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Live Feed Update Posters Needed!

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  • Live Feed Update Posters Needed!

    Well, it's almost that time again and, as with every season, we're asking for members who can and want for help to do Live Feed Updates.

    The Live Feeds will be starting from Day 1 this season.
    That means they will probably start soon after the Premiere Episode finishes airing on the West Coast on July 7 (around 9:30 PT, 11:30 CT and 12:30 am ET)!

    A basic post could look like this...

    9:30 PM BBT (Time the conversation happened) Note: the Big Brother house is in California so the BBT (Big Brother Time) is Pacific Time
    Cams 1 & 2 (Camera number(s) where you saw the conversation on the Live Feeds)
    Kitchen (Place in the house where the conversation took place)

    Joe told Sally that he hates that Devon won the HOH because he thinks Devon doesn't like him and may put him up for eviction.
    Sally told him not to worry as she has his back and will talk to Devon to ensure he doesn't get put up on the Block.

    Just a quick update of the basics of the conversation will be fine if you can't get word for word and/or trying to hurry. Just be sure to get the main topic of the conversation.


    9:30 PM BBT

    Joe & Sally talked in the Kitchen. Joe's worried about going home. Sally is going to talk to HOH Devon.

    Any and all help with the Live Feed Updates is needed and appreciated.

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    The Big Brother 23 live feeds will be available on Paramount+ on NIGHT ONE - right after the season 23 premiere airs on CBS on Wednesday, July 7th.

    Get your Live Feeds via any link or banner right here at BBU and help support this website AND be ready for all the drama!

    If you act before 6/30 - you can get your first 20 days FREE!

    You have to click on one of the Paramount banners right here at BBU first... then complete the sign up process in order for BBU to get credit for your sign-up.

    ** we only get a commission on NEW sign ups ( not returning; must be a brand new account signing up with a new/different email address ) ... we use that small commission to help support all the expense that it takes to keep everything up and running around here.

    Thanks for any support!

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    What they're showing on the Live Feeds right now...


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