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Live Feed Updates - 7/17 - Day 11

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/17 - Day 11

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    I caught us up from where I left off last night on the Day 10 Live Feed thread...

    Currently @ 6:22 AM .. everyone is sleeping

    We have the Power of Veto Competition playing out today

    Buckle up!

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    • #3
      Power of Veto Players are:

      HoH - Kyland
      Nominees - Frenchie and Britini
      Picked Players - Alyssa, Claire and Derek X


      • #4
        Frenchie is trying to convince Kyland to keep him this week .. because it would be better for Kyland's game moving forward


        • #5
          Frenchie to Kyland- I've done nothing but respected you and had your back.... everything I have done has been to keep you safe


          • #6
            Frenchie to Kyland - haven't you noticed .. that when I had the power.... they were super clingy to me? ,,, .. when I left power...... they cling to you ... the power ... they are making you feel good. .... is that the kind of people you want to be around?


            • #7
              Frenchie to Kyland- I'm not asking to be saved,.... I'm not asking for any of that. ....I'm just saying that you need to watch yourself.... I don't know why I got put up..... I'm pretty sure they got in your head.... I'm pretty sure they said I was a big target.... that I was going to go rogue.... and I was going to pick us off one by one


              • #8
                Frenchie - the only way that you would keep both numbers on your side .....would be that I win the veto,.... come down....., you put Brent or Christian... that would break that core five up


                • #9
                  Frenchie to Kyland - the people at home are happy that it wasn't a minority or a woman ..... I made damn sure it wasn't..... you are targeting the very one that's on your side, man. There's thousands of people screaming at their TV.....


                  • #10
                    Kyland- to Frenchie - I remember yesterday you told a few people if you won the veto, you would use it on Britini.
                    Frenchie- I will
                    Kyland - but ... who could you sit next to?
                    Frenchie- Either one of them (Christian/Brent )


                    • #11
                      Frenchie to Kyland- just to o prove to you what I am saying,... I'll throw this veto comp. ... once Alyssa is out,... I will throw this veto comp..... if I win this veto, they are going to see it coming. If I don'..... they will never see it coming.....


                      • #12
                        Kyland to Frenchie - - I'm wondering ......if it would be better if you won... if you used it on Britini and that would tighten this
                        Frenchie- I can do that


                        • #13

                          Frenchie tells Kyland how much he loves him .. says they will be friends forever ... how much he respects him... etc.


                          • #14
                            After Frenchie leaves....

                            Kyland talks to the camera.

                            Kyland to the camera Frenchie, come on...... you y'all hear this man? I love him...... that's true..... and definitely want to be friends for life .....but that move... 'cmon ... I get it... it's smart... I respect it.... smart move.. smart play .... cause ... the questions pop up. ... that move right there.... I respect it but ,,, c'mon ...


                            • #15
                              Alyssa there now with Kyland...

                              She asks if he wants her to go for it..
                              He tells her that he's not telling anyone his thoughts...

                              Kyland - what would you like to do with it if you won?
                              Alyssa- - whatever you want...... I would like to win to build my resume


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