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Live Feed Updates - 10/10 - Day 67

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/10 - Day 67

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    All HGs sleeping.

    Veto will play out later today.


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      Went to puppies and kittens round 1:10 BBT.

      We're on the clock for the veto.


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        Still on PET CAM..

        But I'm going to catch us up while we wait ...

        Nicole and Christmas talked....

        Christmas told Nicole that what she doesn't want is for the guys to pull them along ... then pick them off ...
        Nicole says she agrees....
        Christmas -that would will infuriate me

        Christmas talked about the way that both Paul and Josh played....

        She said she doesn't want what happened to her last time .. to happen this time around ..
        She says she worked her ass off .... and her gameplay ( during her last season ) aws "overshadowed and under appreciated"
        She talks about how Josh told me the whole time he was going to take me ( to the end )

        Christmas tells Nicole that Enzo is playing a "flawless" game...
        They both agree that Enzo's social game is on point ...
        They also agree that Cody can't be beat in comps/social

        Christmas sums up Cody/Enzo and Memphis' games for Nicole ...

        Christmas - Enzo is the neighbor that everybody loves....... Cody is the politician that holds all of the babies...... and Memphis, has been a little bit more rough around the edges...he's straightforward... which has pissed people of.... but he's done well with comps


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          Nicole tells Christmas that she's going to do everything she can to assure that she stays this week .

          Nicole to Christmas - veto next week is really important... and if I win ... I'm going to take you to the F3 .... because .... ideally I want to sit next to you..... and I hope you do the same back.


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            Christmas to Nicole - you can't play in the next HoH ... if I win ... it guarantees us a little bit of extra..... and I will put the two boys up.... if one of them wins the veto ... I am campaigning for you


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              Nicole tells Christmas that people would be stupid not to want to sit beside her in the F2 ...

              She says that they jury will say the joined the The Committee and did nothing for 65 days.....


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                Christmas talks about the votes this week ... saying there are only 2 .. and if it's split.. Nicole breaks the tie....
                She tells Nicole she thinks there are a lot of deals to be made.... and based on that .. they ( she and Nicole ) can leverage it for next week.


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                  Once Christmas leaves...

                  Nicole says to herself .. that is was a good talk .. and that she thinks that for sure .. Christmas will want to take her or Enzo to the F2 .... not Cody ...

                  Nicole says to the camera ( and herself ) that she really is good at this game.. and she knows she doesn't give herself enough credit ....
                  She says she's so close to making to F3 .... she just needs to get there.... and she knows she can


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                    Nicole still alone in the HoH Room ...

                    Nicole to the cam - I just thought of something...... I survived the block sitting next to David..... it's his first time.. and my third time... and ... I'm a winner ... that is a huge game move.... I'm absolutely crushing this season

                    ( huge game move? )

                    Nicole - I think it would be best for me to sit in the F3 ... with Cody and Christmas.... that way ... I go to the F2 .... either way

                    She says to hersellf... how does Enzo get cut next week... why would anyone want to cut him ....
                    Then she says that the only way Enzo gets cut ... is if Christmas wins the HoH .. and she ( Nicole ) wins the veto ...


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                      Down in her bedroom ... Christmas did a little cam talking ...

                      Christmas to camera - she (Nicole ) is the best to sit next to me ... and then Memphis...... Cody and Enzo are not the best because they just have a flawless game right now


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                        Christmas says she wants to keep trying to strengthen her bond with Nicole
                        She says she really wants Memphis to win the veto ... and get Cody out

                        She also says if Enzo wins the Veto ..she wants him to use it on Memphis ....

                        ( well neither of those .... plans.... would happen .. so if she wants to stay ..she better win that veto herself )


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                          Enzo and Cody talk

                          Enzo telling Cody that he thinks it's better if they get rid of Christmas ....
                          Cody - Nicole will be ****ing pissed.... but ... if it's better for you and me...
                          Enzo - if I'm on the block with Christmas in the F4.... and Nicole snakes me...
                          Cody says no .... that he would tell Nicole .. if you save Christmas .. " I will take Christmas .. if I'm in the F3"


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                            That gets us caught up with most of the game talk ..before we went to PET CAMS for the Veto Competition ... over 3 hours ago ...


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                              We're back


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