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Live Feed Updates - 10/14 - Day 71

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/14 - Day 71

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    Everybody is sleeping.


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      Hello ...
      I'll catch us up ... although ... there's not a lot of content...


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        Around 12:00 PM BBT
        Christmas did a little bit of talking to the camera...
        She goes through the season ... when she was on the block.... how she wasn't a target... how she has a good social game... how she repaired things with Nicole, even after trying to vote her out, how she has had Enzo in her pocket ... this whole time... to protect her .. when she needed it ... then she says but she didn't need it ... she did what she needed to do ... .she protected her alliance.... etc.


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          Around 1:30 PM BBT

          Cody and Nicole in the HoH room ...

          Nicole asking Cody if they are still going to "blindside" Memphis ....

          Cody tells her that Memphis hasn't even talked about the vote .. even questioned it ...

          Nicole tells him that he needs to warn her ... if they aren't going to blindside him ....

          She keeps asking Cody if he's going to blindside....
          He tells her that if they don't ... he will tell her ...

          Nicole asks Cody if he would blindside her
          Cody- 'Maybe" ....
          Nicole - tell me the truth ...
          Cody - no .. I would not blindside you ....

          Nicole asks him if he's talked to Christmas yet
          He says no ..
          She asks what he's going to do about that ...
          He says he doesn't know... doesn't know what to say to her ( Christmas ) ... especially because of what Enzo already said to her ...


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            Memphis and Christmas talked about how "whichever one goes" that they can help the other one in jury .... by helping to "explain" their game play to the others

            Memphis tells Christmas that he thinks .. because it is an "All Star" season ... that if Nicole gets to end.. she could actually win ...

            Memphis to Christmas - if I was in the jury .. I'd be like " how did this girl ( Nicole ) make it again"

            Christmas tells Memphis that she would be thinking the same.... but .. then again ... her counter to that would be that she ( Nicole ) has always had Cody protecting her ...

            Memphis talks about how Cody has played a good game.. both in comps and socially ...
            He says he would not be afraid of going against Cody in the F2 ... but wouldn't chose that ...


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              Memphis says that all of Cody's wins ... kept the Committee in line
              Christmas - "helped" ( to keep them in line )
              Memphis says yes "helped" .. he said that it would be a good arguement for Cody to the jury ...

              Christmas tells Memphis that she went the distance for the Committee ...

              She says that she doesn't think that Cody made any really "big" moves... and that he only got Tyler out ... once the Committee was over and done.


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                Memphis tells Christmas that if she wasin the F2 with Cody .. that he thinks that they would have "similar arguments" for their case to win
                He tells her that if she's in the F2 with Nicole.... that it might look better for Nicole.... because she got to the end ... being a previous winner....

                Christmas talks about how Nicole's personal relationships within the jury might be her downfall ... because of how she lied to Da’Vonne, Ian and David ...

                Christmas - I could slaughter her.... how I was able to play a cleaner game


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                  Christmas alone talks to the camera - - she says she set herself up with the best alliance .. ( the Committee ) and how she also set herself up well .. inside and outside of it ( the Committee )

                  She says she's said that Memphis is leaving .... but ... if that is what has to happen for her to continue in the game... that's what has to happen ...

                  She talks about how people didn't think she could do this again .. how they didn't get to see her "skills" in her other season ...

                  Christmas - they didn't know I was a monster


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                    Christmas and Memphis talked a little bit more about sharing info about their games.... to help with jury management ...
                    She says she will tell him more tomorrow ...


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                      Memphis, Cody, Nicole in the kitchen
                      Christmas in the HoH room
                      Enzo sleeping ...


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                        7:52 PM BBT


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                            Cody tells Enzo that his butt isn't firm anymore ...
                            Cody- it's like an old man jiggly butt...

                            We're on STARS now for whatever reason ....
                            they were all just sitting down for dinner ..

                            ( that's it for me tonight .. if anyone wants to jump in and add anything ... any update is appreciated )


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