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Live Feed Updates - 10/16 - Day 73

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/16 - Day 73

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    Everybody sleeping.


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      They were up a long time last night .... but really the only "game talk" after I left was Enzo telling Cody that Nicole's in a great spot .. and that they should get rid of her.
      Cody told Enzo "no way he's not cutting Christmas"

      Enzo told Cody that he's going to keep him from being back doored this week ... keep him off the block ... because he wants to go to the F2 with him.
      Enzo tells Cody that he wants it to be the two Jersey Boys in the F2..... who have never been on the block
      Enzo - that's crazy ...we will be All Stars Hall of Fame **** ....
      Enzo - it will be better than Derrick ... better than Chill Town
      Enzo to Cody -I want to sit next to you ( in F2 ) ,and let the jury decide...

      Enzo also tells Cody that he's scared of going to the F3 with Nicole.... because Cody could throw the comp to her and she would cut him ( Enzo )


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        Today ...

        Enzo and Christmas talk about how they can't let Nicole get to the F3 ....

        Enzo to Christmas - I feel like she ( Nicole ) is in the final three already.... that bothers me

        Christmas tells Enzo that if one of them ( him/her ) win the Veto ... they will sit down .. talk about what to do ...make a decision together...


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          Enzo tells Christmas that Nicole is playing better under pressure and that Cody is "starting to crack under pressure" ...

          Enzo to Christmas - if it's me, you and him ()( Cody ) in the F3 .... you win endurance.... I win the second one. We're in the questions together.... and 'll throw it to you.... . I don't even care at that point


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            We've been on PET CAM for 2 hours ....


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              This afternoon HG’s had a luxury comp and Nicole won $10,000.

              Enzo put Nicole and Christmas on the block.


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                Memphis also won $10,000 ( it sounds like each house guest had to pick a jury member. If the hosue guest won.. so did the jury member.)
                Nicole picked Memphis ( most likely because she was trying a little jury management since he went out on her HoH - not that it makes a big difference to Memphis ( he's not that warm/fuzzy type ) but, of course, he'll take the $$ )

                Christmas is not only mad that she didn't win ... she's also mad that she didn't pick Memphis., and by not picking him, she somehow betrayed him ... ( I dunno )


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                  It's been pretty quite since the nominations
                  They have tip-toed around Christmas ... ( I'm pretty sure they are scared of her ... lol )
                  She's been silent....

                  They have all been studing days/events etc.
                  Christmas has been reading the bible ....


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                        Enzo to himself - everyone is ****ing studying.... everyone is all upset.. everyone is nervous ... everyone is all ****ed up.


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                          Enzo back in the HoH room

                          Enzo to Moolan - everyone is studying .. everyone is upset ... it's a mess down there, Moolan ...

                          Enzo - Christmas is very upset with us still ...

                          BB Calls Enzo to the DR

                          ( well since he's the only one talking for now ... and he's heading to the DR .. I'm going to actually grab some sleep .... if anyone wants to jump in and add some updates if anyone actually talks .... any help is appreciated )


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                            Nicole is sleeping ...
                            Cody is sleeping
                            Christmas is ... well ... still reading the bible....

                            Enzo finally made it to the DR

                            ( like I said above.. I'm out .. if anyone wants to jump in, if anything pops off .. any help is much appreciated )


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