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Live Feed Updates 7/20 - Day 14

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/20 - Day 14

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  • #2
    Not a lot going on so far today. Kyland and Derek X playing pool. General conversing between them and with Whitney who is sitting and watching.

    Tiff, Frenchie, Brent and Hannah sitting outside as well. Discussing friendships with the opposite sex. Brent said he's never had a female friend that he was not attracted to. Frenchie said he has, because they were female friends of his gay best friend, so to him they are in the same category as him.

    Derek X telling them about life after college and living on his own. Said growing up he really focused on intelligence growing up from the way he was raised, and that it greatly increased his ego. Said he's been working on lowering his ego issues, and uses meditation to help with that.

    (I hope you guys don't mind me transcribing non game talk. I find it interesting and a way to get to know the players more if that is ok)


    • #3
      Whitney very curious about the mediation retreat that Derek X went to. He explains that the feelings from it are somewhat temporary but that he's trying to take the things he learned to keep in his life going forward. It was a 3 day retreat.
      Kyland gets really deep about feelings that you have in a moment, like holding a child for the first time and taking those feelings forward but never quite experiencing it the same way.

      The BRB guy is on the trigger today, but I'm assuming it is because the houseguests are discussing people outside of the show a lot.


      • #4
        Derek X asked Whitney if she meditates. She said not exactly, but if something big is about to happen, she likes to sit all by herself in a room and try to plan how she's going to handle it. Said she's done that already while in the BB house.
        now they are discussing different forms of yoga.

        I'm going to switch cameras. Once we come back from the button guy pulling the trigger yet again.


        • #5
          Whitney and Alyssa talking about Frenchie. Brent said someone keeps telling Frenchie that Brent is betraying him. He tells her that has to be coming from Christian. He tells her she shouldn't trust him. Alyssa arguing with him about it. Brent says he won't put you up, but he will put me up.


          • #6
            I wish BB would figure out how to just turn off whatever camera conversation it is they don't like, rather then all of them. Surely this conversation should have been ok. But that's all I got before they switched us to We'll Be Right Back again.

            Ok back. Brent telling Alyssa that Christian is falling hard for her. That he really really likes her.
            She said she doesn't see that. She just thinks it is a crush. Brent tells her Christian told them that he falls really hard and really fast.
            Alyssa says it's only day 12 and they didn't even talk the first few days and that she doesn't think anyone can have real feelings that fast. Brent says people want what they can't have and now that she's giving him Christian attention he's hooked.
            Alyssa asks Brent if he'll keep an ear out about people talking about her and Christian. He tells her yes if anything is putting her game in danger he will.
            Brent tells her that Christian told him he doesn't think Alyssa actually trusts him. He thinks she's only saying what he wants to hear. Then he said he thinks Christian only laughs at things she says to make her happy, and the jokes he tells her are ones that Brent has said.

            (I think Brent is the one crushing here)

            Brent tells her that he and her actually have the same sense of humor. Brent said that people tend to vibe with who they hang out with and that she and Christian had an intense first week being have nots.

            Xavier joins them and they keep discussing how being have nots together really makes you bond. Xavier agrees. They talk about how spending an entire summer together can make some intense feelings happen.
            Alyssa said week one you don't know people well and you're trying to find reasons to. Then after that you get to know them better.
            Brent says he will be spending a lot of time with Hannah now because the are have nots, but that neither of them are the other one's type. But they have no other choices lol. Alyssa tells him maybe they'll become each other's type now.

            Alyssa walks away, and Brent tells Xavier that he was telling Alyssa how much he thinks Christian likes her, and why. Xavier says he knows Alyssa was trying to avoid the showmance with Christian at first.


            • #7
              Xavier says he's going to shower but really wants to continue this conversation with Brent later.

              And we're on WBRB again anyways.


              • #8
                Claire, Brent, Xavier, Christian, Tiff and Sarah all in the bathroom now. Discussing not game related stuff now.
                Talking about men and women not being friends without being sexually attracted again. Mainly Brent pushing this idea. He says to get your male friend drunk and offer to kiss them, and that's how you'll know.


                • #9
                  We were literally back for about 30 seconds and then cameras cut off again already.
                  I don't know how you do it Lexie!!!


                  • #10
                    Ok Derek F and Azah are in a bedroom talking.
                    Azah saying how Brent going up to Frenchie room every day when he was HOH and then dropping his like he was garbage after didn't sit right with her.
                    Derek says that Brent tells him that Frenchie has been dragging his name through the mud. Derek says well once Frenchie went on the block nobody had his back anymore, and he didn't think that was right.


                    • #11
                      Azah says if she's going to tell someone off she's going to do it in private. She could even make someone cry she said, but doesn't know that she'll ever be in that position to have to do that.
                      Derek said they shouldn't have been taking shots at each other in the alliance so early.
                      He says he understands why Frenchie feels personally hurt.
                      Azah said you have to give me the run down. He asks on what and she just points. I'm not sure what she's pointing at, someones bed I think.
                      Derek says, Brent and X are definitely competing.

                      And camera guy shut it down again. Grrrrr!!! I want to hear this.


                      • #12

                        Azah saying that she's very good at reading things until men are involved. Derek F saying that he's picky and has high standards. (We definitely missed the game talk there)

                        He says how he gets hot easily and doesn't like wearing a lot of clothes. That he wears Spanx though and that will make him hotter. Says in the BB house he gets really hot and can't dress the way he wants too and look good.
                        Derek says he is even picky about what kind of water he drinks. Brent walks in. Derek says man all these good looking guys in here. Xavier walks in too and Derek says see!

                        Xavier and Brent both hug Azah and tell her good morning.
                        Brent says he and Hannah are not compatible that he was just having that conversation. Azah asks who he is compatible with. Brent says that is a hard question to answer.


                        • #13
                          Sarah is in the bedroom now with them as well.
                          General conversation now, Brent says Derek F trying to make him and Hannah a thing and it won't work. Derek says next segment of the dating show in the works. Sarah says she thought Brent and Whitney. Brent says no he knew from day one that was a no go. Sara said she thinks Hannah and Derek X would be very cute.


                          • #14
                            Back again and it is just Sarah, Derek F and Azah in the bedroom now.
                            They are still discussing Hannah and hooking her up.
                            Derek says nobody in the house is Alyssa type. Sarah said she said she likes Christian though. Derek says no he thought she liked Brent.
                            says Alyssa told him tall black men are her type, so then they say ohhhh like Xavier.
                            Derek says he wants Hannah with Xavier. And Sarah said she thinks all the guys like Alyssa. Christian, Brent, Derek X and Xavier.


                            • #15
                              Derek says he wants to also see Whitney with Xavier, but Sarah says Xavier told her he didn't want to date anyone with kids because he wants his own kids.
                              Derek says his next dating segment might be, Alyssa how do you handle all these men wanting you? Azah tells him no don't do that, that's it ok to talk about amongst themselves but don't do that to Alyssa.


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