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Live Feed Updates - 7/23 - Day 17

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/23 - Day 17

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  • #2
    Wildcard Competition Today
    Followed by Nominations

    Don't forget ...

    Julie said - another risky Wildcard decision could create descent amongst all the teams AND throw a monkey-wrench into Xavier's nominations plans

    ( I'm out for a bit )


    • #3
      ( I'm back home.. and I'll catch us up . .thanks goodness it's the weekend )

      The feeds are down right now ... for the Wildcard Player Pick and Competition .... been down for about 2 hours now ... ...

      Here's who "could" play this week

      Queens - Claire or Tiffany
      Jokers - Azah, Britini, or Derek F
      Aces - Derek X or Whitney

      I'll scroll back and see if there were any notable conversations


      • #4
        Tiffany makes a F2 with Kyland

        Tiffany to Kyland - after carefully thinking about it ....going over it again and again and again in my head...I would think that everyone would tell me.... Yes... you should definitely do a Final 2 with Ky .... I would love to

        Kyland - I would be honored...

        Tiffany - you gonna do it
        Kyland - yeah I'm going to do it

        He reached over and grabbed her hand...

        She kisses his hand
        He kisses her hand

        Tiffany- yay.. this is great ...

        Kyland – people name Final 2’s right?
        Tiffany - - yeah ... – it would be the ultimate ..
        Kyland - that's what we would be called ???
        Tiffany- no ...

        she goes on to say that she doesn't ever want to lose him ...
        he says he never wanted to ask anyone that ... ( to be a F2 )
        He says that 's thought about asking her... thought about her experience.. and also thought there's no way she ( Tiffany ) would ever say that ( F2 to him )

        Kyland - I was literally saying that .. I was like "she's never going to ask me" .. "she's the one teaching me" ..

        They talk about their talk yesterday ....
        She talks about how Dan and Ian were like at the end.. whatever happens happens
        Kyland - yeah yeah

        Tiffany - I will sit next to you .. I will always have your back showed a lot of true character in your week as HoH. .....I don't know anyone I can respect that much in this house

        Tiffany – thank you for saying Yes
        Kyland – thank you

        She tells him she's going to let him name their F2 alliance....
        And, then talks about how Cody and Derrick came up with the Hitmen ..

        She tells him that she's excited .. and he should know that she fully trusts him ...
        Kyland - yes

        They go on to think of names they could call their F2


        • #5
          Whitney talked to Hannah about targeting Alyssa ...

          She tells her that she thinks she could potentially convince Britini to ....
          Hannah agrees.. saying that she thinks that Britini would... and that even maybe Azah, Claire, Tiffany would.. and even potentially even Kyland would do it

          Whitney to Hannah- I love X ( Xavier ) as a person ......but I see him as more of a threat than Christian is. ... he ( Xavier ) is just so smooth. if ... he were in a final two... he's win
          Hannah agrees

          Hannah tells Whitney that Tiffany told her to trust Claire.. and she's going to do that ... for now ...

          She says that definitely Tiffany is someone that she wants to work with moving forward.....

          She adds that she ( Tiffany ) and Kyland are very close.


          • #6
            Britini and Derek F in the SR

            Derek F talks about how they are getting rid of Brent this week.... so a girl has go to go .. next week .. in order for him to "feel comfortable"

            Britini tells him that's fine... take the shot ...

            She tells him that it's in his best interest to take a shot at Whitney and Alyssa together

            She assures him that Claire is not coming for him...

            Britini to Derek - out of the 3 .... Alyssa is your biggest move.....

            She tells him that she "doesn't give a crap" which one of the 3 goes ( Alyssa/Whitney/Hannah )


            • #7
              Britini to Azah = I'm not going to let him (Derek F) throw Claire on the block.... screw that!

              Britini ( about Derek F ) ... if you want to get rid of a girl.... you ( Derek F ) have 3 options

              Azah- I told him if he ( Derek F ) feels that way he needs to win an HoH. .....

              Azah - I think best for my game is getting another guy out


              • #8
                Azah to Derek F - I got a competition to win today.

                ( so she's playing for the Jokers )


                • #9
                  That pretty much gets up caught up ...

                  Feeds are still on PET CAM as they play out the Wildcard Comp

                  Time check... it's 12:40 PM BBT


                  • #10
                    Feeds are back


                    • #11
                      Tiffany won the Wildcard Competition


                      • #12
                        Brent in the HoH room waiting for Xavier


                        • #13
                          Xavier joins Brent ..

                          Xavier - Tiffany won the Wildcard comp. she didn't have to use it, cool..... Now we can get back to business

                          Brent tells X that Slaughterhouse is still in effect... but he doesn't think it will last long ..

                          Brent tells Xavier that he has the Radicals .... for the votes and he has the numbers to send home whoever his target is.

                          Brent talks about how Derek F, has already gone against the house vote twice...

                          Brent to Xavier- whoever your target is..... if they don't win the veto.... they go home with your team and my team


                          • #14
                            Britini upset ..

                            Britini- I'm frustrated,... I AM so frustrated. ... f that wouldn't have been a backstab.... that would have been my comp.... when it's 2 ( Derek X and Tiffany ) on 1.... I'm going to lose

                            Britini yo Derek F - you can't win when it's 2 on 1...... I was by myself. ..... I just don't get it. I haven't won anything.

                            Derek F- I don't think you should take it personal

                            Britini- But I do have to take it personal...... I have to breath .. stay calm .... have my one on one and hope to God my face is not on that memory wall again...... I am so confused


                            • #15
                              Xavier to Brent- I know where you are from a competition standpoint. ... and hopefully I can get it to where we are competing together..... I also don't want it to be obvious if I pick you....

                              ( I "think" he's setting him up to play in veto ?? ... I'm sorta confused with this whole convo )

                              Brent to Xavier - you have our support.. you just tell us which way to lean ..

                              Xavier says he wants to talk to everyone... isn't saying who he is nominating...

                              Brent to Xavier - we are in the shallows right now
                              Xavier - I want to keep us in the shallows.... people don't know that you and I are as tight as we are ... and I like that
                              Brent- yeah .. they are not going to see it coming ... especially since me and Christian have a past
                              Xavier - yeah .. you and Christian have a past .. so yeah ..
                              Brent- yeah . it works out perfectly ...


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