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Live Feed Updates - 10/9 - Day 66

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/9 - Day 66

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    Everybody is asleep- (I'm assuming they're still settled since we're on stars)

    Nicole is the new HoH.
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      I'll catch us up ...


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        Thanks Lexie!

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      Nicole talked herself through feeling "badly" about having to nominate people...
      She says she guesses she's good at surviving the game... but not good at this part...
      She keeps saying she's a mess right now ... she didn't get enough sleep ..etc.
      She tells herself that Memphis put her up first ... and that Christmas tried to vote her out ... so why should she feel bad ...


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        I just tuned in. 2 cameras show Enzo on a couch and 2 show Memphis walking back and forth , I think in front of the HOH room ... no talking but I can hear Memphis breathing


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          Memphis talked to Nicole...

          He talked about being loyal to the Committee ....
          He talked about his season with Dan ... how they ( he and Dan ) formed the "The Renegades" ... and it didn't matter if he thought that Dan could beat him in the end... it was about the bond they had ... the "bond was loyalty"

          As he talked... Nicole was bascially just saying "yeah" .. and "uh huh" .....

          He tells her that if she can keep him off the block this week... he will vote whichever way she wants him to ....

          Nicole - mm hmmm

          He tells her again that if she can keep him off the block this week ... he will be loyal ... and tell her that they can make a F3 deal ... and if he wins Veto next week.... he woudl take her ( to the F2 ) .... and if she wins Veto ... she could take him ...

          He tells her that if he's not on the block this week .. and he wins the Veto ..he won't use it ... and he will vote however she wants ....

          He tells her that he has no other deals .... so that's why he's able to present this deal to her ...

          She tells him that she doesn't know yet what she's doing ... that he is the first one that she's talked to ...
          She tells him the way she sees it ... there are 2 Final 2's and she's just looking to be a Plus One ...

          Memphis tells her that if he goes on the block ... it's all good ... and if he doesn't .. then he will take that as an "agreement" ( of the deal he presented to her ) ...
          He tells her that she doesn't have to tell him what she's doing ...
          Nicole tells him that "sounds good" .. and thanks him for talking to her


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            After Memphis left ...

            Nicole to the camera - Oh My God.... that's not good .... you ( Memphis ) want me to keep you off the bloc..... you need to guarantee me a F2 a lot more than that... buddy .. because I know that you have 2 Final 3's already ... so you ( Memphis ) are lying to me right there....


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              Christmas talks to Nicole

              They talk about how having to nominate someone sucks...

              Nicole tells Christmas that she has no reason to put up either Cody or Enzo ... because they have never done anyything to her ....

              Nicole to Christmas - if for some reason you go up..... I do not want you going home

              She tells her that she can't be sure that if she didn't put her on the block ... ( and she won Veto ) that she wouldn't pull Memphis down off the block


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                Nicole tells Christmas againt that she doesn't want her to go anywhere ...

                Christmas tells her that if she is on the block on eviction night ... she will go .. because she doesn't know what kind of relationship Enzo and Memphis have... or what Cody and Memphis have.

                Nicole tells her that she would talk to them.... ( about not voting out Christmas ) ...

                Nicole to Christmas - I'm making sure you would stay before I do it....


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                  Nicole asks Christmas if she is NOT on the block ..and she wins Veto .. would she pull Memphis off

                  Christmas to Nicole - I could promise you I will not pull Memphis down


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                    Nicole assures Christmas again that she does not want her to go home...


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                      Memphis and Cody talk ..

                      Memphis tells Cody that as long as Christmas doesn't win the veto.... then it doesnt matter ( it does .. but )

                      Cody agrees .. telling Memphis as long as Christmas is on the block .. they are "all good"


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                        Nicole talks with Cody ... telling him that she told Christmas that she didnt' have a reason to put up him or Enzo
                        She says that Christmas pointed out that Cody and Enzo both have sway with the jury .... good jury management ... etc.


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                          Nicole also tells Cody that Memphis told her that the started "The Committee" ... in sequester

                          Cody - in sequester?

                          NIcole tells him yes.... that's what he said ... but that he didn't come up with the name of it until later.


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                            Nicole asks Cody not to use any of the info she's telling him ...
                            He says he won't

                            Nicole to Cody - I know that you are the best player in here and I'm keeping your ass safe this week
                            Cody tells her they can both make it to F3 ... so she just needs to chill out


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