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Live Feed Updates - 7/19 - Day 13

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/19 - Day 13

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  • #2
    The Veto Meeting will be held today ... no real surprises coming from it

    Derek X holds the power... but no way he'll use it

    ( even though Frenchie is still in the mindset that he can change Kyland's mind to get Derek X to us it and put another guy on the block next to him )

    I'm sure Frenchie will try to talk to Kyland today and I'm sure Kyland will try to avoid it.

    Might be interesting to see how Frenchie acts after the meeting is over and there's no hope left for that dream to come true. He's already threatened to leave once, will he do it again?


    • #3
      Veto meeting was held. Derek X did not use the veto and nominees remain Britini and Frenchie


      • #4
        * thanks sdkgeo I've had a super crazy busy day .. I was trying to get here!

        I'll catch us up quickly on what happened after the Veto Meeting


        • #5

          Kyland talked to Whitney and Brent.. they all agree the vote will be unanimous.


          • #6
            Britini to the camera- I told y'all.... I came here to compete,,, and I told y'all I came here to be a beast..... now ...I'm coming and I've got every reason to put whoever I want on the block


            • #7
              Kyland asked Derek X/ Brent/ Hannah/ and Whitney .. if they would not target him ....

              Kyland - between now and the next 3, 2, that I wouldn't be targeted...and ideally my team.... but ... I'm not going to ask you to promise that ( about his team )


              • #8
                Brent tells him that he will trust him as long as he gives him a reason not to
                Brent tells him that "actions speak louder than words" and they appreciate how he handled his HoH this week
                They tell him that his name hasn't come up ...
                They tell him that if someone ( outside of them ) nominated him .. he would have their votes to stay .. no question


                • #9
                  Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth all promise Kyland safety next week ... along with his team


                  • #10
                    Alyssa tells Kyland that it would not be good for Derek X to win HoH .. because then he whole team would be safe

                    Kyland - he ( Derek X ) knows


                    • #11

                      Xavier and Alysa talk to Kyland

                      Xavier- who do you think would be worst case scenario if they won?
                      Kyland - I think it would be either of two people.... who would be an obvious two... to put up
                      . Xavier- Are they on the same team?

                      Kyland to Alyssa - who are you thinking of as the 2 people that are threats?
                      Alyssa- Whitney and Brent? (she said with a question tone )
                      Kyland - he asks her how do they not see Brent/Whitney as a duo...
                      He says he never sees them apart from one another ..
                      Alyssa- I didn't know they talked game like that.

                      Kyland- I didn't say they talk game... I said they are together all the time


                      • #12
                        Alyssa talks to Christian and Xavier-

                        She tells them that she was making sure that they are still "acting like" they are in Slaughterhouse,.. and that Kyland said yes

                        She says that Whitney, Brent, and Big D ( Derek F ) .. still believe it ...

                        Alyssa - it it's Claire, Tiffany or Sarah Beth ( in the HoH ) .... throw it .. and they they will take the shot

                        Alyssa- Kyland said every single person want them (Brent/Whitney) on the block

                        Christian- it's better if Brent goes home.

                        Alyssa and Xavier agree


                        • #13
                          Britini checked in with Kyland telling him that everything that she's hearing... she's good

                          He tells her that he promises that if he hears anything that makes him doubt that .. he will tell her immediately


                          • #14
                            Frenchie talked with Kyland ...

                            He tells him that he doesn't want to talk game ... he wants to enjoy the last few days ... he wants to have fun....

                            Frenchie tells him that the only thing he asks for .. is not to let the vote be unanimous .. he wants a pity vote .. and that Derek F told him that he would do it and he would say that right in front of Britini

                            ( I don't know about you .. but I'd rather go out with an unanimous vote than to have to ask for a pity vote .. just saying )


                            • #15
                              Frenchie talks with his team.. and tell that he thinks it's ridiculous how everyone votes with the house
                              He says that people should vote based on what’s better for their game
                              Azah says that everyone is worried about the 2 ( rogue ) votes last week ...

                              ( that very quickly gets most of the game talk .. I'm going to break away to grab something to eat.. etc. )


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