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Live Feed Updates - 7/13 - Day 7

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/13 - Day 7

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  • #2
    Today is Kyland's birthday
    The house guest are planning a Toga Party

    Oh and there's this...

    BB23 2 Hour Season Finale will air on Wednesday, September 29th


    • #3
      I'll catch us up quickly ....

      Tiffany and Derek X talked ... he's worried that he "****ed" up by not using the veto the right way ...
      He tells her that maybe he could have used it to keep both Kyland and Travis in the house

      She tells him that the he was "damned if did and damned if he didn't"... and that she thinks he made the right move that he could in the position that he was in.

      He talks about how he should have maybe made a big move and how he ( Derek X ) is always going to be on the bottom ... if Frenchie keeps running things in the house.

      He tells her that Travis is telling him that he's going to say some crazy things in his eviction speech ... and that he wants to do that for him.

      He tells Tiffany that he worries about what Travis might say and how it will blow back on him in a bad way ...


      • #4
        Derek X also talked with Claire ...

        He talks about how he just sent his friend ( Travis ) home by using the veto ...
        She tells him that hopefully he will gain some loyalty from that ( from Frenchie )


        • #5
          Travis and Kyland talked ...

          Kyland asking Travis if he's had any conversations with anyone ( about keeping him over Alyssa )
          He says not yet, other than with Derek X , who told him if he needed a swing vote, he would vote for him ( to stay )

          Travis tells Kyland that there is a "Core 4" and that he has his team ... so he really just needs 3 votes .... ( more )

          They talk about how things might change the closer it gets to Thursday's eviction.

          Kyland talks about how both Christian and Xavier being close to Alyssa

          Travis agrees and says that if he even tries to talk to them about keeping him, that convo will just go straight back to her.

          Kyland tells him that no one would blame him for talking to anyone ...


          • #6
            Azah talks to Kyland about his vote .. saying that she knows that he's close to both ... in different ways ...
            Kyland tells her that on a game level, he'd rather keep Travis but that he's "going with the house"


            • #7
              Azah and Kyland talk about the upcoming HoH Competition ..

              Kyland tells her that if the competition is any kind of elimination thin and there's a way for a member of the Cookout to win .. he's down for that

              She tells him that if her or Tiffany won, they could target who you guys want to target... get the blood off of your hands.

              She tells him that she doesn't mnd doing that ...

              Kyland says if they could take out another guy .. he thinks that could be good for them ( Cookout ) overall

              She tells him if that works out and they get rid of a guy, then they (boys ) can win and get rid of a girl ... because she doesn't want to be the one to go after the girls....


              • #8
                Oh .. and then this happened..

                Frenchie talked with Tiffany, Claire and Hannah about creating an alliance called the "French Kisses"

                ( I know ... I know )

                And, they ( the girls ) are actually talking about it .... they say they trust Frenchie and that they would also like to bring Big D ( Derek F ) into the mix, but they don't want to do it if Frenchie tells Brent anything about it.


                • #9
                  Frenchie talks with Hannah and Azah ...

                  He says he really really like's Britini ...and trusts her 1000%.

                  Hannah asks if he wants to bring her in too ( into the French Kisses ) ( it hurts to type that )

                  Frenchie tells Hannah that is up to them ... but that he does trust her 1000%.

                  Azah says she trust her too

                  Hannah wonders if Britini would tell Whitney ....

                  Frenchie - she close to her?

                  Hannah - yeah


                  • #10
                    They decide that they will bring in " Big D" ( Derek F ) and Britini as their 7th and 8th vote .. without bringing them into the "Core" of the "French Kisses"

                    on the BE RIGHT BACK

                    ( and I have to go anyway )


                    • #11
                      Claire, Hannah and Frenchie are trying to set up a prank, sounds like they want to drop a thing of flour on someone from the balcony. I didn't catch who, but they said something about how HE would have to shower afterwards.
                      I thought I would attempt this live feed updates to help Lexi, but of course within less than two minutes of me turning them on, we are on We'll Be Right Back.


                      • #12
                        Hannah, Azah and Frenchie are whispering in one of the bedrooms. Azah says she's willing to work with Hannah, and maybe 2 other of the girls. Frenchie saying they need to take the guys out eventually but right now they have the numbers to ride it out for 6 to 7 weeks. Britini came in and the conversation ended.


                        • #13
                          Britini and Azah alone now, and both are annoyed by how much the plans and the alliance keeps changing. Britini leaves, Brent comes in. He and Azah have 0 conversation.


                          • #14
                            Travis and Derek X in the game room playing chess. Talking about how much they miss home and are over the BB house. Then... We'll Be Right Back.
                            Lexi, I don't know how you resist throwing things at your TV.


                            • #15
                              Frenchie, Alyssa and Claire in the kitchen discussing how a live eviction day goes. That they have to show production what they plan to wear. Think they get a vacuum and Alyssa is excited about that.

                              Azah and Derek F in a bedroom talking about how Azah doesn't feel a girl's alliance at this time is in her best interest. Said she will keep Derek F filled in on all of it. She's mad Frenchie has been talking to all the guys about everything until today and now all of a sudden he wants a girl's alliance.
                              Alyssa came in and they stopped the conversation.


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