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Live Feed Updates - 7/15 - Day 9

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/15 - Day 9

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    A new Head of Household will be crowed tonight and all this craziness starts all over again!

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      Catching us up on a few last minute convos ..

      Travis talked Kyland, and told him that Christian told that if he could flip the votes, he would vote for him ( to stay )
      (it's not going to happen .... but I guess at least he's trying ? )

      Christian talked to Sarah Beth about tossing the HoH to maybe Xavier ..
      She says she trust him
      (Xavier would die.. he doesn't want to win this wee)

      Christian and Sarah Beth talk about whether or not to target Derek X
      Christian says he knows that Derek X is a "lone wolf" ...but if he wins ... he will target him and Alyssa ..
      Sarah Beth says that targeting and getting out a "one wolf" isn't the worst thing... because it wouldn't make a lot of people mad

      Xavier and Derek F talked...

      Big D ( Derek F ) says that if he's going to win and HoH .. it has to be now ... or he waits until later in the game
      Xavier says that there's not enough of a line.. where winning would be beneficial ( to him) so .. he's like nope

      Azah told Tiffany and Claire that her target is Brent.

      ( I have to jump back out .. but there's a little bit for you ! )


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        here's how tonight played out live...

        Travis takes off his shirt "one more time" .... before he gives his plea to stay this week ( which turns out wasn't a plea at all )

        Live Voting:

        Sarah Beth - Travis
        Xavier - Travis
        Whitney - Travis
        Christian - Travis
        Azah - Travis
        Derek F - Alyssa
        Kyland - Travis
        Tiffany - Alyssa
        Derek X - Travis
        Claire - Travis
        Hannah - Travis
        Britini - Travis
        Brent - Travis

        By a vote of 11 - 2 .. Travis has been evicted from the Big Brother 23 House.

        Julie - first one out the door. 2 votes to stay ... what went wrong?
        Travis- I always heard that it was always the white guys with abs that gets conched first .. so I kinda had that superstition going in, and I think I kinda went a little too hard off the beat, day one, day two, everyone was getting cray, cray and talking a little too much.

        Julie - what viewers didn't see, is that right before we went live, you had a feeling that you were going, and you tried to blow up Frenchie's game.
        Travis - yeah, I have a lot of respect for Frenchie. Mr. French is here playing for the fam, and he makes a lot of promises.... but with that... he made a promise to me the first day we entered the house with the boys .. he said "all of you guys are safe on me as a man, I have you guys". I told him straight up, that's a bold claim and ..... and he sure enough did not uphold it... people have to know that

        Good bye messages were from from Tiffany, Frenchie, Brent, Derek X

        In his goodbye message, Brent told him he was the first victim of the Slaughterhouse alliance.

        Head of Household Competition: " Pool Sharks"

        Before anyone shoots, you must first claim a spot, but chose wisely, because with this comes great risk and great rewards.
        The the spots get harder as the number increases.

        The HoH who sinks their ball in the Sharks mouth from the most difficult spot, wins .... no bank shots.

        ( we had to go to a commercial break, because they are having "technical difficulties )

        Alyssa is first ( shooting from slot 15 ) - she gets it in
        Brent is next ( slot 16 ) he gets it in and removes Alyssa
        Hannah next ( slot 17 ) she's out
        Hannah ( slot 18 ) she's out
        Azah ( slot 19 ) she's out
        Xavier ( slot 20 ) he's out
        Christian ( slot 21 - he misses
        Tiffany ( slot 22 ) she misses
        Whitney ( slot 23 ) she misses
        Claire (slot 24 ) she misses
        Kyland ( slot 25 ) he's in ... and becomes the leader, replacing Brent
        Britini ( slot 26 ) she's out
        Derek F ( slot 27 )
        Sarah Beth ( slot 28 ) she's out
        Derek X - ( slot 29 ) he's out

        Kyland is the new Head of Household

        Kyland 's HoH win means that Tiffany and Claire are also safe this week.

        But wait...

        Who will win the Wild Card Competition?


        This week's Wild Card winner will have to decide whether they're willing to switch teams if they want that safety.

        Who will Kyland nominate?

        The drama continues on the Live Feeds....

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          Live Feeds not for you ??

          Let me bring them to you ... ​​

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            FYI .. we are still on PET CAM ( and I fear that we ill be on it until the show airs on the West Coast, I know .. I know ... they ( CBS ) just doesn't get it.


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              Feeds were back for a few minutes...


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                Azah and Tiffany talking ...

                Azah - this Brent dude, controlled Frenchie's entire HoH and got no blood on his hands at all...
                Tiffany - Frenchie talks entirely too much... if there's one thing I don't like... .. I don't like no talking ass man. ... shut up... women talk ...

                Azah if Frenchie would have just listened to me..... he wouldn't be in this situation.
                Tiffany - he's too busy talking... he cant listen to nobody

                Tiffany - as a person .. I like him ( Frenchie ) .... he kept me safe ..
                Azah - I want Day 1 Frenchie back.
                Tiffany - yeah ... something happened... like you said ... . Brent got to him
                Azah- maybe we will get that day 1 ... Frenchie back


                • #9
                  Alyssa and Derek X talking

                  Alyssa - who do you think is trying to frame you? ( talking about the votes for Travis to stay )
                  Derek X- I don't know. I..... I don't get why it's 2 ... if they were trying to frame me... it would be1
                  Alyssa- true.... maybe they're not ...
                  Derek X - the concerning thing is.... that they are trying to frame someone


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                    And.. we're back again ...


                    • #11
                      Kyland to himself - with the Kings and my team... that's 7 .... we have 3 members of the Cookout not in those 2 groups...that's 10 people.... that leaves me 5 potential people. If I take out Brent and Whitney, that leaves 3 potential people


                      • #12
                        Kyland to himself - I want to start early tomorrow. ... how much time will I do? ... just in case.. I want to cruise through. 20 minutes per team

                        ( he was gargling and spitting into the sink the entire time )


                        • #13
                          Hannah comes in ...

                          Hannah- How's it going?
                          She tells him that he's going to have a lot of people ( she does the "bowing down" to him )
                          Kyland- It's a lot
                          Hannah- How do you feel?
                          Kyland = it's rough .... but .. you have nothing to worry about... none of us have anything to worry about


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                            Here are the teams in case you need to refresh your memory

                            The Teams:

                            Jokers: Frenchie, Azah, Britini, Derek F
                            Aces: Whitney, Brent, Derek X, Hannah - HAVE NOTS for the week
                            Kings: Christian, Alyssa, Xavier, Sarah
                            Queens: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany, - Safe for the week, with Kyland's HoH win


                            • #15
                              Brent talking to Xavier about the 2 votes...

                              Brent- one of them wanted to stay anonymous.... and Big D ( Derek F ) wants to take the fall for a vote that he says he didn't make...... right there ... he ( Big D ) made that vote. Who would want to do that? You don't do that....

                              ( he's right )


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