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Live Feed Updates - 10/6 - Day 63

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/6 - Day 63

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    5:55 AM BBT

    All HGs are in bed/sleeping. 😴


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      Honestly.... not much to update from where I left off last night ...

      Cody and Memphis talked ..
      Memphis told Cody that he told Tyler that he's voting him out .... nothing personal ... big competition threat ... etc.

      Tyler tried a little more to sway Enzo's vote to keep him .. telling him that Nicole said if Enzo was leaning that way .. she would too...

      (it's a good effort ... but nothing is going to change for Tyler, he's out on Thursday. )


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        Catching us up ....


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          Tyler tried his hand at talking to Cody again about keeping him in the house
          He made the same arguement that with him ( Tyler ) gone... that Memphis and Christmas will target Enzo and Cody .. with Cody as their target.

          Nicole and Christmas talked

          She tells her that it sucks, becuase she thought they ( her and Christmas ) were a pair ... and that she feels betrayed by her ....
          She tells her that she expected it from Tyler ... but not from her ...
          She says she doesn't want things to be "weird" between them ( her and Christmas )

          Nicole tells Christmas that she would rather have her there than Tyler .. and that's how she is voting ( to keep Christmas )

          Christmas tells Nicole how much she adores her ...


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            Tyler talked to Ezno again ... telling him that Nicole told him that if him ( Enzo ) and Cody want him ( Tyler ) to stay ... she will do that ...

            Tyler to Enzo - it's up to you have to tell her (Nicole ) ... "I want Tyler to stay"

            Tyelr tells Enzo that he told Nicole that if he stays .. then it's the 4 of them 9 Cody/Enzo/Tyler/Nicole ) vs. Memphis .... and if Christmas stays .. .it's Memphis and Christmas vs. the 3 of them ... ( Cody/Enzo/Nicole)

            (Enzo is doing "Enzo" ... saying things like "that's what I'm sayin' .... etc. )

            Tyler asks Enzo if he's talked to Cody at all ... ??

            Enzo tells him he was "going to" ... but then Christmas came up ....

            Tyler asks what he thinks Cody is thinking ...

            Enzo tells him that he thinks it's "up in the air" .... and that he ( Enzo ) doesn't know what he ( Cody ) is telling NIcole...

            Enzo to Tyler - I think he knows I'm a vote for you

            Tyler tells Enzo that he has to "be voca" about him staying.....

            Tyler tells Enzo that he ( Tyler ) tells Cody everything... so he doesn't understand why Cody is so sketched out with him

            Enzo to Tyler - over dumb ****, yo


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              Enzo talks to Memphis telling him that Tyler keeps asking him what's up .. ( with the vote ) ...
              He tells Memphis that he told Tyler that "it's up in the air" ...

              Memphis to Enzo - I told him yesterday ..... I'm leaning to get rid of you

              Memphis talks to Enzo about their F2 deal ... and how they ( he and Enzo ) just have to "follow Cody a little bit longer)

              Enzo to Memphis - me and you win HoH,.....we put up Christmas and Nicole?
              Memphis- 100%.... and then we try to convince Cody to vote out Nicole


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                Memphis tells Enzo they send Nicole out next week....
                Enzo tells him that he knows they ( (him and Memphis ) have a F2 deal ... and that he knows that Cody and NIcole have an F2 deal ...

                Memphis -they ( Cody/Nicole ) definitely do....... and what we built with "The Wise Guys" .... it's the only way me and you get there ( to the F2 )


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                  Enzo alone .. talks to the camera -

                  Enzo - he ( Memphis ) has an F2 deal with Christmas.....
                  He says it's better to get her ( Christmas ) out next week .... because he ( Enzo ) has Cody's F2 deal ... AND ... Memphis' F2 deal ...

                  Enzo - they are going to get rid of Nicole for me


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                    Memphis and Cody talk about Christmas

                    Memphis telling Cody that he's keeping Christmas "on her toes" about the vote ...

                    (ummm no ) ....

                    They talk about how she's lucky to be sitting on the block beside Tyler ... because otherwise she would be the one to go ....

                    Cody tells Memphis that it's difficult for him to even be around her ( Christmas )

                    Memphis says .. it's a lot ... but ...he will take someone like Christmas over Tyler .. walking into the next HoH ...

                    They talk about how they think Christmas will want to make a big move .. ( if she wins HoH )

                    Memphis tells Cody that he thinks she would up them ( him and Cody ) up ....

                    (so you know he doesn't really think that .. and I'm sure Cody isn't buying the part about Christmas putting Memphis up )


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                      Christmas made a sign for her baby's birthday ...


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                        Cody and Nicole talked...

                        Nicole asking if they are going to really blindside Tyler ...
                        Cody tells her no .. he is going to tell him .... on Thursday ...
                        Nicole - like right before ?? what are you going to say?
                        Cody- that it's what I gotta do .. I'll be like listen man.. it is what it is...
                        Nicole - Oh My God... that's not going to be good


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                          After that .. it's just a lot of stirring around the kitchen ...
                          They are bored...
                          They are asking for alcohol.. games .. anything ...

                          They tease that they should just "go to bed" ....

                          Cody, Nicole, Christmas in the HoH room ...
                          Nicole talking about her Podcasts ...

                          Memphis and Enzo in the kitchen .... general chatter... now in the Living Room ...

                          Cody down with the guys now ..
                          Tyler there too

                          Christmas and Nicole talk about the Triple Eviction Night ....

                          ( that's all I got for tonight .. I'm super tried ... it's been a long, long day.... so I'm out .. if anyone wants to jump in .. ANY help ... ANY update is appreciated ... if not.... just know that I'll catch y'all up tomorrow )


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