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Live Feed Updates - 7/22 - Day 16

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/22 - Day 16

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    Day 16
    Live Eviction and HoH Competition tonight!

    I did a quick catch up on Day 15 thread from where I left off last night.

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    • #3
      They are all awake and still just laying around, general chatting about eviction day and the HOH comp. I wanted to tell you all a cute little conversation though.
      Britini, Christian, Xavier are in a bedroom and Britini talking about what she wants to do to her hair.
      Xavier says "I'll probably just go with bald"
      then Alyssa says "I think I'm going to straighten mine"
      Christian" what do you mean, your hair is already straight!?" 😂🤣


      • #4
        Tiff and Derek X at the chess board trying to decide which houseguests to send out etc.
        they are pointing at chess pieces and saying he/ she and whispering a lot, and kitchen noise in the background, so I'm struggling to keep up. Might be flashback worthy.

        Tiff says, we know that a girl has to go.
        Derek X holds up a piece and says it's better to take out this girl then. Tiff agrees. They talk about a couple more go and it becomes an individual game.


        • #5
          They are going through future weeks, how many votes there will be. Tiff mentions there might be a double eviction as well.
          Both talking about one of the girls needs to go, but neither of them can be the one to take that shot.
          They talk about Britini could take it. Keep talking about one of the girls being more protected then the rest, I think maybe it's Alyssa?

          Tiff says me and Claire are good, you and Christian are good, and Ky and Hannah are good. For getting to those 6 left.


          • #6
            They both headed downstairs so that conversation is over. Claire and Brent and Derek X in the kitchen now, no game talk.


            • #7
              Xavier telling Brent he's ready to compete, that he's only done the two HOH comps. Said he wishes they knew the general nature of what it will be, physical or mental.
              ok a bunch of them are gathering in the living room. Doing a comp amongst themselves for who should be Have Nots next week.
              Ky and Derek F are the contestants... and the comp is Rock Paper Scissors.


              • #8
                All tied up. 1-1
                Ky loses!!!!


                • #9
                  They discuss BB could their a wrench into it still though. Derek F saying he used to be very thin, that he ate under 1000 calories a day. That it was all about filling yourself up with water.

                  Ky and Claire in a bedroom now. Derek X had told them he might throw the HOH. Ky says something about two female members came to him last night and saying how they didn't want their team to win because they can't take shot.
                  Claire says we know the real group and this is just more people willing to work with us though.

                  The are all whispering hard today with these quick little conversations.


                  • #10
                    Azah is very upset about the Have Not comp. Says I DON'T WANT IT!!! Says they're going to take her bed. That they will take all of their beds.

                    Apparently I had it backwards, Derek F 'won' being a Have Not. Azah keeps asking why were we fighting to be Have Nots. Derek tells her we have to do it at some point. Derek asks her do you want me to switch it? Azah yes please. Sara said she doesn't think Ky will mind switching it.


                    • #11
                      Derek tells Azah he really thinks they should just get it out of the way this week. He said whoever takes their beds, they'll just tell them they want them back after the week is up lol. Azah is not having it.


                      • #12
                        Azah says even if one of them wins HOH nobody better touch her bed. 🤣


                        • #13
                          Christian and Alyssa still cozied up in bed. Says they are the cutest couple. Then says "wait we aren't a couple". Alyssa says they are a duo.

                          Alyssa thinks maybe they can get people to not believe they have a final two. Christian says they have to tell people they are ok with getting the other one out. He doesn't think people will target them being a duo until after the team part is over.


                          • #14
                            Christian says they have to stop looking at each other during conversations and stuff so people don't think they are a couple.

                            (As they are cuddled up in bed together)

                            They discuss that Hannah is very smart and they might need to replace her later.

                            Alyssa says she thinks Christian will make it akward now, by over thinking how they act together.

                            Alyssa says maybe chess should be our thing, their time together to talk. But that should be the only place they do it.

                            (Again as they are cuddling alone together on this bed right now talking)


                            • #15
                              Brent comes in and tells them they really have to win HOH tonight. Asks if Xavier knows about the Radicals. Alyssa says yes she told him last night.
                              Christian asking Brent how he feels if it is endurance, that usually the muscular guys don't do well. Brent says he thinks they have the numbers, but that he thinks Derek F is going to betray them.


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