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Live Feed Updates - 10/22 - Day 79

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/22 - Day 79

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    Everybody is sleeping.

    Live veto meeting and eviction tonight.


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      Quick check in ...

      Not a lot going on ..

      Nicole is 'annoyed' with Christmas because she keeps trying to stay ( imagine that .. lol )

      Christmas talked to herself/camera a little ... saying that she doesn't think that Cody will keep her tonight ... but she thinks he should ..
      She says she thinks if Cody and Nicole to go the F2 .. Nicole will win over Cody ..
      She also said that "Cody is no Derrick" ....

      Enzo talked to himself a little .. saying that he has to just win one more .. just one more...

      Christmas asked Cody if he knows what he's saying tonight
      He told her he has no idea ..

      That's pretty much it ...

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      • helenb
        helenb commented
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        Done Lexie...appreciate you so so much! I tried the ,Live feeds but I’m just not awake at the right times, so your updates Rock!

      • Lexie
        Lexie commented
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        Thank you so much!

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      here's how tonight played out ...

      Julie Chen - some jurors are bitter... others are full of respect.... but everyone is surprised when Memphis joins the jury

      Jury House ...

      Tyler - all right guys .. someone is coming .. who do you think it's going to be?

      Da'Vonne - it can't be Enzo, that's who I am rooting for. I don't want to see Enzo in the jury house. A lot of people think he's playing a lazy game... but I say it's strategic....I say when he gets to where he needs to start making moves.. which is about now ... this is the time Enzo, I have faith that he will.

      Ian- I think Christmas could come early this year
      Da'Vonne- 'tis the season

      Kevin- I think it's Cody. I'm calling it .. it's Cody ... ever single one of the players left in this game.. are really deserving of the win ... But, Cody, he's not really my favorite person ... so....I have been lighting several prayer candles. Hopefully the next jury member is going to be Cody
      Dani- I think there is 0% chance that it will be Cody.
      Kevin- I think Cody is coming.
      Dani -I think that Cody is playing the best game right now. I know you ( Kevin ) don't like him .. but that doesn't mean that he's not playing a good game...

      Dani to camera - I totally get being bitter... because you got outplayed .. and some people take it personally ... but like... as jury members, it's our job to vote for the best player.

      Tyler - I'm thinking Nicole. Memphis wanted it
      David - so Memphis gets what he wants in the house .. so he's running the house ??
      Kevin - he's been getting what he wants .. so
      Dani - has he though ???
      Kevin- yeah ...
      Tyler -yeah .. look .. he wanted all of us out ..
      Kevin- it's one of those 2 coming .. Cody or Memphis ...

      Memphis arrives at the jury house...

      David to the camera - - I wasn't fond of Memphis in the house ... we just never got to be on the same page ... in terms of social engagement ... so I am very happy that he has not gotten to the end of this game

      Dani- I guess he's not running the game.

      Memphis to the camera- I feel like my eviction came, as a little bit of a blindside... I mean I played a good game.. I stuck with my plan.... and... look.. you win some and you lose some....

      Kevin- what happened Memphis?
      Memphis- I could tell you .. but how about I show you ...
      Dani- my mind is blown ...

      House Guest watch the video of Nicole's HoH win ...

      Tyler- Nicole got her first win.
      Memphis- yeah that was the last person I wanted to win. I went to her and I told her "you keep me off the block, and I win the PoV next week.. then I will 100% take you to the F3 ...

      Tyler - were you telling the truth?
      Memphis- ummmmm... I dunno ...

      They watch Nicole nominate Christmas and Memphis ...

      Tyler- I don't think that's a very good move on her (Nicole's) part.
      Dani - he ( Memphis ) is a big threat in the game..
      Tyler - I feel like Enzo and Cody are bigger threats to win

      They watch Nicole win the Power of Veto ...

      Dani- good for her
      Tyler - swept the week ...
      Kevin- under the radar strategy ... at the end start winning things...
      Da'Vonne - this is what happened in Season 18.... everybody was like "she's not doing anything" ... and at the ass-end of the season .. it was just like Nicole. and .. Cory ... and so not it's like .. Nicole and Cody ... it's happening again ...

      Da'Vonne to the camera - Nicole has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. I think because we respect the game the way we do, she ( Nicole ) may still have a shot. I'm just waiting on that defining moment from Nicole.

      Memphis - Christmas was playing a hard core press on Nicole to use the veto ... and I was like okay .. maybe she ( Nicole ) does this .. ( back door Cody ) just to seal her game...

      Dani- I think realistically she (Nicole) needs Cody to get to the end.... if she can clip him in the Final Three ... that will be a huge, huge move.

