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Live Feed Updates - 10/3 - Day 60

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/3 - Day 60

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    All HGs sleeping.

    Veto comp today.


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      9:05 BBT

      HGs still asleep.


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        9:30 BBT

        Memphis is up sitting in the kitchen.

        Everybody up changing batteries and getting ready for the day.
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          Cody won the Power of Veto


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            4:50 BBT

            Back-Cody won the PoV


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              Enzo to Christmas - Cody is unreal... he's a beast..
              Christmas- I haven't talked to him
              Enzo - he's not going to use it...
              Cristmas - of course not ... I dont know who he is leaning towards wanting to have out
              Enzo- It doesn't matter.... you have me and Memphis

              Memphis joins Enzo and Christmas

              Memphis to Christmas - stay calm
              Christmas- I am.
              Memphis we're good ...
              Enzo - Wise Guys
              Memphis - we're golden.... we have our ****ing agreement.,,, it's right here

              Meanwhile.... here's Tyler ...



              • #8
                Enzo to Tyler - she's ****ing campaigning already yo.... take some time for yourself .....and then you gotta play the game, yo


                • #9
                  After Enzo talked to him ...
                  Tyler sat head in hands for a few more minutes, then came out and joined Nicole, Enzo, Memphis and Christmas in the kitchen ...

                  Cody is taking a shower in the HoH bathroom ...

                  Everyone else now .. quite ... cooking ...


                  • #10
                    Enzo and Cody in the HoH room

                    Enzo telling Cody that Memphis definitely wants Christmas to stay.

                    Enzo - he's pushing me hard as ****

                    Enzo also tells Cody that Tyler told him everything about The Committee


                    • #11
                      Tyler comes in ...

                      Tyler to Cody - I'm a goner
                      Cody - no.... bro...
                      Tyler- Nicole and Memphis havent said a word to me....

                      Cody - she (Nicole ) isn't going to make her decision based off of Memphis.... she's going to come to me and go "what do you ( the HoH ) want to do?"


                      • #12
                        Tyler to Cody - why would she (Nicole) vote for me to stay? .....I put her up AND I voted her out....
                        Cody- Christmas voted her out..... she ****ing jumpstarted the whole thing..
                        Tyler - yeah ... it really was her ....but I was all about it


                        • #13
                          Cody to Tyle - I've been staright up with you. ... you gave me a reson to put u up.... but im not like “I want Tyler gone”

                          Tyler - I'm just sketched out...

                          Cody - you are sketched out by every ****ing thing in this house though.... I always tell you to chill out

                          Cody to Tyler - he (Memphis) will want to keep her .....but we will make sure that's not the case....

                          Tyle r- I just don't see how Nicole would vote for me to stay.


                          • #14
                            Tyler to Cody - wh if she (Nicole) says before the veto meeting that she wants to vote me out? .... would you use it on me... and put Memphis up and we get Christmas out..... I'll vote her out ...

                            Cody - ummm yeah .. maybe ... but she ( Nicole ) has already said to me that she wants Christmas gone


                            • #15
                              Cody tells Tyler that he doesn't understand that Christmas tried to backstab Nicole....

                              Cody -she ( Christmas ) tried to flip it on her and get her out...... Christmas burned the **** out of her


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