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Live Feed Updates - 7/7 - Day 1

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/7 - Day 1

    CBS Big Brother 23 Premieres TONIGHT!

    The Live Feeds are set to begin tonight after the Live Broadcast on the West Coast ( so roughly around 12:30 AM ET - give or take )

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    I'm going to do my level best to bring you the Live Feeds Updates as much as humanly possible.

    If ANYONE wants to help out - please know that the door is open and we welcome any help that you can give in posting live feed updates.

    There's no update that isn't appreciated - you can keep it simple or go in hard - whatever your heart ( and your fingers ) desire.

    Last year I tried to incorporate the Live Feed Updates in the Daily Live Feed Discussions but you guys pushed that right back and that's okay ( I respect your stand & your honesty ).

    We'll keep the Live Feed Updates right here and ... yep ... I'll do my best to bring to you what I can when I can. ( I do accept tips )

    It's great to be back with all of you ... hope you enjoy this season and BBU ❤️


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      Lexie Lol hope you rested up. Please don’t overdo it


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        Lexie. You are a champ. I appreciate what you do for us.


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          Awww... thanks guys for checking on me ..... you might want to continue to do that throughout the this season.

          I'm 20 yeas older than I was when I first started this crazy ride and let me tell you .... the no sleep ... yeah ... that gets tougher and tougher season after season ... but that's okay .... you guys are the reason I do what I do ( or try to do ) here.

          I appreciate you thinking of me!

          Tonight's updates maybe more of a summary type update ... just depends... on how it's all going inside that house once we're in there. I'm still getting to know them.. so bear with me.


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            We're live

            Ugh .. sorry having some technical difficulties


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              Okay sorry ...

              I've been listening as I worked out my issues...

              Here's your HoH Frenchie ....


              • #8
                Frenchie and Tiffany were talking about how the "jocks" are already getting together ... and how he is going to he the "showmance killer" of the season


                • #9
                  Xavier and Alyssa talked about how important it is for them to "get in Frenchie’s ear" before anyone else... to ensure their safety


                  • #10
                    Tiffany and Whitney talking ...

                    Whitney - if you don't know about any alliances.. .they are there... you are just not in it ...


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                      Tiffany - how do you feel about Frenchie?
                      Whitney - I love him... I would love to work with him
                      Tiffany - we should probably go up there ( HoH room when he gets it )

                      Whitney - I would love to work with him.. I'm sure everyone would .... he came up to me and told me I'm good... but he might have been telling all captains that....


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                        Frenchie joins Whitney and Tiffany ...

                        Whitney to Frenchie - we want you, me, Tiffany, maybe Britini and one other competitor ( to work together )

                        Frenchie- I love Big D... he's such a good person. ..... I'm with that

                        Tiffany - I definitely want us 3 ( him/her/Whitney ) to hold it down and stick together


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                          Christian and Xavier in have not room choosing "beds"


                          • #14
                            Christian says I'm not going to lie I'm getting a little hungry.


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                              Here's a look at the Have Not Room ...


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