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Live Feed Discussion _ Week 6

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  • Live Feed Discussion _ Week 6

    A new Head of Household takes control tonight!

    What's in store for us this week?

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    BB is pre-empted here due to Patriots preseason game. I'll definitely checkin to see what happened


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    Here's how tonight played out ...

    ​Julie - Tonight the veto meeting will set the stage for what could be the biggest move yet this summer. Welcome to Live Eviction night on Big Brother.

    The back door opened wide for Christian to take his seat on the block... after Vet Winner Britini used the veto on herself....

    Catch us with ALL the drama that happened after ... with our Live Feed Updates - Day 36

    Live Voting:

    Hannah - Christian
    Kyland - Christian
    Xavier - Sarah Beth
    Alyssa - Sarah Beth
    Britini - Christian
    Derek F - Christian
    Tiffany - Christian
    Claire - Christian
    Azah - Christian

    By a vote of 7- 2 - Christian has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 house.

    Christian giving everyone hugs.. and ( of course ) leaves Alyssa for last .. where he plants a big kiss on her ... ( as everyone acts so shocked.. so surprised ) ...

    And, then out the door he goes...

    ( it's the donkey costume for me )

    Julie- wow.. I think I have to start with my Alyssa question... that was quite a kiss
    Christian- it was a goodbye kiss...
    Julie - a temporary goodbye ?
    Christian - a temporary goodbye
    Julie - what happens after the show?
    Christian - I discussed it with her .. and I don't know ... but she says I'm her "girly girl" ( he says with a high pitch ) .. she says I'm her "girly girl" .. that's what she calls it ...

    (huh? )

    Julie- okay ... and do you want it to continue after?
    Christian- yes.. I want something after for sure... 2 months is a long time.. so we're going to wait until after...

    Julie- okay, let's get to the game ... I have to hand it to you .. you really fought hard to stay in the house
    Christian- for 3 days...
    Julie - non stop .. .. so you get an A+ for effort, why do you not think that you could turn the tide?
    Christian- I had the numbers against me.. people in this house like to pull out numbers... and with 57% winning streak.. with all the comps. .once I was up there ... it didn't matter who I was sitting next to, they figured this was the time to take a shot... because they might not have another opportunity down the line so.... I didn't stand a chance...

    Julie reveals that the moment that Derek X won HoH .. he was gunning for Christian
    She asks if he respects the game move?
    Christian - I do .. because it's a shot I should have taken last week... when I was HoH .. so I do respect it , in a sense that he did what was best for his game... because I wanted to do that same shot for him .. but I think that ... it was not a smart decision, because he is going to go out a lot sooner, than if I had stayed around.

    Julie- final thoughts?
    Christian - I'm excited I had this opportunity, I really didn't come for the money, I came to make some good friends, and I did .. and I actually came to play .. so I was most upset.. when I couldn't play in the Wall Comp,.. so.. I wanted to compete.. I happy that I had the opportunity.

    Julie - you won 5 competitions in 37 days .. so you go home.. very happy

    She tells him that she has more to talk about with him and that is goodbye messages are coming up on her extended interview with him.

    Julie- up next... it's time to find out how you at home will impact the next three weeks of the game....

    Julie reveals that all of them are at least on the Jury at this point.

    Julie- it's time to unveil the next big twist of the game... I told you that this summer would be a summer of High Risk and High Reward... new room will open up at the BB Beach Club.. the High Roller's Room.

    Inside are 3 unique BB casino games, and 3 game changing powers.

    How would you like to take yourself off the block? Win a 2nd Veto? Or, even flip the ultimate power to your favor?

    All you need is skill, luck and acme BB Bucks

    For 3 weeks, America will vote to give you this special currency.

    Each week .. the top 3 house guests with the most votes.. will each get $100
    Next 3 will receive $75
    Everyone else will receive $50 in BB Bucks

    Inside the High Roller's Room .. you can use those BB Bucks to play the BB casino games and try to win different powers .. BUT ..there's a catch ... the better the power, the more it costs to play

    The good news is .. you don't have to spend your cash immediately ..
    You can bank your money for a bigger power down the line.
    So, who is ready to gamble???

    Julie tells the house guests that they will find out more about when the High Roller Room with open .. and she tells them goodnight!

    Voting will open immediately.
    All you need is your phone .. and your vote is just a text away ...

    The HoH Competition will play out ( most likely ) later tonight ..

    We'll update you on the winner!


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      Which House Guests are your Top 3 to receive the $100 BB Bucks?


