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Live Feed Updates 7/11 - Day 5

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/11 - Day 5

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    6:37 AM BBT

    Everyone sleeping ...

    You can catch up on what happened yesterday HERE

    Today will most likely be the normal "Fun in the Sun Day" mixed in with some more "what is Derek X" going to do with the Veto ( even though we KNOW he's going to use it on Kyland, because he's told everyone that's what's happening.

    There could be some drama from Travis when and if he realizes he's going up as the replacement nominee
    I'm not sure how they are going to spin that to him or if they even will today.


    • #3
      I'll catch us up a little bit ....

      Christian and Frenchie talked

      Frenchie told him that he's actually glad what happened between them happened.
      Christian agrees ... and tells Frenchie that he trusts him a lot more now
      Frenchie points out that it doesn't hurt that the others think that they are still going after one another


      • #4
        Frenchie also talked with Xavier

        They talked about how it really wasn't a surprise to Travis that he would be going on the block, if Derek X happened to win the veto comp.

        They both agree that Travis looked heartbroken when Derek X won


        • #5
          Alyssa talks to Xavier

          She tells him that she doesn't really talk to Claire
          He tells her that he has a good relationship with Claire and that he thinks that if she ( Claire ) won HoH .. he could help keep her ( Alsyssa ) off the block.

          Alyssa tells both Xavier and Christian that she now feels like the "easy target" because she's already been on the block.

          They tell her not to worry


          • #6
            Currently- @ 12:27 PM BBT

            ALyssa telling Brent that she doesn't know how it did .. but she thinks that all worked out good and that she's glad that Frenchie trusts her now ...

            Brent talks about how he didn't chose to be the one that played in the Wild Card Comp, because Frenchie and he had talked .. and he told him he was safe with him .. and how he's a good judge of people... so he knew he could trust his word ...

            Brent - I have an amazing rapport with everyone in the house .. aside from Sarah Beth and Claire and I'm working on Claire.. she is opening up more. Alyssa - I haven't talked to Claire much or Britini.
            Brent - Britini loves me


            • #7
              Brent to Alyssa- Derek X has every reason to know that.... if he doesn't abide by me and Frenchie.. he's going to go home

              Brent to Alyssa- I know you are close with Christian ... but I'm going to tell you this and keep it to yourself... me and Frenchie trust Christian "right now" .... but me and Frenchie both were targets of Christian's

              Brent tells Alyssa that he can see them in a F2 ....
              He adds that it's too early to talk about that now though ...


              • #8
                Alyssa to Brent - do you think the vote ( to evict Travis ) will be unanimous?
                Brent - yeah ...
                Alyssa- even from his teammates? You don't think he will get a sympathy vote?
                Brent- no, we aren't looking for loyalty now

                They continue to rehash how she is on the block .... but not going home...


                • #9
                  Okay... I have to bounce for a bit... but I will catch us back up later... ( unless someone else wants to jump in )


                  • #10
                    Catching us up ...

                    Britini and Azah talked a little bit about Frenchie and how he wanted to start the Slaughterhouse alliance....

                    Azah tells her that she knows that they, along with Tiffany and Claire are cool ... but she doesn't even way to say the "A" word

                    Britini tells her there's no rush

                    They talk about Christian

                    Britini says that Christian working with them .. gives them a big shield

                    Azah tells her that she thinks that Christian should target Brent....

                    Azah also talks ( again ) about how Frenchie isn't really talking to his team .... and how he really needs to

                    Britini tells her that Frenchie did say he wanted to meet up

                    Azah talks about how he's already made nominations .... without talking to them ...

                    Azah - you ( Frenchie ) you decided to listen to the strategy of other people..... not on your team, got confused,,,,..... got paranoid... and you put up some nominations that made no sense

                    She also mentions how he ( Frenchie ) didn't talk to them .. just came out to the hammock and told them ( ( the girls ) that he needed a pawn


                    • #11
                      Frenchie talks to Derek F telling him that his goal is to make sure that they ( Frenchie/Derek F ) are the ones sitting in the F2 chairs


                      • #12
                        Claire and Kyland have been giving Travis advice on how to talk to Frenchie

                        Claire tells him that he should go to Frenchie and tell him that he wants to work with him .. he trust him ... and he wants to make amends...

