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Live Feed Updates - 10/15 - Day 72

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/15 - Day 72

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    They're on stars for whatever reason.


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      A little catch up from last night ...

      Enzo trying one more time to cut Christmas ....

      Cody and Nicole talked about how Christmas hasn't even talked to Cody at all yet about his vote.
      Cody asked Enzo why did he tell Christmas that he ( Cody ) was voting to keep her
      Enzo tells Cody that he didn't .. that he told her that she needed to talk to Cody
      Cody tells Enzo that Christmas told Nicole that he ( Enzo ) told her ( Christmas ) that Cody was voting to keep her, because she's "less of a threat"
      Enzo- maybe I did ... but I don't think I did
      Cody - you did

      Enzo tells Cody that he really wants to cut Christmas but they want to keep her ....
      Cody say she will cut her ...
      He tells Enzo to talk to Nicole

      Enzo tells Cody that Christmas and Nicole will team up ... because Christmas told him that the slate is clean between her and Nicole ...

      Enzo tells Cody that if Memphis stayed ... he will go after Nicole... and Nicole will still be going after him ...
      Cody tells Enzo that even if Memphis goes..... Nicole is going after Christmas...

      Enzo to Cody- alright ... alright .. it is what it is


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        Cody and Enzo continued to talk ...
        Enzo telling Cody all the pros and cons about keeping Memphis .. over Christmas ..

        Enzo saying that they are safe with Memphis .... to get to the F3 ...

        Cody tells Enzo that he also wants Christmas out over Memphis.... BUT.....strategically Memphis is the better one to go ( this week)


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          Cody talks to Nicole about Christmas ..
          He tells her that she ( Christmas ) is all over the place...etc.

          Nicole says she feels badly lying to Memphis ( letting him think he's staying )
          Enzo agrees....

          Cody to Nicole - then tell him( that he's leaving )

          Nicole tells Cody that she's not the one that's voting .. they are ...

          Cody says he will tell Memphis that she ( Nicole ) wants him out

          Nicole - no .. do not say anything about me. .... you guys want him out too....

          Cody tells here that he would rather Christmas go

          Nicole tells him that Memphis has to go .. and if they make it were it's a tie.. she will break the tie

          They go on and on ... with each other.... asking her if she really wants Memphis out

          She tells them yes... and to "stop it" ....
          She tells them that she protected them....

          Cody tells her that he was just messing with her .. to see where she was ...

          Nicole asks if he ( Cody ) is going to blame getting Memphis out on her ...

          Cody - no..... I want to blindside him

          Nicole tells that she thinks that's the way to go ... .

          Cody says that Memphis would probably just throw him under the bus ( if they gave him a heads up before hand )


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            Nicole asks Enzo if the reason that he wants to tell Memphis is because he thinks he ( Memphis ) will respect it more ...

            Enzo tells her yes... he thinks so ...
            He tells her that he hasn't said anything to Memphis yet ...

            Cody says again that he doesn't have a problem with blindsiding him ....

            Nicole says she feels bad....

            She also says that it would be "more fun" to blindside Christmas .... then adds...."but we are not doing that"


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              Nicole, Cody and Enzo continued to talk more ... all saying that both Christmas and Memphis lied ... etc.

              Nicole tells them if they flip... or force a tie ...... she wants to know ...
              Enzo tells her that he's not flipping ...

              Cody says they will blindside him

              ( that's all I got )

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                here's how tonight played out ....

                Julie Chen -Tonight’s eviction is underway, Cody and Enzo decide who leaves tonight and the final 4 will get a surprise visit from Kaysar!

                Tyler arrives at the jury house.

                Tyler -it was a struggle for me this time.

                Tyler - alright guys, ready to see my demise?

                The jury members watch Cody win HoH, PoV and Tyler's eviction.
                Tyler tells them about his goodbye messages, about all the alliances that Cody is in.

                Kevin - okay Cody, I see you.
                Tyler - I was telling Enzo, if you want to get to the end, you can't be there with Cody.

                Da'Vonne - I think that Enzo has a shot, but he can't rely on Cody. He has to do something.

                Da'Vonne to Tyler - you started to speak about Black Live Matters, how you were an ally. Was that game or serious?
                Tyler - it was serious ...
                He explains how Christmas would not backdoor him ... and says he's sorry that they felt that it was game.
                Da'Vonne tells him she believes.
                Tyler - I'm glad that me and Da'Vonne were able to clear the air .. and that she knows that my intentions were true.

                The jurors get some much needed LOVE from home...
                Video clips from their loved ones. bring laughter and tears ... of joy ... of course!

                LIVE VOTING:

                Cody - Memphis
                Enzo - Memphis

                By a vote of 2- 0, Memphis has been voted out of the Big Brother All Star house.

                ( he knew .. you could tell by the look on his face )

                Memphis - good luck you guys, you're going to need it.

                Nicole to Cody and Enzo- thank you guys.