      • Lyvonne
        Lyvonne commented
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        Derek X....he doesnt confuse me....maybe Xavier....I truly have no favorite this year which is many of them talk in circles and it makes my head hurt

      • Mongado22
        Mongado22 commented
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        Xavier for sure!!!

      • cpamama
        cpamama commented
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        Derek X, Hanna, Xavier

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      So if you've been watching the feeds or reading the updates, you'll see that Ky took each House Guest through a series of questions, same one for each HG. Everyone answered without even questioning him, and basically gave up their entire game play (unless they lied) EXCEPT for Azah. She refused to answer.

      I have not been impressed by her this season, until that moment. The entire time he was asking his questions I kept thinking to myself, why the heck are these people answering!!! What kind of strategy is that!!!
      I don't know, this such an odd season.


      • geoteach
        geoteach commented
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        I wish they would have asked him for his answers to those questions.

      • javandee
        javandee commented
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        Geo that would have been brilliant, I wish they had too!

      • Summerbbfan
        Summerbbfan commented
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        Maybe they all think that they have to be transparent.

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      Derek X for me. I did think Tiffany had the best game but she has pushed too far and drawn way too much attention to herself. BIG D is going g to get caught telling fibs.


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        I’m just glad, at this point in the season, that our choices weren’t between a bunch of Kens and a bunch of Barbies.

        (no offense intended Kenny) 💝


        • KennyERJ
          KennyERJ commented
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          No offense taken, Mary. I'm far from being a, "Ken"! 😂 😂

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        OMG, I am so confused by the betting, the new powers, and the timing. I can't wait to see the episode and see it explained.

        Does anybody know how it works?


        • Mary4BB
          Mary4BB commented
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          From Lexie’s Live Feed Updates a few minutes ago:

          If the person that you bet on wins the Power of Veto ... YOU get the SECOND Power of Veto.

          If one of the nominees ( Claire/Big D ) wins the Veto Competition - NOBODY wins the Second Power of Veto

          Here are the bets:

          Claire bet on Kyland
          Derek F bet on Britini
          Kyland bet on Alyssa
          Sarah Beth bet on Azah

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        That seems confusing to me. I hope that as an wins so that Sara Beth wins.


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          Ky has become the scape goat for the Cookout. Members are complaining that he is only playing for himself, protecting his side person, etc. Each of the others are doing the same.


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            I thought the Cookout’s agenda was to all get to jury and therefore control who won. They have done that! But now they want to all be the final 6. When did that change? So far, pretty much who I would like evicted, has been evicted. But, I am not sure I agree with all 6 being final 6. I especially want Derek X going further. But, I might want Brittni staying over Big D, for instance. Getting aggravated with Tiff. She once was my pick to win, but she is too pushy. I like Derek X, Hanna, & Xavier.


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              Can all you fine people out there help me out? I consider myself a pretty loyal fan, never have missed an episode and for one of the very few times I am stumped.

              I cannot for the life of me come up with a single scenario that Britini could have been in the top three vote getters to get the most money…..not even TPTB interference. There is absolutely nothing in her game play, diary rooms, comps that even hint as top three in this class.

              Of course, her being in the top three will lead to her being evicted this week now, but please help me out.


              • belle1
                belle1 commented
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                Could it be the underdog factor?

              • michele620
                michele620 commented
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                TikTok maybe? That's the only reasonable explanation that I can come up with.

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              Hi all! I think Belle may be on to something with the underdog theory. Mostly because I also cannot think of a single other reason why Britney would be in the top three. Of course I'm not a big fan of quite a few of these Houseguests including Brit LOL. Don't care for her, Ky, Sarah Beth, Azah, or both Derek's. I am on the fence with Tiffany. I liked Christian and was sad to see him go.
              Anyway it's nice to be back 😆 it's been a strange season so far. 😁


              • javandee
                javandee commented
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                I really liked Christian as well. Xavier is my favorite. At times throughout the season I've liked others but mostly that's faded now.

            • #14
              I didn't have a huge favorite at the beginning. I then started to really like Tiffany. I wasn't overly keen on Derek X at first but now really like him. Tiffany has fallen down a few notches for me. I like the idea of the cookout and their objective, but at the same time struggle with how I would feel in years past of a dominant alliance running over the rest of the house. I thought the team concept would help alleviate the dominant alliance component but it doesn't seem to have helped much.


              • #15
                At this point in the game, I guess my favorites so far are Xavier. Claire and Hannah. I'm actually okay with Alyssa compared to the rest of them. But that could all change LOL
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