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Live Feed Discussion - Week 11 - Down to the Final 4 -

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  • Live Feed Discussion - Week 11 - Down to the Final 4 -

    It's Double Eviction Time again ( even though it's not "live" ) ... it's a Two Hour Special tonight ( Thursday, 9/16 )

    And, that will take us down to the Final 4 .... ** Unless there's a mini-battle back between the 2 double evicted house guests **

    Get ready for the drama!

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    Hmmm, what have you heard Lexie?


    • Lexie
      Lexie commented
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      like I said... it was more wishful thinking from fans.. than anything else.... APPARENTLY !!!!! LOL

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    Pros to Azah for probably being the last woman standing.


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      So all of tonights show was pre-recorded yesterday. Feeds are back and X is in the HOH room.


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        Missed tonight's show??

        Catch up here

        Missed the new NEW Head of Household ( after the double )

        Catch up HERE

        And.. in the Live Feed Updates for both ...


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          I’m just hoping that Azah and Big D can win POV, so they can stand up to the X/ Ky duo…. Please….


          • Summerbbfan
            Summerbbfan commented
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            That would be nice.

          • CubbyBrother
            CubbyBrother commented
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            Pretty sure Xavier is way too smart and will use the veto on Azah if he wins the veto. Kyland is in win or go home position right now.

            By taking Azah off she casts the only vote and there is no chance she evicts Big D. Xavier has this game is his hands and has to take Azah and Big D to the final three.

            I don’t think that Big D will evict Azah…but there is more of a chance that he does keep Kyland than Azah keeping Kyland which is absolutely zero.

            In order of who I want to win veto: Azah, Xavier, Big D, Ky.

            Still remains, in the above, that Xavier must win the final HOH or we may get Big D——never winning a single comp—-being the winner of BB23!
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          It's Power of Veto Competition Day ..

          Here's the breakdown ...

          Xavier wants the Nominations to stay the same.. which would leave Big D as the sole vote to evict

          Xavier really wants Kyland out ..he does not want to sit beside him in the F2, so he would want Big D to vote out Kyland ... leaving all the blood on Big D's hands, for his ( Xavier's ) jury management ...

          Big D really doesn't want to make that sole vote.

          Kyland, of course, wants to win the Veto, take himself off the block... and he will honor his F3 agreement with Big D and Xavier and send Azah to jury.

          Azah wins, she sends Kyland home.

          Who do you want to win?


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            I want X to win the game, and even though I know the easiest route for him is against Big D, I just can't stomach D's overblown ego and entitlement any longer. I wish there was a way he could be out next, but i know that's not happening. Azah doesn't deserve the win either. I don't care for Ky, but at least he played hard. Soooooo, considering the odds of who will vote who out, my veto winner order is X, Ky, Azah and Big Ego. I don't want to see D win a single comp


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              My ideal veto winner in order:
              1. Azah, unlikely SO
              1. X
              3. Big D
              4. Kyland

              X would not have been my favorite to win, but I think he has played the best game. I want Kyland to be evicted because he hasn't particularly played the best game. Bad jury management, not pulling the trigger to evict X, his biggest rival for the win when he had the chance. I think Kyland's ego got the best of him, he wants to "be the best by beating the best." X is not thinking the same way though, He has his eye on the prize and seems to have kept his ego in check, at least outwardly. He is going to take the easiest route to the win.


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                Xavier won the final POV!


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                  If Xavier leaves the nominations the same and Azah is voted out, Xavier needs to be prepared to win the final HOH.
                  If Xavier doesn’t win the final HOH, and Kyland wins it, Kyland would be not very smart if he does not evict Xavier.


                  • lyriele2
                    lyriele2 commented
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                    I highly doubt Azah would get voted out if noms stay as they are. It will be Ky going.
                    My worry is X not winning the final HoH round of questions if it's he, D and Azah. I couldn't stomach an Azah / D final.

                  • Summerbbfan
                    Summerbbfan commented
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                    Kimeko, do you really think that Big D would vote out Azah. I don't simply because they have been playing together since the beginning. They are the two remaining team members left along with being a part of the Cookout. He will hopefully vote out Ky.

