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Live Feed Updates - 7/24 - Day 18

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/24 - Day 18

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    Power of Veto Competition plays out today
    That should stir some drama

    Players will be :

    HoH - Xavier
    Nominess - Britini and Brent
    Picked Players - Christian, Derek F, Whitney

    Host - Sarah Beth

    Currently @ 4:29 AM BBT - all sleeping


    • #3
      7:30 AM BBT

      All HGs are still sleeping...


      • #4
        7:55 We'll be right back screen is up.

        Wake up call for the HGs, Veto players should be picked soon.


        • #5
          Brent and Xavier in the HOH room

          Xavier says he's thinking after this week any allies Frenchie had will be gone.
          Brent says other then Azah. Says she's so angry.
          Brent says again that Frenchie pulled him aside and told him people were against him.
          Brent says that makes sense that maybe she's one of them.
          Brent says it is from the French Kisses.

          Brent says everyone wants to know why Azah is so upset and X says she's not good at hiding her emotions.
          Brent says Azah doesn't have anyone to save her and that she publicly says she is a floater.
          Brent says let's not drag ourselves down over a connection we want in the outside world.

          They both hug and say they aren't going to treat each other differently. Brent says people stay calm if they see us calm. Brent says The Radicals have a huge advantage and chance of surviving and they can't throw that away.
          they both head downstairs. X looking for Christian who is in the DR.


          • #6
            Someone offers to grab Derek F. Britini goes to get him and says you better ask him everything he was just talking to Brent about because they were up there forever. She doesn't realize X was right behind her also coming to get Derek F


            • #7
              Derek F and X in HOH.
              X asks him how he feels about people selected for Veto.
              Derek must be playing. Says he's worriedworrieX picked Christian. Because he's going to be hard to beat.


              • #8
                X says I know if you or Britini won I know that she is coming down.


                • #9
                  X says if I choose to take someone down that's on me, nobody else. Says he's not promised to use it. Said if Christian uses it then it'll be because X wants him too
                  Derek F says Brent keeps saying it doesn't make sense X didn't put a girl up. Said Brent really wants him to say he has Derek F's vote.
                  Derek says well to him he's thinking about the teams and how long they will be in play and he wants it to be like 3 3 3 left from each when it ends.


                  • #10
                    X calls Brent Frenchie 2.0
                    Says Brent going on about Slaughterhouse.
                    Derek says he told Brent he should have kept Frenchie. Says he told him so.


                    • #11
                      Derek says he assured Brent that he's not the target.
                      Derek says if X wants him to he'll go crazy and flip the whole house upside down.


                      • #12
                        Veto players are-


                        Picked players:
                        Christian-picked by Xavier
                        Derek F


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                          Derek saying when he wins HOH he's going to have to get his hands dirty and make some big moves.
                          X says Azah has to stop throwing so much heat at Brent.
                          says Brent is under the impression that X won't put her up because of his personal relationship with her. Z said he's fine with that impression


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                            I have kids talking over this today so I know I'm missing things sorry guys! Sometimes being deaf in one ear is a huge disadvantage!!!


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