      Ian- big respect... and that's probably who will get my vote

      Dani to the camera - I think that everyone is kinda waiting for a big move.. and if somebody can pull out a big move ... and get Cody out.. I think that's really going to put them up in the rankings

      They watch Memphis get evicted...

      Tyler to Memphis- so what did they say in your goodbye messages ... that was like telling?

      Memphis- I created an alliance with me, Enzo and Christmas.. and the same alliance with me, Enzo and Cody... and Enzo told Cody about the 2nd one .. and I'm like... why would you do that?

      Tyler - if he ( Enzo ) is blindly loyal to Cody, like that .. all the way to the end...
      Da'Vonne- he ( Enzo ) can't get Enzo'ed again ... I can't believe he's going to allow it to happen again ... like that would be so dumb... Enzo could truly win this game... he ( Enzo ) is going to have to be the one to clip Cody ... he has to do it
      Tyler- he needs to

      Tyler to the camera - right now I'm seeing it as Cody's game to lose..... just because I feel like he has played such a well rounded game.. when it comes to comps.... strategy ... just being a social butterfly .. so ... . I'm really looking at who is willing to take that shot at him

      Tyler to the group - you definitely can't forget that Cody's won so many comps
      Da'Vonne - yeah .. no ...

      Memphis- I think the most dangerous player in the game right now is Christmas ... she's not scared to do anything to make sure that she gets to the F2 ...

      Tyler - Nicole and Enzo are going to be coming after each other ... and Cody is still chillin'

      Dani - Nicole needs to be worried that she can't beat him ( Cody ) that's her F2 and she can't beat him.

      David - she ( Nicole ) can beat anyone in the F2.. that's for sure ... a winner getting to the end...
      Dani - I'm not just going to vote for someone because she's a winner .. I want someone well-rounded.,,,, you know what I mean?
      David - Enzo won early .. then threw a bunch of comps .. she (Nicole ) was throwing comps early and won at the end...
      Dani - was she throwing comps though?

      Memphis- we don't know
      Kevin to Dani- yeah you don't know ... no one knows
      Dani to Kevin- yeah .. and neither do you ... I'm not trying to argue with you .. I'm just saying .. do you know .. or do I know ?

      Kevin to Dani - let David finish his point ...
      Dani to Kevin - you don't need to be so rude ...

      Kevin- I'm not rude... you interrupted David
      Dani - okay

      David- can I ...
      Dani- of course you can

      David - ummm basically what I'm saying .. is .. if Enzo and Nicole are playing a similar game.. if they both get to the end... I feel like Nicole .. coming to the end.. as a winner.... as a target on her back .. can get the votes...

      Memphis - look.. what's awesome about where we are in this game right now .. is next week ... the next move .. will define .. who we think is going to win the game...

      Tyler- exactly ...

      Memphis - okay guys .. someone show me my suite
      Da'Vonne - let me show you to your bunk bed .. c'mon
      Memphis laughs ..

      Christmas and Nicole give their final speech ...

      Christmas - this would not be a complete season without that Christmas spice... naughty and nice... Nicole, I absolutely love you, you have played an impeccable game... I am so honored to call you my friend... I love that you are un-apologetically yourself .. bad ass.

      Christmas- Enzo, I'm going to give you a little pop off - Congratulations, you got third place

      Christmas - Cody, the man of the hour with all the power.... I want to remind you that the jury will take into consideration if you have a previous winner sitting beside you .. if you chose to keep me here tonight . then I will fight with everything I have to take you to Final Two.

      Power of Veto Ceremony - aka Eviction by Veto Holder Cody

      Cody votes to evict Christmas

      Julie - did you see it coming? Or did you hold out hope?
      Christmas- I saw that coming for weeks .... WEEKS
      Julie- but you tried ..
      Christmas - I was like giving the good good scrappy fight ...
      Julie- to the end... to your speech
      Christmas- oh yeah ...
      Julie- this was an emotional week for you .. we saw a lot of tears... my heart went out to you .. how are you feeling now?
      Christmas - ummm .. I'm a little bit in shock... I expected Cody to keep Nicole... but still.. getting evicted.. it's ....... shocking.

      Julie -you told them you weren't mad when you exited.. is that true?
      Christmas - listen, I came in to play a game.. I can't old personal vendettas ... he did what he needed to do.. in order to be able to get further in the game.. I would have done the same thing.. I've been doing the same thing... this isn't a mud-slinging personal fight .. you know ...

      Julie -would you really have taken Cody over Enzo to the F2 ?
      Christmas - most likely .... yes.. because a that point.. I mean I love Enzo, he's my All Star Baby Daddy .. but ... the loyalty was so .. shaky at the end.... for him to me .. you know ...

