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Live Feed Updates - 10/15 - Day 72

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    Nicole to Cody - he ( Enzo ) wants Christmas to go to the F3 .... and she will take him ...
    Cody -she ( Christmas is not goin g... ( to the F3 ) ....

    Cody and Nicole say they won't let her ( Christmas ) make it to the F3


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      Cody to Nicole - he ( Enzo ) was like... Nicole is in the best spot
      Nicole - why me?
      Cody - because he thinks that if Christmas wins... she will cut me ... instead of you ...
      Nicole - Oh My God....
      Cody - she will cut me ... 100%


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        Nicole tells Cody that she's annoyed with Enzo ...
        She says it's really the first time she's annyoned with him in the game... which she says is " pretty impressive" that it took this long ...

        Cody tells her that really .. she was never playing that closely with him


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          Cody tells Nicole that he told Enzo that "there's not a ****ing chance in hell" that if he ( Cody ) wins the veto .. that he would be taking Christmas to the F3 ...

          Cody - he ( Enzo ) shut up and didn't say anything

          ( #thingswemissed when the feeds were down )


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            Nicole tells Cody that if Enzo wants her out over Christmas .. it's because he thinks that she ( Nicole ) is going to take him ( Cody ) ( to F2 )

            Cody tells her again that Enzo has zero to say about anything this week ... unless he wins the veto ...


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              Nicole mentions what if he doesn't put up Christmas ...

              Cody- I think he is putting her up 100%
              Nicole - he needs to put me and her up....he owes you


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                  Enzo joins Nicole and Cody in the bedroom

                  Enzo and Cody talk about how they played chess last night
                  Cody wants to play now
                  Enzo says he "wants to get drunk first"
                  Cody- stop saying that .. or they are going to give you less ...


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                    Christmas is still in the DR

                    ( I think that's it for me tonight ... going to grab a couple hours of sleep before work .. if anyone is out there and wants to jump in .. any help is appreciated .. if not .. I'll catch us back up in the morning )


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