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Live Feed Updates - 10/8 - Day 65

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/8 - Day 65

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    All HGs are sleeping.


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      Just a little bit of quick catch up from where I left off last night

      Tyler talked to Enzo again ... telling him that Cody has the power over Nicole, to tell her to vote to keep him ...

      Tyler also told Enzo, that he ( Enzo ) will not win if he goes to the F2 with Cody ... UNLESS he ( Enzo ) make a big move ... like getting Cody out ....

      Tyler tells Enzo that when ( he's thinking positive ) he stays this week - that his plan is to get himself and Enzo .. along with Nicole to the F3 .... then he will cut Nicole .. .leaving him and Enzo in the F2 ...

      Enzo tells Tyler that he knows if he ( Enzo ) goes to the F3 with Cody and Nicole ... they would pick each other for F2 ... not him

      Nicole's Have Not week ended ( thank god .. one less thing to whine about )

      Nicole cried to Cody about how she feels like she's let him ( Cody ) down ... because she hasn't won any competitions....
      He tells her not to worry ... she hasn't let him down ...

      Nicole now crying about Tyler ...
      Cody tells her that Tyler and Angela won't hate her ...

      Cody tells Nicole to not put too much pressure on herself .. he doesn't want her to spiral out ...

      Once she leaves... he ( Cody ) says - that he always feels like he doesn't know what to say to her ( Nicole ) .. that he always feels like he's saying the wrong thing....

      He goes on talking to himself and/or the camera - saying - that he didn't really need to win the last HoH... but he did it for Nicole...
      He also said that he's not liking that Memphis told Enzo that he's targeting Nicole next ... and that he (Memphis ) talks to Christmas .. .because she ( Christmas ) has a big mouth...
      He also said that he feels badly for Tyler ....

      (that more or less gets us caught up from last night )


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          HoH Competition will begin ... but not end on the show ...
          It's not the Slip and Slide....

          We'll have to wait to find out who won .. after the show airs on the West Coast and the Feeds Return.


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            Here's how tonight played out ...

            Jury House - -

            Da'Vonne joins Ian at the Jury House and tells him about the Slick Six

            Ian tells her about his alliance ... with Nicole, Cody and Dani

            They say that Dani is in the middle of it all .. and "maybe the best player" in the house.

            Da'Vonne tells Ian that she assumed that it was David that flipped his ( Ian's Vote )
            She tell him "nope" it was Nicole
            Ian- I think it was a nice play on her (Nicole's) end I don't really hold it against herD
            Da'Vonne says she can't get over that Nicole lied to her ... and that she "snaked her"

            Da'Vonne -Janelle, you were right.

            Da'Vonne -I think Kevin might be coming
            Ian agrees...

            Kevin arrives at the Jury House

            Kevin -when I got evicted from the BB house, it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.
            Kevin fills them in on Dr. WIll Kirby and the message he told them.. and that he's sure there's another person comng right behind him .. and he thinks it's David ..

            David arrives at the Jury House

            He says despite being evicted .. he's proud of himself ...

            Dani arrives at the Jury House

            Dani to the camera - the main reason I am at the Jury House, is because I was playing a much better game than Nicole. She's not a threat to anybody ..that's what it comes down to

            Dani to the group - I'm heartbroken .. the way I went out .. was really hurtful .. to be honest...

            Da'Vonne- tonight is a mess.... my 3 picks....all of them....are now in the jury house

            Dani - I could tell you about it more .. but I'm done with this for the night ... I need some rest .. so let's chat about this tomorrow ..
            Da'Vonne says they all need some drinks!

            The next day ..

            Dani- - alright guys, I'd love to tell you what happened... but why don't we just watch instead...

            The Jury watches the video of the Triple Eviction play out ...

            They watch David take the $10,000 during the Veto Comp...

            Ian to David- I don't blame you one bit
            Kevin- I blame you....
            Da'Vonne to David - did you feel safe?
            David- I just saw $10,000..... and I panicked and I was like yo, boom...
            Kevin - you could have won that and knocked out Cody
            Dani- if either one of you won.... Christmas would have gone home.. it would have changed the game...
            David - it's nice to hear that .. but when you are a target.... it was like .. "do I keep trying to fight this losing fight? " .. or "do I take claim to some money right now?

            Ian - I don't blame him for a second .. 1st round .. $10,000 ... he could have been knociked out the 2nd round and got nothing.

            As they watch Nicole stay over David ...

            David says he thought that Nicole would go home...
            David- she's won .. why would you keep her in the house

            Dani- let's be real .. was she ( Nicole ) playing a winning game this season ??

            Enzo - if she ( Nicole ) makes it to the end.... there's plenty of game left...

            Da'Vonne to David- who did you think you had? ( vote - wise )
            David - I thought I had Tyler, Enzo and Christmas ...

            Dani- and Tyler and Christmas thought they had Enzo too ...

            Kevin- Enzo said he would take a shot at Nicole and he didn't flip.....
            Da'Vonne - he ( Enzo ) was going to do .. where ever the power goes...

            Kevin - I feel like I should be gaining respect for people's gameplay. AND .. losing respect ... like Enzo .. c'mon .. you had a shot ...

