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Live Feed Updates - 10/24 - Day 81

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  • Live Feed Updates - 10/24 - Day 81

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    Everybody sleeping.


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      We've been on PET CAM for about 2 hours ... as the 2nd Part of the HoH competition plays out


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        9:17 PM BBT

        Feeds came back for a moment ... all on Nicole in the bathroom area. .... then back to PET CAM


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          Feeds back

          Nicole and Cody playing chess


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              Still no sign of Enzo
              ( he's probably in the DR) ?

              Cody and Nicole aren't revealing anything about the comp


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                Feeds on Enzo for just a few moments...

                He looked like he just came out of the DR .. to the bedroom ... he was muttering to himself ..

                Then said " I'm a little calmer now"

                And we go back to all cams on Nicole and Cody playing chess.


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                  Enzo is walking around ... in the kitchen .. in the SR ...he's heading to take a shower

                  No one has said ANYTHING yet ...

                  ( but .. I feel like Cody won )


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                    Enzo in the bathroom .. putting on shaving cream ...

                    Enzo - Oh my God, yo ... my brother is definitely going to laugh at that ****.. ****ing Enzo lost it ... ****ing finally lost my cool... **** it .. it is what it is, yo... ****ing lost my cool ...


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                      Enzo in the shower now

                      Cody and Nicole still playing chess

                      And . now .. of all things.. we are back to PET CAM

                      So.. I'm calling it...

                      Cody won the second part of the HoH comp ...

                      ( he's happy .. Nicole's isn't freaking out .. and Enzo is upset )

                      Nicole and Cody will face off LIVE on the Season Finale of BB All Stars on Wednesday....

                      Feeds are actually back....

                      Enzo still in the Shower ...
                      Nicole is eating .. saying she's bored
                      Cody was probably called to the DR during the PET CAM ...

                      It's 11:35 PM BBT


                      • #12
                        Enzo alone in the bedroom

                        Enzo to himself - **** .. Day 81... my biggest blow up of the season ... I cracked Jackie... **** .. I let everybody down ... I wasn't going to beat Cody... there was no way ...


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                          Enzo - Nicole is going to take Cody ... in her mind... she thinks he deserves it ... deserves to go ...


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                            Enzo - I have to come up with a bull**** question ( as a juror ) .. "Cody, would you really have taken me if you would have won the last HoH?" ... "Yeah, I would" .. there's my vote...


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                              Enzo - man .. I had such a good chance...

                              Enzo - we almost pulled it off .. Jackie.. man we almost pulled it off .. now .. now we sit and wait ...

                              Enzo - it's so stupid.... just have ****ing fun..... that's all..... this is the last four days you will ever spend in this house. .... just ****ing have fun.... bro..... go out there and give them a question.....who gives a **** what their answer is. .... put your vote ... in the key slot .. that's it ...


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