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Live Feed Updates - 10/2 - Day 59

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/2 - Day 59

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    5:00 BBT

    Everybody sleeping. After the whirlwind of the triple eviction we are down to six houseguests.

    Cody is the current HoH. Nominations should be today.


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      Catching us up a little bit from last night ...

      Nicole is a Have Not
      She's the only Have Not
      Enzo picked her

      Cody told Nicole and Enzo that his plan is to get Christmas out first, then go after Tyler
      Enzo says he had no idea Tyler and Christmas were so close.

      Christmas decides to join Nicole in the Have Not room, so she won't be in there alone.

      Cody and Enzo talk with Cody telling Enzo that he's glad he didn't vote Nicole out ... because she (Nicole ) will not target him ( Enzo )
      They talk about how they think Memphis will take it, when they tell him that they want Christmas out

      Enzo talks about Tyler's vote Nicole to go ... ( during the David/Nicole vote )
      Cody tells him that Tyler was lying about thinking the house had flipped to get Nicole out over David

      Enzo tells Cody that if Memphis wins the next HoH .. he thinks he would put up Tyler and Nicole ....

      Enzo also told Cody that the threw the last question of the (last) Hoh Competition
      Cody says he really didn't want to win ... felt like he was already in a good position
      They talk about how Nicole hasn't won anything

      Cody tells Enzo that if the F4 ends up being Memphis, Cody, Nicole and Enzo ... that Nicole will get put on the block

      Cody tells Enzo that Nicole is "mentally fragile"
      He tells him to be careful how he talks to her

      Enzo tells Cody that he wants to talk to Tyler
      Cody says maybe he should talk to him first
      They go back and forth about it ( Tyler is already sleeping anyway )
      They talk about how they need to make him ( Tyler ) "feel safe"

      ( that's about all from last night )


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        This morning started with Christmas crying on Memphis' shoulder and with Nicole talking to the camera from the Have Not Room, saying that she made a mistake, but she's over it .... She apologizes again to Dani and to her hubby Dom .. saying that she thought that Dani was talking behind her back..she's sorry .... she also goes on to say that she doesn't like and/or trust Christmas.

        Nicole to herself - trust no one.... ...but Cody and Enzo..... you can trust them

        Nicole says that she knew that keeping Tyler was a bad move
        She says when you "look in his eyes" ... "there's nothing there" ...

        Nicole says that Tyler lies to you face....
        Nicole - he ( Tyler ) is the biggest liar that I've ever seen


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          Christmas talks to Enzo about Dani ...
          She's talking about how Dani tried to call her out during her exit speech ... She says it was "bull****" ....

          Christmas - if you're going to zing someone on the way out....make it ****ing good

          Enzo tells her that it "is what it is" and that he thinks that they jury is going to be "bitter as ****"


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            Memphis, Christmas and Nicole are in the kitchen now ...

            ( I'm out for now .. only had a few minutes to post here )


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              One really quick post and then I'm out ... but I'll be back later to catch us up...

              Christmas told Enzo that she 100% thinks that it's her and Tyler going on the block

              Enzo told her if that's the case .. then Cody must be really tight with Nicole, and that's good for him to know ...

              Christmas also told Enzo, that if she's up .. and she wins the Veto, she won't use it ....
              He tells her that she has to ..
              She tells him that she will "think about it" .... but she would love to show that she knows who should go home ... and that ( if she didn't use it ) no one else would have to go up ...

              ( those 2 are 2 peas in a pod.... a pod that's full of BLEEP )


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                We've been on puppies and kittens for a while for nominations.


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                  Cody nominated Christmas and Tyler.


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                    Tyler and Christmas on the bedroom speculating that the others aligned, there's Cody/Enzo final 2 , and that they pregamed with Nicole.
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                      Catching us up after the nomination ceremony ...

                      Christmas and Tyler talk about Enzo ...
                      She tells Tyler that it makes no sense why Enzo wouldn't vote to evict Nicole, because he's been worried about her all season ...
                      Christmas to Tyler - ****ing Enzo ..
                      She goes on to say that the only thing that makes sense is that he ( Enzo ) is working with them ( Cody/Nicole )

                      Tyler talks about how they ( he or she ) have to win the Veto ...

                      Tyler - if Memphis wins the veto and takes one of us off... and he puts up Nicole .....
                      Christmas- he won't put up Nicole, no matter what


                      • #12
                        Nicole and Cody talked

                        She tells him that she really wants to win the veto .. so she can say she's not using it ...
                        Cody says that Memphis will most likely be the replacement nom ... if it's used ( well if he isn't the one that wins it .. that is ... which I'm not sure that he would really use it ... but anyway )

                        Nicole tells Cody that she hugged Christmas, told her "she's got this" ...
                        Nicole tells Cody .. she ( NIcole ) is just playing nice ....


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                          Cody also talked about looking ahead ... if Memphis wins HoH ... then it would most likely be him ( Cody) ... her ( Nicole ) going up .... or Enzo ... if Tyler's not there .... and if Tyler stays and wins HoH ... then there's the chance that Memphis would be on the block ....
                          Nicole tells him no matter what ..she thinks it will be him and her on the block ( if either Tyler or Memphis win )


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                            Christmas talks to Cody

                            She tells him that she just wants to touch base.... she tells him that what he said in his speech .. she doesn't have it out for him ... that "in the moment" .. she was "confused" ...
                            She tells him she's trying to get some clarity
                            As they talk .. she starts to cry

                            She tells him that she's really not taking this personally... not playing an emotional game.... but she does have emotions .. but she didn't expect to cry ...

                            She tells him it's been a hard 2 days ... she says she will not be a bitter juror.

                            She talks about Loyal's birthday ... and about how her ightmares have come back..... and how she doesn't want Cody to think it's all him.

                            He tells her that he respects her .... and he's sorry ... he feels horrible...


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                              Nicole and Enzo are in the Have Not Room

                              They are talking about Christmas
                              Nicole saying she's done with her ...
                              Enzo talking about how she ( Christmas ) just doesn't stop .....

                              Enzo tells Nicole that he thinks if Memphis wins the veto, he won't use it ...

                              They talk about how they are surprised with Memphis winning comps ...

                              Nicol - he ( Memphis ) is like an animal
                              Enzo- - this guy came here to ****ing play
                              Nicole agrees.. says "it's scary"

                              Nicole says that she thinks that Memphis made it this far " because he's an asshole"
                              Enzo agrees ...

                              Enzo - I think America...are just like ....what the ****?..... ( re: Memphis )

                              Enzo tells Nicole tha the thinks they ( him, her, Cody) can take him out ...
                              Nicole agrees....


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