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Live Feed Updates 7/12 - Day 6

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/12 - Day 6

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  • #2
    Just going to start this off right here

    3:45 AM BBT

    Frenchie – I’m pissed..... who are these people to threaten me like that?
    Brent – what .. who?
    Frenchie – they threatened my game if this doesn’t happen.. like ... and ****ing Kyland did too ... .
    Travis – Kyland didn’t mean that as a threat
    Frenchie – that's the way I took that ....bro is if you don’t do this.... and I'm pissed this is not how I wanted my week to go.... and if I end up getting really pissed off I’m going to end up throwing a curveball like I did in nominations.....and shock the **** out of everyone .


    • #3
      They all walked over to the memory wall ..

      Frenchie points and says "Hannah’s available to go up"


      • #4
        Frenchie tells them that at the end of the day .. he has to do what is best for his game...

        Frenchie - I’m already feeling like I’m being threaten to put him (Travis ) up

        He talks again about throwing a curveball like he did for his nominations

        Brent – why don’t we not use the veto..
        Frenchie – if we don’t use the veto Alyssa goes home and I’ll be pissed..... everyone will vote for Kyland to stay... because everybody here is thinking about people they like.... they’re not thinking of their game ... and that is what pisses me off .. no one is thinking of their game.

        Frenchie – loyalty is key to this game ****ing friendship..

        They circle back to who else they could put on the block ( aside from Travis )

        Frenchie tells them that he gave Claire his word.... he says he promised on his kids... so he refuses to out her up ...
        He also adds that at the time he promised her on his kids... was before the Wildcard Comp ..

        Frenchie says he hasn't promised Hannah anything


        • #5
          Frenchie tells them if he puts Hannah up ... he is pissing a lot of people off ...

          He talks about how if the veto isn't used right .... there would be numbers going foward...

          Frenchie - me, Azah, Britni, you, you, you, Claire, Tiffany, and Whitney.. there would be 10 against 5 .. after the next HOH it would be 10 against 5 no matter what.

          Derek X to Frenchie - if I use it on Kyland what do those numbers look like???
          Brent – all the females he promised..... he becomes a liability.

          Frenchie and Brent talk about how they can't trust Kyland ...

          Brent says that if they want to be fair .. they should just leave the nominations the same, not sue the veto and let the house decide who goes home...

          Derek X - it would be really bad for my game..


          • #6
            Derek X to Frenchie - if I use the veto you will put Travis up?
            Frenchie – why? that’s what everybody wants .....but I want to think of an alternative


            • #7
              They go round and round about using the veto and not using the veto ... where Kyland would fall if they didn't use it .. if they did .. who would he put up ... etc. Frenchie – here’s the

              Frenchie tells them that it's easier to rally votes against Kyland if they take Alyssa down

              Frenchie says that Kyland is dangerous.

              Frenchie - he ( Kyland ) to make an F2 with me.... the person you ( Derek X) thought was closest to in the house tried to make a F2 with me

              He says he loves Kyland ... but he's gotten close to Alyssa and now she's like a little sister to him ... .

              Derek X says they can tell the house that he ( Frenchie ) told him not to use the veto

              Frenchie - I don’t give a f* blame me

              They go round and round ....


              • #8
                Derek X – I’m telling you guys this now... my mind won’t change I am using the veto..
                Frenchie – okay

                Brent – you can put up a girl who do you want to put up
                Frenchie – y'all figure it out.... I’m sitting on a couch with a bunch of meatheads.


                • #9
                  They all continue to talk here and there ... trying this .. figuring out that ...
                  All Frenchie wants to do is save Alyssa ... and keep Travis but there's no way to do that ... unless Derek X doesn't use the veto on Kyland ... and then it's not even 100% that Kyland would go home, most people said they would vote to keep Kyland over both Alyssa and Travis, given the choice

                  They talk about the Slaughterhouse alliance and how Derek X not using the veto, leaving Kyland on the block beside Travis, would have an negative impact ... etc.

                  They finally decide that it's best for everyone that Derek X used the veto on Kyland. Travis will go up as the replacement nominee and go home.


                  • #10
                    But then... around 5 AM BBT

                    Frenchie gives it one more try ...

                    Frenchie tells Derek X that if he "wants to make a stud move" he won't use the veto ...

                    He tells Derek X that he's trying to teach him "the game" and that what wins the game is .... not loyalty ... but "big moves" ... oh .. and jury votes ...


                    • #11
                      Derek X tells Frenchie that he doesn't want to make anyone mad
                      Frenchie tells him to do what he wants with the veto .... someone has to go home...


                      • #12
                        9:00 AM BBT

                        Derek X fills Kyland in on all the conversations ....

                        Kyland tells Derek X that he realizes he's paranoid about Frenchie because he ( Frenchie ) has shared so many conversations that he's had with other people.... saying different things to different people that he ( Kyland ) doesn't know what is true or not true... because they ( he and Frenchie ) haven't really sat down to actually talk


                        • #13
                          Kyland to Derek X - is there a scenario in which you take off Alyssa instead of me that is good for us??

                          ( or lord )

                          Derek X- You think so?

                          Kyland - there could be.. I'd have t talk to him ( Frenchie ) first


                          • #14
                            Derek X tells Kyland to open up with Frenchie and say that he wasn't considering Alyssa's feelings.... and if one of the possibilities that he ( Frenchie ) wants is to consider is taking Alyssa off of the block.. that he ( Kyland ) is open to have a conversation about it


                            • #15
                              Kyland talks to Alyssa ..

                              Kyland - how much better would you feel if it was me and Travis instead of you and Travis ( on the block )

                              Alyssa tells him obviously .. better.. because then both of them ( him and her ) would stay guaranteed

                              Kyland - nothing is guaranteed but it's just something I am thinking about

                              She tells him for sure she has votes against her if she's on the block beside Travis ..

                              She also tells him that when Frenchie asked between him and Travis, it was unanimous for him ( Kyland ) to stay


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