                        Kyland tells him to say that he will volunteer to go on the block

                        Kyland tells him that even if one of their team members goes on the block, there's still the possibility that Frenchie will want to work with them ...

                        Travis tells them that he doesn't think that Frenchie has a target right now ... that he thinks he's been backed into a corner and has to put someone up ... he says he needs to figure out how much a target Alyssa still is for Frenchie ...


                        • #13
                          Christian talked with Frenchie

                          They talk about how Frenchie has been able to have a beef with people, but clear it up .. and how people knew they had a beef, and think "maybe" they cleared it up between each other or maybe not ... and that's good ... people don't see them as close ...

                          Christian - its so clear how f**king terrified people are of us
                          Frenchie – yeah .. yeah ... people fear us.... like in this game....we’re the two.

                          Christian – it's scary too because next week neither of us can win.... we can .. but I cannot for both of our longevity.

                          Frenchie – if you see the opportunity .. grab it

                          Christian – I am saying I don’t think we should....

                          Frenchie- I don't think we have to ... but if you can .. it's an easy layup opportunity ....

                          Christian - if I'm the only one left of my teammates.. yes.... but if my teammates are still there.

                          Frenchie – let one of them take it...

                          Christian – you’re safe in the back of my head for multiple..... multiple weeks to the end.. and if we can slot this down now then you’re safe in my head until the F2 ...

                          Frenchie – lets do it

                          Christian – we’ll have to come up with a sick f**king name.

                          Frenchie – Facebook official.... huh?

                          Christian - Facebook official ....

                          Christian – as far as any opportunities come by way I will run it by you .... if we ever hear anything about people trying to pin us against each other we need to bring it to each other....

                          He tells him that he doesn't even want to hear about what anyone has offered him this week

                          Frenchie- nothing really

                          Christian- I'm surprised....

                          They wonder if they look like they are on opposite sides "out there" ... and how to gauge that .. without bringing it up and making it obvious ...

                          Christian tells him that he will see him out there.. make eye contact and know that they are okay ...

                          They both say that if they hear anything about each other .. they will bring it to each other

                          Christian - you know how I am scared of of anyone in the group it is Xavier

                          Frenchie – me too.

                          Christian - he's so damn smart....

                          Frenchie- I've been on him.. we are aligned with him ....

                          Christian – I am so glad he is in our group.....

                          Frenchie- yeah

                          Christian - he just sits back and analyzes .. he's so smart... he's so chill..... he will go to the right people and say the right **** ... he's scary ..

                          Frenchie - yeah

                          Christian - and I'm so glad that he's not only on our team here .. he's on my team with the Kings... I want him to win next week so that he feels a little heat… just a little.....

                          Frenchie- yeah .. whoever wins HoH next .. is going to feel all the pressure that I did

                          Christian - you have no pressure to win Wildcard either..... my game would have change had I not won that.

                          Frenchie – people were in my head about that.... people were scared of you

                          Christian - is that all squashed?

                          Frenchie- yeah .. because most of them were Slaughterhouse.. and once they saw us hash all that out they were like oh .. okay ... and they backed off and I haven't heard your name since

                          Christian - a lot of people would rather have us on their side than against them

                          Frenchie - oh absolutely.. they would be stupid not to

                          Christian - and honestly, Travis is a beast.... but I don't know how much of a Comp Beast he is.. he's just a beast in life.... but competition -wise I dont' think he was doing so hot ...

                          Christian – we’re solid and we’re keeping it until the F2 ....

                          Frenchie- yeah

                          They do another quick fist bump and they are out the door


                          • #14
                            Currently @ 6:12 PM BBT

                            Derek F and Christian talking

                            Derek F- I think we need to make sure the F5 are the Butchers... and then...we just go off on our ...

                            Christian - I need to tell you something ... Frenchie offered me a Final 2 today ... and I'm only telling you .. so you better shut the **** up ...

                            Derek F - I will

                            Christian - but the only reason I am telling you .... and I said yes... but the only reason I am telling you .. is because you are my Final 2

                            Derek F - absolutely


                            • #15

                              Christian - so like Final 3 .... you, me and Frenchie ...

                              ( they were talking out in the open in the kitchen .. so people kept coming by .. so that convo ended right there )


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