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Live Feed Updates - 7/9 - Day 3

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/9 - Day 3

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    Whew... these early days are exhausting... so many WORDS

    In trying to piece it all together ....

    Here's a quick look

    Christian won the WIldcard Comp, making him safe this week, taking him off the table for Frenchie to backdoor
    Christian was also able to give another HG safety - he chose Xavier

    Frenchie was targeting Brent - but that changed after they talked and shook hands

    The "Butchers" alliance was formed...
    Frenchie/Derek F/Christian and Kyland

    Some where along the way Frenchie lost trust in Christian and Kyland

    Frenchie's new target ( for now ) is Derek X

    Frenchie who said he did not want to nominate a woman begged Sarah Beth to be a pawn

    The girls didn't take kindly to it.

    Travis and Frenchie talked ... and for now are all squared up ...

    Also, there's a "Cookout" alliance of the Core 4 of Tiffany/Azah/Derek F and Xavier ... which has sub members of perhaps Hannah and Kyland

    Catch up HERE

    Nominations should be sometime today .....

    (( that means A LOT more WORDS )


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      Currently @ 6:20 AM everyone is sleeping ( finally )


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          Catching us up ....


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            Whitney and Britini talking about the drama surrounding Derek X last night ...

            Whitney - I think my own teammate is going to go home this week ... he ( Derek X ) did fess up and tell us the truth about everything but I think it's too late


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              Whitney to Britini - I want my team and your team to at least work together....until teams are over.
              Britini - I'm 100% down for that
              Whitney - t3 of of my favorite people are on your team.... the only one that is missing is Tiffany


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                Frenchie talks to Derek X and tells him that all he asks from this point forward is the same respect that he ( Frenchie ) is about to show him ( Derek X ) if he wins HoH

                Derek X I have you're back


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                  Frenchie tells Brent that he's about to do something that is going to piss one side of the house off ...

                  Frenchie to Brent- do I care that I'm doing it ??? ..... it needs to be done..... if I can't get him ( Christian)...... then we are getting the person he is closest to


                  • #10
                    Frenchie talks to Kyland and Derek F

                    He tells them that things have changed and he needs to know that he has the support of The Butchers

                    Frenchie - I just need you to trust me..... this will benefit all 4 of us in the long run and throw somebody off balance...


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                      Derek F tells Xavier about his talk with Frenchie and tells him that he ( Derek F ) doesn't like "that talk"

                      Derek F tells Xavier that Frenchie is exhausted .....

                      Xavier - how much of a liability has he become?

                      Derek F- I'm like ... "do I have to worry?" cause he just came up to me and Kirkland...

                      Xavier- Kyland????

                      Derek F - yeah .. sorry

                      ( lol.... they don't even know each others names yet )


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                        Azah talks to Derek F and Xavier

                        Azah - I don't know if we can control Frenchie....

                        She tells them that the conversation they had upstairs was completely different from when they sat down... and completely different from what he told them.

                        Azah - the target changed three time


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                          Derek F says if Frenchie gets exposed or his game gets ****ed there's nothing they can really do.

                          Azah agrees .. saying that she loves Frenchie... BUT... he's playing for Twitter and the audience


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                            Whitney ( with Britini there too ) suggests to Frenchie that their teams work together ...

                            Whitney- I think our teams would work very well together and I don't think the other 2 teams are going to work together at all

                            Frenchie- no ...

                            Whitney- I don't see them getting along at all

                            Frenchie - they are already going at each other

                            Whitney- that's what I'm saying I think that us working together as 2 teams... will bring us even closer and I think that we can dominate the other 2 teams and take them out

                            Britini gives Whitney a High Five ...


                            • #15
                              Frenchie - here's my thing.. I'm going to make a big splash next week .. and when I make this big splash .. I know they are going to be coming after me

                              Whitney- yeah .. we got your back


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