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  • Cody Did Tell Nicole ...

    Cody did give Nicole a heads up that he was cutting her...

    ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Last time you played, you had to decide who to sit next to you at the end. All you had to do was pick Victoria, and you would have won $500,000. Instead, you picked Derrick. How much was that going through your mind when you decided to cut Nicole loose at the final 3.

    CODY CALAFIORE: Oh my, I can't even express to you how, like, the back and forth. I was losing sleep over it. It was so difficult because not only did I grow so close personally to Nicole — I did not feel like I would have been in the position I was in if it wasn't for her — and so it was very tough. Fortunately, I also felt very similar about Enzo. It was very tough, but the decision to cut her was more because I wanted to stay true to Enzo over her and not just, “Oh, I'm going to cut her because I think I have a better chance to beat Enzo.” Because in my head I was so thrown, and it was such a toss-up for me who I would have a better chance to beat.

    I couldn't really wrap my head around what the jury was thinking, how they thought my game was. Did they think I was playing a good game? Or did they not? You just wrap your head in so many different thoughts that that wasn't such a driving force for me. And it was more so just staying true to Enzo, and just making the hardest decision that I had to because both of them, I had a final two with the second I walked in. I just clicked with Enzo. I clicked with Nicole, and I wanted to build that with Nicole and Enzo. It was just easy.

    And so Nicole, I felt like I was worried about the trust from season 16. I didn't know if she was not going to trust me. And we grew to be so incredible together and such an incredible duo. That's what made it so tough. It was such an emotional decision for me at the end of the game because I don't think I would have been there without her.

    What was it like having to tell her? I just spoke to her and she said that you gave her the heads up right before the vote. You didn't want to blindside her. You were emotional, and she was extremely emotional. She's still very emotional about it.

    It was horrible. The bond that I ended up having with Nicole, we were such an incredible duo, but then she was literally like my little sister. Going back and forth with her was like a sister. Our relationship was so close. And so, for me, it was immediate. Once I won, I knew kind of where I was leaning and I could barely even look at her. It was so tough for me to even like make eye contact with her because cutting her felt like I was cutting a sister and it was just so difficult. And so for me, that's what made the decision so hard, but you know, coming after and winning, it's something that I hope doesn't affect our relationship because that would hurt even more than having to cut her dead. So, that's the only thing I can say about that.

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    I was hoping he cut Nicole because Enzo needed the money more than she did.

    But I don't mind hearing that he cut her because he thought it was his best chance for the money.

    Man, if he had thrown the final to Nicole like she thought he might, to save himself the decision, she really might have pulled off the win.


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      If Nicole had won part 3 and cut Cody, I think she definitely would have won the game for that move alone. I am so so glad that did not happen. And even though arrogance and entitlement do run in the Calafiore genes (though I think Paulie is worse), Cody was the only one of those three who should have won the game.
      I would have been cringing the entire time had Nicole had won again, and I don't think she should have won the first time. She's just such an annoying personality, and the way she sat in that jury chair making faces and looking miserable was just such poor sportsmanship . I also don't think she'll forgive Cody for cutting her.
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        Glad the season is over, wasn’t awful just pretty boring without any real big moves. Don’t mind an alliance but they had two opportunities to make it interesting (Tyler and Nicole eviction chances) and didn’t take either of them. Both would split the game and made it exciting.

        Anyway at least Nicole didn’t win, I don’t know why they always let her get so far. She is a terrible person and a terrible game player, hopefully we will never have to see her on BB again.

        Sad that Tyler didn’t really seem into it this season and he never really got going, I think he’s the best player we’ve seen in recent years and is fun to watch. Didn’t even get AFP as compensation this time but not surprising given the goings on in the real world.

        Have to say Cody deserved it the most out of them all this season even if he is arrogant and had an easy ride for a large part. Don’t really like when people who already have everything in their lives win though, Enzo needed the money but never made his big move he kept promising. Good on Cody for binning Nicole at F3!


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          I absolutely loved Tyler in his first season (which he should have won) and I was glad to see him in this one, though his heart was not in it in the same way. Definitely one of the best players ever in my book, fun to watch and just such a genuinely nice and caring person. I had a feeling America's favorite houseguest would go the way it did, as said because of real world happenings, but at least Tyler came in second for that. Just goes to show you how much the fans really love him that he almost got it for the second time.
          So bring on the next season, all newbies please, and no more Nicole for Dani or Bayleigh EVER AGAIN lol.


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            I was just watching a clip of Cody talking about how people need to be held accountable, Etc, in the house, and the mocking of Ian was the specific topic. He acted as if he had nothing to do with that, yet he was right there in the room laughing when the comments were made.


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