            David to the camera- seeing the votes being so close .. and once again seeing Nicole skate by as a winner. really pisses me off.

            They watch Tyler win the last HoH of the triple eviction and nominate Dani and Nicole

            Da'Vonne - she (Nicole) wants to be the last girl standing.... and she probably will be
            Dani - that's her goal for sure ...

            They watch Tyler win the Power of Veto

            Dani to the group - going into this .. I didn't want Tyler or Christmas to win .. I knew I was doomed if they did ...

            They watch Dani get evicted ...

            Da'vonne to Dani - how do you feel to be here?
            Dani - I feel more betrayed that I ever have in this game... it's hard for me.

            Da'Vonne - Cody had you on one hand.. and Nicole on the other hand.. and I told you it was only going to be a matter of time... before he had to let one of you go ...

            Dani - and I truly belived that I was closer to him ( Cody ) than Nicole was.... like I literally believed it ..
            David - it's a game
            Da'Vonne - yeah .. it's a game.. but that doesn't mean that it doesn't suck ...

            Dani- I literally feel heartbroken .. I feel sad... I feel really disappointed in myself ..

            Kevin to Dani - don't ... you fought .. you fought

            Kevin to the camera- My God .. Tyler's playing a great game... he really controlled the whole eviction . he got what he wanted... he did a bold move.. he targeted Dani and made a move on her first ... Okay Tyler, I see you

            Dani to the camera - I think Cody is playing the best game of everyone that is remaining in the house. ....I think that he's playing a very good .. well -rounded game... even though I feel most betrayed by my best friend.... I'm not bitter.... I got outplayed and I still want to see him win


            Enzo - Tyler
            Nicole - Tyler
            Memphis - Tyler

            By a vote of 3 - 0, Tyler has been evicted from the Big Brother All Star House ... and becomes the 6th member of the BB Jury.

            Julie to Tyler- I thought this was going to be your year..... I'm sure a lot of people did

            Julie asks if he thinks they evicted the best person
            He tells her yes ...

            Tyler - I really think that Nicole is Cody's #1 .. and he wants to take her as far as he can.

            Good Bye Messages...

            Enzo - Tyler, the house wanted you out man .. cause you are just a better player than Christmas. We're going to have a friendship for a long time, and I'm happy about that.

            Nicole - Tyler, you are a great person and you are a great game player.... to be honest though.. you and I didn't trust each other in this house at all ( Tyler shakes his head no, in agreement ) ... so I couldn't miss this opportunity to get you out ...

            Memphis - Tyler, everything I said to you in this game.. was 99% true... now the 1% is .. I also have a Final 3 with Cody, Enzo and myself ... and a Final 3 with me, Enzo, and Christmas ... it has been a true pleasure playing this game with you.

            Cody - Tyler, what you definitely, probably assume, is that I have a F2 with Nicole and I have a F2 with Enzo... ( Tyler nods his head yes, in agreement ) what you probably didn't assume .. is that from the beginning of this game... the second day .. I created a F2 with Memphis, called the "The Commission" ... and this week.. it only seemed right to take that shot at you ... because I don't know that I would even ever get another shot at you ... I hope you respect the game play.

            Christmas - Tyler, you are a legend, and it was amazing to be able to play next to you .. I will see you soon enough ... but honestly, hopefully .. not too soon .

            Julie to Tyler - real quick .. Final thoughts?

            Tyler - we got a lot of people double, triple dipping... I guess.... that's what I didnt' want to do ... I did that last time.. so I didn't want to do it this time...
            Julie- last time you made it to the F2 and you lost my one vote... 5/4 ... always a pleasure watching you play this game, your off to jury...


            Make your way .. transfer pumpkins to basket on the other end.. if you or any of your pumpkins fall, you must reset ...
            1st HG to transfer all their pumpkins and ring in ... will be the New HoH

            As the show ends:

            Nicole has 2 pumpkins
            Memphis has 2
            Enzo has 2.
            Christmas has 1

            We will update you with the winner of the HoH Competition, when the feeds return, after the show airs on the West Coast.

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              It's how we're all feeling kitty ... don't worry ...


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                Feeds 'should" be back very shortly ...


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                  Nicole is the new Head of Household


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                    ( I'm pretty sure the Duck on Cam 3 ... is not happy about it ) ...


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                      So... she will put up Memphis and Christmas ...

                      Just gotta see how the Power of Veto plays out .....


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                        Feeds ...

                        Enzo is there too, he had a long session in the DR
                        Memphis must be in the DR, he's not anywhere on camera

                        No one is talking ...


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                          Catching us up ...

                          Nicole - "The Committee" has won every single HoH except one this season
                          Memphis - how insane is that?
                          Cody - I can't wait to see what people were saying
                          Nicole - they hate us
                          Memphis - they definitely hate us
                          Nicole - it would be so boring to watch.... I would hate us


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                            Enzo and Cody talked

                            Enzo tells Cody that it's crazy... because they ( Christmas/Memphis ) know that they are going up ...
                            Cody tells him that Memphis came to him and asked him what Nicole is goin g.... he said Memphis said " she's like putting Christmas and me up right?"


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                              Feeds were down a bit ... once back ... Nicole has her HoH room

                              ( for the life of me.. I can't understand why they are blocking that part this season )


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