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Live Feed Updates - 10/19 - Day 76

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/19 - Day 76

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    All cameras are on Stars, again or still.


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      A little catch up .... ( the STARS from where I left off last night ...lasted 5 hours ... no idea why )

      We find Christmas in the bed ... she's talking about the game to herself ...
      Christmas - I'm beat up .. broken...exhausted... .but I will not give up .. I will fight ... I made a pitch to Cody....

      Enzo comes in ...

      Christmas tells him that they ( other than Cody ) are all fighting for the $50,000 ( 2nd place )

      Christmas and Enzo wonder if the Jury Members will see the Luxury Competition ...
      Christmas talked about how she chose Kevin, but it backfired on her ...

      Enzo talks about how he thinks that for sure.. Nicole will take Cody to the F2 ... over him ....
      He tells Christmas that he thinks that there's a chance that Cody will take him (Enzo ) over Nicole

      Other than Enzo taking pictures of him and Moolan .... and then sharing the pictures with the other and giving them all a good laugh ... nothing much else happened.


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        Catching us up ... with that little game talk there has been ...

        Really just Cody and Enzo talking about the next competition coming up
        They talk about how Nicole thinks that Cody will win the 1st round ... and that she can beat him ( Enzo ) in the 2nd round ...


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          Cody did a little cam talking ...

          He says who knows how the F3 HoH will go ....
          He wonders if one of them ( Enzo/Nicole ) will cut him ....
          He says he did everything he could to get in a position where he doesn't even have to win ( one of the rounds )


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            Cody to himself - hedge my bets with both of them ( Enzo/Nicole ) Nicole is sneaky like that ... I know Enzo won't ... I could have clipped Nicole, so many time... she's like always talking .. thinking .. be like.. "oh you're going to beat me" ... I ain't buying that.. you know you ( Nicole ) are hedging your bets with the jury management .. you ( Nicole ) know that you got Ian... Da'vonne ... stoking the ego .. doesn't help....


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              Cody to Himself - I hope Enzo can beat her ( Nicole ) in the second comp ... I don't know if he can ... but we'll see.. he has not been close to beating her in any of these competitions... not even close ... and in the Final Leg .. of the Final HoH .. is literally guessing ever single answer.... and Nicole is like " oh .. I threw it my first time" ... ( he makes a face ) ... yeah .. .you don't throw the Final HoH ... I don't buy that either .. she ( Nicole ) thinks she's slick


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                Cody to himself - going to blow up everything to Christmas in her goodbye message... yep....


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                  Cody to himself - honestly ... if anybody beats me... if I'm sitting in the Final 2 and anyone beats me... it's out of spite.....


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                    Cody to himself - I mean .. that's just a fact..... does that sound confident? I am.


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                      Cody to camera - Derrick, matched ya .. how ya doing dude? Didn't go on the block once.. didn't go on the block once... not an easy thing to do .. I know... I know you did it... but now I kinda understand .. how you did it... I get because of all the different relationships that you had in the house ... all those other Final 2's ... you sneaky dog .. all those definitely helped you ... your relationships.. I can completely see that ... now .. cause that is it... if I would have just hedged only with Memphis .. or if I would have just hedged only with Nicole... it would have made my relationship way better with one over the other ... but I was playing it both ... then I had Dani ... then I had Tyler and Enzo ... now I completely see all the stuff you ( Derrick ) were doing ... hedged with everybody to keep myself off the block during a triple eviction .. what?? ... and then .. a little bit of luck.... Christmas dropping a ball in a competition .. when I would have one billion percent been on the block ... you need a little luck in this game .. huh? Just a little bit of luck.


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                        Cody to camera - I almost slipped up with Nicole... had to back track .. I think she knows I was lying now .. I had to back track too much ... of course I knew that Ian was going on the block, There was no other option than Ian ... and yes Nicole, I was wildly tight with Dani ... I know you guys had your fun little Final 2 .. everybody had their alliances that they thought everyone was loyal to ...


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                          Cody to cam - Ian goes home.. the Da'Vonne goes home... we should keep Kevin, no we should not ..... uhmmm .. crazy ...


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                            Cody to himself - oh man.. this game couldn't have been any better... couldn't have been any better...


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                              Cody to himself - if I get cut in the Final 3 ... ohhhh that's going to hurt... there's no way one of them clip me.. no shot .. even if they think they can .. there are going to have a hard time beating me .. there's no shot ...


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