                Julie to Memphis - Enzo and Cody both voted to evict you ... tell me the truth.. were you blindsided tonight?
                Memphis - I was definitely blindsided.
                He says they probably thought he was more of a threat than Christmas.
                Memphis - They obviously didnt see me as an asset to their game even though I thought I was....

                Julie- do you think they made the right decision to advance their game?
                Memphis - I would have taken them to the F3 .. so no
                Julie- do you feel betrayed?
                Memphis- I feel a little blindsided ....

                Julie - what were you thinking when you gave that speech?
                Memphis -well... I was going to give a very funny and light-hearted speech ... but I kinda felt the room change a little bit over the morning .... so I could kinda feel it and get a little sense.... and then I thought .. you know .. let me pitch out "the word thing" ... I had a feeling that it wasn't going to go as planned... so the "word thing" kinda came in there .... for me my word has been very straight forward ... with Cody and Enzo ... through the whole thing... now .. keeping things... omitting conversations ... omitting different things is one thing... but I was playing on taking them both to the Final 3 ... so ....

                Memphis - I thought maybe I could sway them ....

                Julie- How would you like to listen to your goodbye messages from your former house mates?
                Memphis- I probably wouldn't want to listen to them at all.... but I know I'm going to have to

                Goodbye Messages

                Christmas - Memphis, I have loved playing the game with you, had a couple of F2's but you were always, always my #1 are such a unique and incredible person ... and the experince will always, always be in my heart.

                Nicole- Memphis , truth be told . you were just too much of a threat for me to keep you in the house right now ... it's been incredible playing this game with you and I can't wait to see you in Flordia after this.

                Enzo - Memphis, you knew I wanted you to stay in this house man.. I was Wise Guys to the end... I know that it was smarter for my game ... for you to stay in this house ... other people in this house, wanted you out. I got nothing but respect for you and I hope we remain friends after this ...

                Cody- Memphis, I loved our F2 ...but you started to pull some shady stuff, you wanted to create two versions of the Wise Guys... I found out very shortly after you did this ( Memphis laughs ) ... I've been working with Enzo, since the first day ... I had to give myself the best chance to win and I don't feel like that was sitting next to you. I hope there's no hard feelings.

                Julie- are their hard feelings?
                Memphis- no way .. there are no hard feelings.. because had I been sitting in the F3 with Cody and Enzo, I probably would have taken Enzo ...

                Julie- well that's very honest of you ..
                Memphis- yeah it's all good ...

                Julie - do you regret making two versions of The Wise Guys?
                Memphis- no I don't ...

                Julie -you played hard Memphis, I'll give you that
                Memphis - yeah .. I had a game plan ..I wanted to stick to it .. if the cards fell in my direction, I thought it was a good choice... you know .. it is what it is .. I had a great time... and I feel very fortunate to come back.

                Julie calls for the House Guest to "gather in the Living Room"

                Julie- the battle for HoH will begin shortly ... but before you head outside.. a former All Star has some news about tonight's competition...

                Kaysar- hello Final 4 ... congratulations on making it this far... it's quite the accomplishment. I wanted to stop by, because you are about to play one of my all time favorite competitions...

                Kaysar- which lead to one of my most favorable moments ... the first time I played Big Brother.

                ( we see a clip of Kaysar and Maggie ... where Kaysar makes a move and puts Maggie in a position where she has no more moves... and she tells him that he sealed her fate and he says " No, I sealed your partner's fate. )

                Kaysar to the house guests- now remember, winning this HoH is more important than ever... it not only gurantees you a spot in Finale Night, you will also be able to play in next week's Final Head of Household Competition.

                Kaysar - win this and you will be playing in back to back HoH comps .. so good luck and get ready to play ...

                Enzo - how do you play that game???

                We'll update you right here with the winner of tonight's HoH competition, as soon as the live feeds return ....


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                    Don't worry ...
                    We're keeping our "eye" on things here ....

                    We'll update you with the winner of the HoH competition, as soon as the feeds return ...


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                      We're back ..

                      Looks like Enzo has the HoH key around his neck


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                        Yep ....

                        Enzo is the new Head of Household

                        Enzo to himself - I know what I have to do,.... I have to win out.,,, cause ... I'm not gonna get Christmas and Cody... there's no way.. so I have to win out.... that's it ..... if that's endurance I have to fight for my life, yo.


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                          Here's how the we move forward...

                          Enzo's HoH win advances him to the F3 ...
                          He, ask Kaysar said, will play in the next HoH, as well ...

                          Enzo will make his nominations tomorrow ( and it will be Nicole and Christmas )
                          Saturday will be the PoV Competition - ( which Christmas will have to win in order to stay in the house this week )

                          ( He should put Cody on the block and get him out .... then he could then claim he ( Enzo ) was the only person in the house, not to go on the block, plus it would gain him votes in jury )


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                            No one has said a word ...
                            No sign of Cody or Nicole


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                              Found Cody ...

                              He's in the other bed ...

                              Maybe Nicole in the DR ... ?


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