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Live Feed Updates - 7/8 - Day 2

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/8 - Day 2

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    You can check out what happened last night in our Live Feed Updates 7/7 Day 1 thread HERE

    ( I did the best I could with them .... like I said on the other thread.. you totally forget how hard it is to keep up with 16 people ... I did appreciate Millitarymom jumping in the trenches with me for a while there.. thank you!!! )

    And, then we'll see what craziness they get into today .. .. right here!

    ( but for now .. I'm going to try to get some sleep .. or at least let my fingers and mostly my brain rest ) ...


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      I'll catch us up ...

      Frenchie and Whitney talked....

      Frenchie confirming that he wants to "solidify something" with her " and " powerhouse it the rest of the way"
      He tells her that she's a strong competitor

      They agree that Xavier is also someone they would want on their side.


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        Frenchie told Whitney about his idea for the Slaughterhouse alliance ..

        He tells her that they could call the "bigger" alliance The Slaughterhouse alliance .... and at the same time ... still have their core alliance.... and call it The Butchers...
        Whitney loved it ...

        Frenchie says again ... they would "ride it out" with their core


        • #5
          Whitney to Frenchie - I would love to be in a F2 with you .... as a fellow parent too
          Frenchie - absolutely


          • #6
            Frenchie and Whitney talked to Xavier ...

            They tell him that they can see him analyzing everything... and that's good ...

            Frenchie I always wanted to find a core and call it The Slaughterhouse...... and inside we have a core.... we have a super tight core and call it The Butchers


            • #7
              Frenchie, Xavier and Whitney talk about who they would add as the other member of their "core"

              Xavier tells them he really likes Big D ( Derek F )

              Frenchie tells them that they can collectively find that 4th ( member of the core ) and then they can decide who they want to be in the bigger Slaughterhouse alliance....


              • #8
                Frenchie talks with Kyland ...

                They both agree they like each other .. would work well together ...

                Frenchie tells Kyland that he doesn't want him going anywhere ...

                Frenchie to Kyland - I want to work with you in this game
                Kyland - I feel like we could be legit friends for life.

                Frenchie agrees.... and tells him that if he ( Frenchie ) says something .. he means it ...

                Frenchie - there are people downstairs that I have not said 5 words to


                • #9
                  Frenchie tells Kyland about his "Slaughterhouse." idea.....

                  Kyland- I can legit see us ( working together )

                  Frenchie tells him his idea about how they can take a houseguest to the chopping block each week., and then figure out who we don't want to keep ....

                  Frenchie to Kyland - huge alliances don't work


                  • #10
                    Kyland tells Frenchie that he worries about being noticed because he feels so strong...

                    He also tells him that he ( Frenchie ) is the person that he fells the closest to


                    • #11
                      Frenchie to Kyland - there are 2 chairs ... at the end.... and if I were to lose this game... I wouldn't mind losing it to you.
                      Kyland agrees.. says that's what he's saying ....

                      Kyland to Frenchie - I'm 100% fine getting 2nd to you.

                      Frenchie- I'll take 2nd place to you any day


                      • #12
                        Kyland to Frenchie - I feel the same on Xavier and Derek F ...

                        Frenchie - Derek F and Xavier are my main two that I feel really good about too .... Xavier is an analyzer and we need someone like that on our side


                        • #13
                          Frenchie tells Kyland that he thought if someone was going to be in a showmance .... he would have thought Whitney and Brent or Whitney and Christian

                          He says he likes Whitney. .. tells him that he had a chance to talk to her one on one and it went great... and that she spoke highly of him ( Kyland )


                          • #14
                            Frenchie talks with Britini

                            He tells her that he does not want to nominate a woman this week ...
                            She asks what he's thinking
                            He tells her he really doesn't know but .... that every season it's always a minority.... or a woman ...or the old guy going first.

                            Frenchie - there hasn't been a season recently where the athletic jock meathead went home first.

                            Frenchie - this is our season .... let's start this son of a bitch off with a bang


                            • #15
                              Britini asks who ....

                              Frenchie - Brent... he's number one on my list.

                              Britini - who would be the pawns?

                              Frenchie - that's the hard part..... the backdoor would be the easy part


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