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Live Feed Updates - 7/14 - Day 8

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/14 - Day 8

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  • #2
    Catching us up super quick

    Britini alone talking to the camera says that she and Azah had a heart to heart talk that almost made her cry ( in a good way )
    And, now she ( Azah ) is her #1 person
    She says she's only going to go for the HoH, if she's left up there with someone she doesn't trust


    • #3
      The King Slayers Alliance makes it official ..

      Azah, Claire, Tiffany and Britini


      • #4

        Britini tells them that she doesn't want to win HoH ... unless she has to
        Tiffany says she doesn't want her to win .. because then that protect Frenchie and she doesn't want him protected.
        Britini say if she's up there with Sarah Beth or Hannah, she would gun for the HoH ...
        She talks more about how Sarah Beth is a "dark horse"

        ( that's all I can do right now ... I'll try to get back in a bit )


        • #5
          I'm back for a quick second...

          Azah and Hannah talk about Frenchie and how he only wanted to form a "girls alliance" to save "his ass"


          • #6
            Derek X told Frenchie that Travis would probably try to talk to him today ...
            Frenchie says that if he hadn't of felt so much pressure to put him up as the replacement nominee, he wouldn't have

            Frenchie tells him that he really doesn't want to see Travis go home...

            Frenchie tells Derek X that there are a couple of guys in the house that scare him ... because they are going to take the $750,000

            Derek X says that is why he would like Travis to stay ...

            He tells Frenchie to listen to what Travis has to say ...

            Derek X talks about how Travis would be more protection for him( Frenchie ) than Alyssa ...

            Frenchie to Derek X - if we could secure the votes.... that would be a blindside...

            Derek X - we could ... his team would vote for him ( to stay ) ... and if you tell my team .. then that's all the votes


            • #7
              Frenchie tells Derek X that he doesn't think that people on his ( Derek X ) team would vote to keep Travis.
              He adds that he ( Frenchie ) won't talk to them about it


              • #8
                Frenchie and Whitney talk about how Xavier makes them nervous ...

                Whitney initiates a F2 with Frenchie and he says yes ..


                • #9
                  Whitney asks Frenchie who started the other alliance .. Britini or Claire ...
                  He tells her it was Claire

                  She tells him that she wanted to get Claire out ..because she doesn't trust her ... BUT .. if she ( Claire ) is willing to go for the "big guns" then she doesn't want her to go


                  • #10
                    Frenchie told Whitney that "if he wanted to, he could flip the vote" ( to keep Travis over Alyssa) BUT ... since Travis is a strong competitor, so he should go.


                    • #11
                      Frenchie talked with Derek F, Xavier and Hannah and told them (again) that he's tired of watching season after season of Big Brother, where minorities go home before jury

                      Frenchie - "it literally hurts my heart every season watching that ****"


                      • #12
                        Frenchie to Derek F - I bet when the new HoH is crowned, they are going to pull me aside and be like "what do I do"....


                        • #13
                          Tiffany asks Hannah how could Frenchie bring in Britini ( to the French Kisses ) without talking to everyone before he did it ...

                          Hannah -because he's erratic and impulsive


                          • #14
                            Hannah - ( about Frenchie ) don't be like ... I can't stand when the women go home first.... and then put up a woman on the block ....and he was like .. I can't stand it when minorities are the first to go home.....but .. look at the 2 people you ( Frenchie ) put on the block.... a Latina woman and a Black man

                            ( that's all I can grab for now ... be back later )


                            • #15
                              I'm back for a few minutes ...

                              Derek F-and Xavier talked about how the Slaughterhouse doesn't trust Kyland ...
                              They talk about all the people... and how Brent, Whitney and Alyssa were the last ones to join

                              Derek F - we're are not going to be able to keep everybody...... it's like the Titanic.... everybody's going down ... only 2 will be left .. and that's Jack and Rose

                              Derek F tells Xavier that the hardest part is going to be getting rid of Frenchie, when the time comes...

                              He also tells him that he thinks that Frenchie will try to get rid of him ( Derek F ) first ... because Frenchie would be worried about his ( Derek F's ) strong social game in the end


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