                • #12
                  Lyriele that's also my biggest fear right now.
                  I'm 85% certain Ky goes out the door this week. The final HOH scares me though. It shouldn't, because X has shown he's a comp beast. I truly believe he threw a lot of them this summer. But expect the unexpected means anything could happen. X takes Big D to the final. Big D POSSIBLY takes X to the final. Azah? She's taking Big D all day long.
                  I will detest that final 2 if it were to play out that way, not the people themselves, but the matchup. Who wins?


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                    If Xavier leaves the nominations the same he 100% deserves to lose the game. He is far too smart for that and HAS TO take Azah off the block and replace her with Big D.

                    Big D, yes, has a ton of loyalty to Azah from Day One---BUT he also has a sliver of loyalty to Kyland and there is a chance he can keep Kyland.

                    There is ZERO chance that Azah keeps Kyland over Big D.

                    The risk is way too high for Xavier to have Kyland stay in the game and like I've said all along whoever is there must have Azah and Big D in the final three with him---nobody else.

                    To make the final two (and ultimately win the game) Xavier has to win the final HOH----and the odds increase immensely over Azah and Big D, rather than Kyland and either of them.

                    And---the irony of it all----- the pretty high probability of this very predictable season, with the strongest alliance of all time----ending with the two perceived weakest links (Azah and Big D) in the final chairs. If either wins that final question round for HOH---that's what we get, folks.

                    Of all crazy things---the possibility still exists, if it is Big D vs. Azah in the finals that Big D could win Big Brother with NEVER winning a single comp. That'll send the hamsters scurrying, won't it????


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                      I have a contrarian view. Kyland has proven to X that he will absolutely take him to the final 2. Big D probably won't, and Azah definitely won't. X says in the show, it is about who will pull you to the next gate, and he is correct. If Big D evicts Ky, which I expect, the remaining game sets up an Azah/X final HoH showdown, which is a crapshoot. If the past final competition holds true, then the final questions about what the jury said to a random question is just guessing. X has a 50/50 chance of losing to Azah in that scenario. Azah will then cut X at final 3, and it will be a crapshoot as to who wins (slide nod to Azah since the jury is stacked with women, who may give the vote to her). But, X won't be in the hunt, which is the point of my post.


                      • KeninVA
                        KeninVA commented
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                        CubbyBrother, We are talking about getting to the final 2. I agree, X should not take KY to the final 2, and Ky shouldn't take X, but he will. He has become invested in his own narrative about "beating the best" in a contest around personality. My point, is that X should hedge his position, putting himself in a position to ensure he is in the final 2. Having Derek and Ky in the final 3 sets up his best chance for that, with Ky vs. X in the HoH part 3 competition. If X is the winner, he can cut Ky then. If Ky wins, I believe he would take X to the final, or at least he would have, until the last few days. I am now hoping that the odds break against X, just to prove my point. A final of Big D and Azah is what this season deserves.

                      • NYGIANTSLOVER56
                        NYGIANTSLOVER56 commented
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                        KeninVA, how do you see the votes broken down for X against any of these three that are left with him? I've always looked forward to your insight and I think you would win this game if you ever played it!

                      • KeninVA
                        KeninVA commented
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                        NYGIANTSLOVER56 I don't know, and have learned along time ago, I am terrible at reading the jury. I would hope he beats them all, but I don't trust the jury house broadcasts as being very informative, even though 5 members all agreed last week that if X is in the final, he should win. I bet they filmed that same little scene substituting (Name of remaining HG) for X, just to give the editors something to work with. And between Azah and Big D, I think Claire, Tiff, Hannah, Brit, Alyssa and Derek vote for her, but you never know.

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                      My hope is that X uses POV on Kyland and let’s Kyland vote off Azah. Kyland set it up perfectly last night telling X he pulled him off the block and he will know if X has his back by pulling him off Monday. Reading Lexie’s updates last night there was no word salad from Kyland on that convo or she interpreted his word salad perfectly. It was a riveting convo.


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