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Live Feed Updates - 7/16 - Day 10

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/16 - Day 10

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    4:35 AM BBT

    All house guests are in bed/sleeping...


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      ( thanks Kenny, I was just coming to start this thread )


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        Currently @ 10L43 AM BBT

        We are on PET CAM

        They are most likely picking the Wildcard Players


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          Before PET CAM

          Tiffany and Sarah Beth talked about how they hope Frenchie doesn't win wildcard

          Tiffany and Claire talked a little bit ... about how they might be in a bad spot, if the wrong person goes home this week ...

          Tiffany - we're already on the outskirts,.... we ain't the meat and potatoes of this soup.... we're the peas and carrots


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            The feeds are STILL on PET CAM ...

            ( hopefully they picked players AND played the competition during this extended down time)

            Remember ...

            This week's Wild Card winner will have to decide whether they're willing to switch teams if they want that safety.


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              We're back

              Wildcard players were Sarah Beth , Brent, and Frenchie..

              It was the Color Explosion competition ...
              Wrong answers = splattered with paint ...
              Right answers = points

              Sarah Beth won

              She did not take the safety and therefore did not switch teams....


              • #8
                Britini tells Tiffany that she would have made the same decision ... she wouldn't have taken safety from her or Claire

                Tiffany- I wouldn't have joined a team of three either

                Britini- - nothing changed, America ...


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                  Tiffany to Claire and Sarah - if Kyland isn't comfortable putting Frenchie on the block.... , that's okay. .. there are 3 evils running this house.... if 2 of them are on the block, I'm good with that.


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                    Kyland to Alyssa/Christian/SarahBeth/Xavier - 2 people are going to go on the block this week... that's just how it works... I'm going to use the power of HoH and get what I can out of it. I am asking questions and I don't have to answer anybody's question


                    • #11
                      Kyland asks Alyssa/Christian/Sarah Beth/Xavier if there is anyone, as a team, that they would like to go on the block ...

                      Alyssa- We haven't talked about who

                      Xavier - as a team,.... we're concerned with making sure we are good before throwing out names


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                        Kyland tells them .. that he would like to make sure that him and his team ... are aligned with a team that is physical

                        Alyssa - you have people that are loyal and trustworthy


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                          Kyland talks to Brent/Derek X /Hannah/Whitney-

                          He tells them that 2 people are about to go on the block...
                          He says it sucks but that is the game they all signed up for ...
                          He says he's going to draw out as much power., from being HoH .. as he can ..
                          He says the same as he did to the other group... that the beauty of it .. is that he can ask questions and he doesn't have to answer questions.


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                            Brent tells him that his team all feel comfortable with him being HoH


                            • #15
                              Kyland meets with Sarah Beth alone

                              She tells him that she needs to tell him 2 things...

                              1st.. is that Frenchie told her about their alliance.. she says he didn't say names...but he basically said all of the people that weren't in it ...
                              2nd - he told her that were not in the girls alliance,

                              Sarah Beth to Kyland - so he basically blew up your alliance to me.

                              Kyland- Good to know


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