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Live Feed Updates - 10/21- Day 78

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/21- Day 78

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    Everybody sleeping


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      Gosh ... it's been a slow day ...

      Nicole packed her things
      Christmas packed her things

      Christmas pitched to Cody again about taking him to the F2 ...
      Cody listened but anything she says just doesn't matter ...

      This is Enzo's last night in the HoH room
      He talked to Moolan about it .... and about how tomorrow night's HoH is a big one ... Part 1 of the 3 part HoH Competition ...

      Nicole and Enzo talked about Nicole's speech for tomorrow
      She tells him it's stressing her out to think about what she will say ...

      Enzo is making chicken parm

      Nicole say she thinks she's anxious because they are so close to the end ..
      Enzo says he played most of this season, thinking he was going to be backdoored


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        Currently ...

        Christmas is in the bedroom .. she's been reading the bible and napping off and on ...

        These kiddos are just chit chatting
        Enzo talking about all the things he wants to do when he gets out of the house.... take the kids to the park .... ride a bike... hold a pen .. ( lol )


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          Looking ahead...

          Tomorrow is live eviction night ... and the first part of the three part HoH competition will play out at some point .... it will be endurance ... but I highly doubt we'll be able to watch it on the feeds ... but we will find out the winner ... so there's that ...

          Part 2 of the 3 part HoH comp will be a Mental/Physical competition .... sometime over the weekend ...
          We'll report the winner of that round too ...

          There's a show on Friday .... most likely the whole Memory Lane kinda deal ...

          Then .. we have a show on Monday ... followed by the Finale on Wednesday ( 2 hour special ) which begins @ 9 Eastern Time


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            Christmas is up ...
            She tells the others that she hasn't gotten out of her pajamas all day ..


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              Nicole and Christmas now playing backgammon ...


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