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Live Feed Updates - 10/17 - Day 74

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/17 - Day 74

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    Everybody is sleeping right now.

    Veto comp today.


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      Catching us up from where I left off last night ...

      Cody and Enzo talked ...

      Enzo told Cody that he thinks that Nicole and Christmas are teaming up together ...
      Cody tells Enzo that's not true ...

      Enzo told Cody that he knows if he ( Enzo ) wins the Veto ... Christmas will ask him to use it on her ....

      They talk about how quite Christmas has been since the nominations ... and about what Enzo will say to her

      Enzo says he will tell her that he didn't nominate Cody, so that Cody would be "at ease" and then he ( Enzo ) could crush the Veto comp...

      He tells Cody that he will apologize to Christmas tomorrow ..

      He says she ( Christmas ) looked through his soul when he nominated her.....


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        Christmas did talk to the camera a little ...

        She said she's feeling "sensitive" ... and that this is the most upset she's felt in a long time.
        She talks about talking to her therapist and how that makes her feel better... "grounded" .... which is the way she came into the house "grounded" and that she hopes she can stay that way ...


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          Cody, Nicole and Enzo in the kitchen

          They talk about Christmas
          Cody says he doesn't want anyone to feel left out ...and that he tried to talk to her
          Nicole says she did too .. but she's scared of her.. but she will try again tomorrow
          Enzo says he will talk to her tomorrow too ...

          As that convo is going on ....

          Christmas is in bed .. covers over her head .. and she's crying a little bit ...


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            Cody checks on Christmas ...

            He tells her that he knows she's upset ... but if she needs to talk ..he's there ..
            She tells him she's okay .. been a rough 24 hours... she's not mad anymore ... she just needs to "work through her feelings"


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              Enzo and Cody talked again ...

              They talk about the veto comp tomorrow ... being ready for it ....
              Enzo tells Cody that he really does feel bad for Christmas .. and that he's going to talk to her tomorrow
              Cody suggest that Enzo throw her off a little bit .. so that she will be rattled ... for the veto comp ...

              (that pretty much in a quick flash .. gets us caught up from last night )

              Today is the Power of Veto Competiton ... ( I can't wait to see who wins .. and the drama that follows )


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                Stars-looks like it's wake up time.


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                  1:49 BBT We have gone to kittens after hearing Cody say "That's our costumes".

                  Veto time.


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                    Cody won


                    • #11
                      Cody assures Nicole he will not use it on Christmas.


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                        Catching us up .. from right after Cody's Veto win ..

                        Cody to himself - I'm ging to the Final ****ing Three ... let's ****ing go.... I'm walking out of this house on Finale Night ... guaranteed..... let's go! Final there... back to back ... Oh My God ... it was risky to throw that HoH to Enzo .... but I love it when a plan comes together ...

                        Cody to himself - not on the block .. once .. all season ....

                        Cody to Derrick - Derrick, if it's here on finale night. .....I better see you on finale night


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                          Enzo and Cody talked...

                          Enzo telling Cody that he knows that Nicole knows that he ( Enzo ) isn't going to take her to the F2 ... and that she knows that Cody won't take her to the F2 ...

                          Enzo - she (Nicole ) knows what she's up against

                          Cody to Enzo Nicole knows .... that I have to win out and pick who I am going to take ...
                          Enzo -that's what I'm sayin'
                          Cody - the only person that I think is taking me .. is you ( Enzo )
                          Enzo - that's what I'm sayin'


                          • #14
                            Enzo to Cody- - why would I take her ( Nicole ) ... I'd lose agaisnt her ... she has Dani's .. Da'vonne's and probably Kevin's vote ... and she will have Ian's vote ... **** that .. I'd rather take my chance with you

                            ( that's pretty much all of the game talk .. the rest of the day ... was just general chit chat )


                            • #15
                              Currently ...

                              Christmas is waxing Cody's eyebrows ...
                              Nicole is "helping"

                              Nicole - as a disclaimer .. we did not take that chunk out .. that chunk was out before we started....

                              Cody laughs .. then says.. that's not funny ... where's the chunk ???

                              Nicole -that was missing before we started....


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