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Live Feed Updates 7/18 - Day 12

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/18 - Day 12

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    I got us all caught up on yesterday's crazy live feed updates HERE

    Today.. should be a dare I say it .. calm day inside the Big Brother house ... but you just never know....

    We'll keep you updated right here!

    Currently @ 6:24 AM BBT

    They are all fast asleep ( including Frenchie )

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      So.. they finally got their day up and going ...

      A quick catch up ...

      Derek F told Azah that he doesn't want anyone to think that he's upset because Frenchie is going home... he's listening to Frenchie, as a human being, and understanding what he's going through ,,, and it breaks his heart...

      He says f Kyland is a man of his word and on team Cookout,... he ( Kyland ) will understand that he is consoling a teammate,.... and making sure he is okay.


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        Britini talked to the camera saying that it's pretty clear the veto won't be used ... she promises a great speech on Thursday from her.
        She says she's on the block through no fault of her own ... nothing she did .. she's on there due to her association with Frenchie ...
        She says she doesn't want to really win HoH .. she wants to lay low... but if she has to .. she will


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          Derek X talked to Claire ..

          He tells her that if the HoH Competition is the wall... he will throw it to them .. that way they can do what needs to be done.

          Derek X- to Claire - no matter what ... you know I'm with you, Tiffany and Kyland

          Claire tells him "she's riding with him" ... and that she feels good with Kyland ... and she thinks that Kyland really does trust him ( Derek X )

          Derek X - I trust your entire team


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            Azah tells Tiffany that she really does feel badly for Frenchie...that he's going through a lot .. and he needs people to be there for him ...

            Tiffany tells her .. that if they have any kind of heart... people ( house guests ) should be able to be there for each other

            Tiffany tells Azah that she thinks she's fine and that she doesn't think she ( Azah ) has done anything to personally offend anyone ..

            Azah - I called Brent a used car salesman

            Tiffany So ???

            Azah- and ... I said Frenchie was a broken clock that works twice a day

            Tiffany - and ??? I'm sure that's better .. than some **** I'm sure some other people have's probably better than some **** I've said. .. I guess I'm sorry... if that's what people want to hear


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              Tiffany tells Azah that Xavier told her that she was going to have to be careful with her jokes...

              Azah- - he ( Xavier ) is a good guy ...

              She says she's starting to like him.. even though she knows she shouldn't

              Tiffany agrees ...saying he's a guy that is easy to like....

              Azah - but..... when it's day 12..... I didn't come here for no...:"but he's a good guy"

              Tiffany says he ( Xavier ) is one of the most thoughtful people she has ever met - says it makes him a more attractive person.

              Azah agrees


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                Currently @ 11:42 AM
                Derek F is talking to Tiffany and Azah about how it is easier to bond with the people in the house .. even more so than outside the house .. because they don't have their phones for distraction... they can't just jump in the car and leave... etc.

                Most everyone else just in the kitchen .. grabbing some food ... etc.


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                  Catching us up quickly ...

                  Derek F and Azah continued to talk about the house, the people, the emotions, the game...

                  Derek F says his mom is going to have a stroke .... because he's been walking around shirtless...
                  He says that she ( his mom ) will be like.... "you just letting all that hang out like that? .... nobody want to see that".

                  He says " that's my beauty "

                  Derek F- I can still be a big dude...look good ....represent for the big guys

                  Azah says that they might rip each other apart in the moment.... and they are also there for TV ...
                  She says at the end of the day ... if she says she loves each of them.. she loves each of them, aside from game -

                  They talk about Nicole and Dani's game play .. how they went back on their word.. betrayed people... etc.

                  They talk about Brent, how he's a good guy.. but he's also good in the game.. and how once it's down to an individual game.. he is the most dangerous ....

                  They don't want Brent to win HoH


                  • #10
                    Derek X tells Azah that he really hopes that Big D ( Derek F ) thinks that he is targeting him ...

                    Derek X- I'm literally not

                    He tells her that he does not want to win the next HoH
                    She tells him that he doesn't have to

                    Azah talks about how she feels like her team was targeted...
                    He tells her that he has her
                    She says same

                    Derek X tells her that he would have really liked to use the veto on Britni .. but .. if he did that .. Kyland would have just put up another person from her team...

                    She agrees....


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                      Derek F tells Kyland that he wants to talk to him .. they agree to meet up later ...


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                        Tiffany and Azah talked ...

                        Azah telling her that she would have liked to have kept Frenchie around as a shield
                        Tiffany tells her that "shields" tend to win the game...
                        Azah tells Tiffany that she is not voting for Frenchie to stay

                        Azah tells Tiffany that she believes Brent and Whitney .. think they're controlling .. and that she doesn't think that Kyland realizes it


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                          Just a few minutes ago ...

                          Derek F was trying to talk Frenchie into having "that convo" with Kyland ...
                          He tells him that it couldn't hurt and that today would be the day to do it.... while everyone else is just chilling ...
                          Frenchie never really responded.. other than to say that "he can read all these people like a book"
                          He also said that the thought that someone outside might be about to break out into an argument ( I dunno )

                          Currently ... @ 2:27 PM BBT

                          Christian, Derek F and Frenchie talking football...
                          Brent joins in


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                              I checked in on them .. and really nothing much has been happening, the have actually been enjoying being outside today.

                              Frenchie has been in the DR for a bit, according to Tiffany, she said she could hear him getting loud.


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