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Live Feed Updates - 10/5 - Day 62

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/5 - Day 62

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    Cameras 1 & 2 on Stars
    Cameras 3 & 4 on sleeping HGs


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      I'm going to catch us up quickly from last night ...

      Memphis and Enzo talked about how/when to let Tyler know they are not keeping him...

      Memphis told Enzo that next week ... the only way they will be able to pull off getting Nicole out .. without pissing off Cody .... is for one of them ( Enzo/Memphis ) to be on the block beside her (Nicole )

      ( risky ) -

      Memphis tells Enzo that if Christmas wins HoH... she will put up Nicole and Cody ... best case .. they ( Memphis/Enzo/Christmas ) win the POV .. and then they vote out Nicole

      Memphis says if he wins ( HoH ) ... he will put up Nicole and Christmas ... and vote Nicole out ..
      He goes on to say that they can't let Cody win the PoV ... they don't want to give him a chance to take Nicole off the block...
      He also says that even if they ( Memphis/Enzo ) won the PoV.. they would still have to convince Cody to not vote out Christmas ...

      Memphis tells Enzo that "best case" .. it's Nicole and Cody on the block .. that way Cody can't vote ... they win PoV ... they control everything.

      Memphis to Enzo - the only way this works best in our favor, is that, Christmas wins HoH.
      He tells him that one way or another ... they want Christmas as the HoH... or Christmas as the Veto Holder.

      Memphis tells Enzo that if he ( Enzo ) wins... he could put up Nicole and Christmas ... and if Christmas won the Veto ... he would just name either him (Memphis ) or Cody as the replacement nominee .. and send Nicole home.


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        Nicole and Cody talk

        Cody talks about how he can't stand that Christmas feels so safe....
        He says that her ( Christmas') "false sense of confidence" drives him nuts...

        Cody- we could literally send you ( Christmas ) home with a snap of our fingers...

        Nicole tells Cody that she ( Christmas ) hasn't even asked her for her vote ... because she knows she doesn't need it ...
        Nicole - she thinks this game revolves around her

        Cody tells Nicole that he wants her to win this next HoH ... and he wants to win the Veto .. and then she ( Nicole ) can send Christmas "packing"


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          Nicole tells Cody that if she wins HoH .. she will put up Christmas and Memphis
          She goes on to say that at that point .. she wouldn't care which one went ...
          She talks about how Memphis is a stronger player than Christmas ..

          Nicole to Cody- I hate how smart he ( Memphis ) is .. it's intimidating


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            Nicole and Cody talk about how if Christmas wins the HoH ... they know they will be the ones going up ... and they would only have themselves ... and Enzo to rely on winning the Veto.


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              Enzo and Tyler talked with Tyler telling Enzo that if Cody doesn't use the Veto .... that he will be going home ( well to jury that is ) ....
              Enzo tells Tyler that Cody told him that he was 'undecided' about using the veto

              ( we know he won't )

              (and that gets us caught up from last night )


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                As for now ...

                most everyone is up ... aside from Enzo and Cody

                At one point .... BB said - Wakey Wakey House Guests....You're the reason we can't have nice things

                Nicole did a little talking to the cam this morning... about the triple eviction ... she says that people went against her .. and she's annoyed by that .. she wants to know if she should forgive and forget ....

                She goes on to talk to Vic.. saying that if she wins HoH ... she wants him to include all about pets, parents, etc. in her letter.

                Memphis joined Nicole outside ... they talk about how it's hard to turn the game off ... and also how it's hard not to think about the outside world. ...

                Memphis hurt his foot ... he tells her the doctor gave him Icy Hot .. and an ice bucket ( I think ) ...

                Christmas is with Nicole and Memphis outside...

                The took a selfie .... together ... and Nicole is talking about when she was on the Amazing Race

                (that's all I can do for now .. .if anyone else is out there and wants to try their hand at updating , any updates are appreciated )


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                  Oh wow... okay... let me catch us up ...


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                    1st off .... as expected ... Cody did NOT use the Power of Veto

                    Christmas and Tyler remain on the block

                    Tyler is the target.


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                      Cody and Enzo talked again about what happens next

                      Enzo says he talked to Memphis, to try to feel him out, and he ( Memphis ) says if he wins HoH, he's putting up Nicole and Christmas

                      They say that he ( Memphis ) will, of course, want Nicole to go ... but they have other plans... and it will be Christmas who goes ...

                      They say unless Memphis wins the PoV and takes her off ...


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                        Enzo tells Cody that they have to get rid of Memphis .... because Nicole isn't playing good in the competitions....


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                          Tyler talks with Memphis and asked him if he's voting him out
                          Memphis says he doesn't know
                          Tyler tells him that he can tell him if he is.. he's just trying to enjoy his week
                          Memphis does tell Tyler that he is leaning towards voting him out ... only because he's a "beast"


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                            Tyler tells Memphis that he thinks he ( Memphis ) can win
                            Memphis talks about how he will have to play for veto and win .... to keep himself safe ... otherwise he knows "his ass" is going home...

                            Tyler tells Memphis that he would have him ( Tyler ) as backup for him playing in the veto comps ...


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                              Memphis talks about how both Nicole and Enzo haven't really done anything ... Nicole hasn't won a comp .. and Enzo only won one HoH ...

                              Memphistells Tyler that he doesn't think he's ever seen TWO people like Enzo and Nicole make is as far as they have ... that usually there is ONE person that get's dragged along to the end.... but now there's TWO of them....

                              Tyler tells Memphis that both Nicole and Enzo are "well liked" in the jury

                              Memphis to Tyler - I don't believe that ****, dude


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