      Julie - you were mad at him .. so it sounded like... was it an emotional thing .. or do you think you could have beat Cody ...
      Christmas- oh that speech?
      Julie - do you think you could have beat anyone in the F2 ? Who?
      Christmas- I think I had a good argument against all of them ... I mean I played hard... all season ... I won comps... I played a hard social game... I made sure I was protected... and I also made major moves .. that other people were scared to do .. I wasn't scared to get in the ring and get messy.... and when I came out .. I was clean ... so . I think I played a really good game.. I

      Good Bye Message

      Enzo - Christmas, I'm definitely heartbroken ... I definitely tried my hardest to get you to stay this week .. but I couldn't get between Cody and Nicole.... they definitely have something there that is strong ... don't count me out .. I"m going to fight hard... I'm going to try to take one home for the parents...

      Nicole, - Christmas, Cody, Enzo and I have been working together since Day 2 ... in this house .. we've had an alliance... I'm going to miss yo so much .. and I cannot wait to see you after this ...

      Cody - Christmas, by the second day ... I had 3 Final Twos' ... that were very key to my game... Enzo and Nicole... and Memphis .. and did you know there was a second version of the Wise Guys ... that included me in it? Enzo let know that Memphis also created a version o f the Wise Guys . with you and him. Memphis kinda showed me that he had to go ... and so you were the only one that was left. I appreciate the effort that you gave and I respect you so much as a player in this game.

      Julie to Christmas - what do you think of what Cody just said?

      Christmas - I saw it all .. I saw Enzo, Cody and Nicole working together weeks and weeks ago ... I knew that Enzo was playing a lot of other people in the house ... I knew that Cody and Nicole were super, super tight ... I also knew that Memphis was in with Enzo .. and with Cody .. but I didn't pair the 3 of them together ... Nothing shocking there .. nothing new... nothing shocking .. and honestly .. I have to be flattered that they had to come after me... and it took 4 nominations to get me...

      Julie- there you go .. I like the positively and final thoughts .. before we send you off to jury?
      Christmas- I gave it a good fight .. I'm proud of myself.. I got to Final 4 .... I'm sure a lot of people had doubts about my game play... after the last season I played... I am sure the haters had a good season watching me.. But .. I dunno ... I love this game so darn much ... and I'm truly honored to be here ... 4th place.

      It's time for ....

      Julie surprises the Final 3 with Video Clips from home...

      Part One of the Three Part Head of Household Competition will play out sometime tonight .. we will update you with the winner, as soon as the live feeds return!

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        Tune in tomorrow, Friday for a special episode of Big Brother All Stars ( memory lane episode )

        Monday's episode will reveal the winner of Part One of the Three Part HoH Competition, plus... Keesha, Nicole A., Janelle, Kaysar and Bayleigh have to say about the Final 3 ...

        Wednesday in a two -hour special the Final HoH is crowned and they will decide who they want to compete against in the Final 2 for the $500,000 prize... the jury will cast their votes live for the winner of Big Brother All Stars ... and the winner that YOU picked America will be handed the $25,000 prize and title of America's Favorite House Guest.

        Part One of the Three Part Head of Household Competition will play out sometime tonight ( but it could be tomorrow .. since they might be taping the memory lane celebration segment tonight ) ..... either way ... whenever the feeds come back and we know anything... we will update you

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          Nicole won part 1.
          Cody and Enzo face off for part 2


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            The competition was called ""Scary-Go-Round"

            It was some sort of endurance while spinning from a rope ...hitting a wall .. and paint ... and a moon ...

            Enzo said he got sick ....
            He was the first one down ...

            Cody says he hit the wall way more times than Nicole did ... and he couldn't believe how much he was spinning....


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              Enzo in the shower talks about how he doesn't like to cry .. hates that he cried in the DR after losing the comp
              He says to himself that he told Cody that they should have cut Nicole ...


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                Cody and Nicole talk about how they were right to get rid of Christmas ..
                They say she would have had a death grip on that rope and won the comp


                • #10
                  Enzo in the bedroom says to himself " ****, I’m in trouble”


                  • #11
                    They talk about their videos from home...

                    Nicole thinks that Victor looked sad ....
                    Cody said that Christie looked happy ...
                    Enzo says that his kids didn't look happy ... didn't look like they wanted to do the video .


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                      Enzo talked to himself a little more saying that he was out of the comp within 15 minutes or so .. and the whole comp only lasted like 30 minutes

                      Enzo - **** the moon ..

                      ( Cody was talking about the moon too .. part of the comp ... he hated it as well )

                      Enzo talked about standing/sitting on the moon and getting disqualified.


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                        They all talk about the jury .. wonder what they are thinking
                        Enzo says that Christmas will probably get in a fight ... ( LOL )

                        Nicole agreed... saying that the Dani and Da'Vonne do not like Christmas ...

                        ( that's about it .. and it's all the time I have this morning .. gotta go ! )


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