nicole )
                          Memphis talks about how Christmas doesn't want to send David home ..any time soon


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                            Cody and Tyler talked about Dani ...

                            Tyler asking Cody who would vote Dani out ....

                            Tyler names who he thinks would vote out Dani ..... Cody... Enzo.... Christmas and Memphis ....

                            Cody - that's it ...she's gone ..... ( when she's on the block )


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                              Tyler tells Cody that if he wins HoH .. and he puts up Nicole and Dani ... but Dani wins the Veto .... then he would put up David ....
                              He asks if they would then just vote out David ??
                              Because then .... he ( Tyle r) would still have Nicole and Dani in the house .... and gunning for him ...
                              Cody says he doesn't know ...


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