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Live Feed Updates - 10/11 - Day 68

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/11 - Day 68

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    All Sleeping.


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      Slow game talk day today ..

      Here's a recap ...

      Around 1:10 PM BBT

      Memphis talked to Nicole about the Veto
      He told her that he doesn't really expect her to use it ..
      She tells him, if she did, it would have to be that person ( the replacement nom ) would have to go type of thing
      Memphis tells her for sure .. he wouldn't expect her to just use it for fun ...

      He tells her if she does want to use it .... keep him in the they can work something out ....
      He tells her that he's open to whatever ... and they can talk about it ....
      He tells her that they ( him and her ) are beneficial to each others games when it comes to the end...
      Nicole says she agrees...
      He tells her that she doesn't have to tell him her target
      She tells him she doesn't have one

      He tells her that if she's going to let the guys decide... to let him know .. so he can campaign ...
      She tells him she will let him know

      Memphis tells her that he hopes she knows that no matter what they are friends....
      He says he thinks that he's harsh sometimes..
      She says that he can be scary .. but she's not scared...

      He tells her that he did want to tell her one thing... and it's not about the game..
      He tells her that getting to know her has been ****ing awesome ...
      He says he likes to tell people how he feels .. because he thinks it's important...
      He says that she's the "cutest" and that her "spirit is amazing"


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        After Memphis leaves the HoH room

        Nicole to herself -I feel like a jerk.... because he's like.. it's really nice getting to know you ... you're cute.... your fun spirited.....
        She says she's been dogging on him all season ....

        Nicole - I'm an asshole ..... why am I such an asshole???

        She goes on to say that she was going to be his ( Memphis' ) target... this week


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          In the backyard...

          Memphis talks to Cody ....

          Memphis - there's no way she's going to use the veto right?
          Cody - unless I'm going to be backdoored....

          Cody tells Memphis that Christmas would vote him ( Cody ) out in a backdoor ....

          Memphis tells Cody that he just talked to Nicole ... felt her out ... and if she has a plan like that ... ( he thinks ) she would have said something.


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            Enzo and Cody tells Nicole that Memphis has no clue that he's the target this week.
            Nicole tells them that Memphis mentioned her using the veto on him... and then backdooring someone ..
            Cod- he 's talking about me


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              Enzo and Cody

              Enzo still worried about whether to let Memphis go this week ... over Christmas

              Cody assures him that Christmas is easier to beat than Memphis next week ..

              Enzo still isn't 100% sold

              Cody tells him that Christmas would send Nicole home over him ( Enzo ) next week ... so that she ( Christmas) could split up him ( Cody ) and Nicole

              Enzo says that he really doesn't care which one leaves...

              Memphis comes in ...

              They end up talking about how Christmas will act when Nicole doesn't use the veto ....
              They talk about how Christmas is "intense" and how she will blow up ...


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                Now in the backyard ...

                Memphis tells Enzo about how the talked to Nicole...
                He tells Enzo that he doesn't want Nicole to use the veto ....
                He talks about how Christmas will be voted out ... ( this week ) ... ( so he thinks ) ....
                Memphis says that they have the votes to get her out ...
                Memphis tells Enzo that he's not sure if Cody and Nicole have anything together..... but thinks Cody was nervous about maybe being backdoored this week

                ( is he really that clueless? )


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                  Current Feeds...

                  Memphis and Enzo talking about how they don't want to go to jury .. to hear any of them talking ....

                  talk turns to wanting to buy a boat ... and missing the summer

                  Christmas and Cody are quiet.....


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