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Live Feed Updates - 10/12 - Day 69

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/12 - Day 69

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    All HGs sleeping.

    Veto ceremony today.


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      Super quick catch up from last night.

      1. Nicole told Christmas that she wants Memphis out.
      2. Enzo and Cody agree that Memphis has to go this week.
      3. Christmas warns Nicole, that if they don't get Cody out soon, they ( Christmas/Nicole ) won't be able to get to the F2 together.
      4. Nicole tells Christmas that she wants her in the F2 with her.
      5. Nicole tells Christmas that she will talk to Enzo, to ensure that she ( Christmas ) is safe this week.
      6. Enzo tells Nicole that he wants Christmas out next.
      7. Nicole tells Cody and Enzo that she would rather lose to one of them... RATHER than take Christmas to the F2 with her.
      8. Memphis talks to Nicole, he promises her that he will take her to the F2, cause she's won before. He tells her he has no deal with anyone else.
      9. Nicole confirms again to herself as she cam talks that she's not using the veto, saying that Memphis is going to be upset when she doesn't. She wonders if they think she's stupid?
      10. .Nicole talks about how she's playing it off well, that she's alone in this game.
      11. Nicole tells Enzo that she lied to Memphis, because she doesn't want him to know they ( Cody/Enzo/Nicole ) are working together.
      12. Nicole and Enzo agree that it's great that Christmas doesn't realize they are working together
      13. Enzo told Nicole that Christmas has no right to win this season.
      14. Enzo told Nicole that the best players in the house are her, him and Cody
      15. Enzo tells Nicole that taking out Memphis is a bigger move than taking out Cody and that the jury will respect her for it. .


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        This morning ...

        Memphis to Christmas - she ( Nicole ) is definitely thinking about it ( using the veto )

        Memphis - she Nicole ) said ... I'm going to talk to everyone again this morning and let me know
        Christmas tells Memphis it's because she ( Nicole ) doesn't know where Cody's head is at ...

        ( sheesh they deserve to be voted out )


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          Nicole told Enzo that she's going to tell Christmas that she's not using the veto .. right before the veto ceremony

          Nicole reminds Enzo that she wants him to tell Christmas that he's voting to keep her


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            Memphis tells Christmas that he knows that Nicole wanted to talk to them today ...
            Christmas tells him that she doesn't know what Nicole is doing.... but she knows ( if she doesn't use it ) that the boys will vote to keep him over her "


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              Cody tells Nicole that Memphis 100% thinks he's staying this week.

              Cody also tells Nicole, that if she was sitting in the F2 with Memphis she would win.
              Nicole tells him she knows.... but it doesn't matter.. he ( Memphis ) is going this week.

              Cody to Nicole - I'm just sayin'

              ( I'm not really here ... just wanted to do what I could .. cause I had a free moment... but my moment was longer than a moment.. so I'm out )


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                Nicole told Memphis that she's not using the Veto
                She asked him not to tell Christmas

                Memphis tells Nicole that he won't ... that they ( he and Christmas ) are "just friends"

                Memphis told Nicole that he's sure that he can get Cody and Enzo to vote to keep him.


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                  After Memphis talked to Nicole...

                  Memphis to Cody - you snuck by the hair of your tongue

                  Cody - really?

                  Memphis - yeah ...

                  ( as in she's not using the veto ... so Cody won't be back doored )

                  Memphis tells Cody that he's ready to party

                  Once Memphis leaves...

                  Cody to himself - that is really funny ..... I'm decades ahead of you ( Memphis ) in this game, enjoy the Jury House, bro.


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                    Christmas pushed practically up until Nicole was called to the DR, trying to get her to use the Veto.

                    PET CAMS on for just over 45 minutes or so now ...


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                      And... we are back ..

                      Nicole did not use the Veto

                      ( I'm not really here ... so if anyone can pick up any of the after drama.. that would be helpful )


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