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Live Feed Updates - 10/23 - Day 80

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/23 - Day 80

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    Everybody is asleep now.

    Nicole won part 1 of the HoH


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      Boo! So predictable

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    Current feeds @ 2:00 PM BBT


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      Cody and Enzo complaining about all the noise that BB was making early this morning above them...
      Cody said it sounded like a wrecking ball ..

      Nicole and Enzo also talked about the noise...

      Nicole to Enzo - why were they pounding right above where we are sleeping at 5 AM ??
      Enzo -=I really think the last comp is going to be in the house.

      Enzo talked watching the videos last night ...
      He tells Nicole that he thinks that threw him off his game...
      He says he did a DR before he went out to do the comp .. and he cried in the DR ...

      They laugh again about how Nicole thought Victor looked sad and Enzo's kids looked like they didn't want to do the video ... but Cody's video with his girlfriend was perfect.

      Enzo and Nicole talk a little about their games...
      Enzo saying that he thinks that the 3 of them ( Cody/Enzo/Nicole ) had the best social games this year ...
      Nicole says Enzo's social game was the best... followed by Cody's .. she says her social game was better than it was in her other seasons...

      Nicole says she thinks Cody will will 9-0

      Enzo says that David rubbed him the wrong way when he took the money in OTEV .. instead of trying to fight to win .. when he was on the block ...
      Nicole says he took it because he was on the block ...
      Enzo says he ( David ) ran out of the house when he was evicted..
      Nicole says everyone did that night ( Triple Evict Night )

      Enzo and Nicole talked about last night's competition ...

      Enzo saying he got dizzy .. felt sick ... and he didn't wear the shoes that BB gave them to wear ... he wore his own and everything was slippery ...
      Nicole tells him that ever since she couldn't get up OTEV .. that she wears the ones that BB gives...
      Enzo says he really, really tried to hang on ... only lasted 17 minutes...
      He says that's embarrassing ...


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        Now ... currently ...


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          Nothing much has changed...

          Nicole up now ..
          Cody and Enzo sleeping ...


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            Cody's studied using the memory wall to help him go over dates/evictions/etc.

            Getting ready for the face off between himself and Enzo ... in Part 2 of the Final HoH competition ...


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