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Live Feed Updates - 7/26 - Day 20

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/26 - Day 20

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  • #2
    Today is the Veto Ceremony
    We know that Christian is not going to use it
    Brent will be thrilled and think that his plan worked.

    A new alliance was born last night around 3 AM, you can check out that, Brent's big plan and more on yesterday ( Day 19 ) Live Feed Updates.

    We'll bring you.... what they bring us today .. right here on Day 20....


    • #3
      Christian did not use the Power of Veto
      Britini and Brent remain on the block
      Brent is the house target
      He thinks he has the votes to stay, and actually didn't want the Veto to be used.
      Wish granted.

      ( BEFORE the veto ceremony, Brent was counting his votes with Alyssa, telling her that he only needs 6 ... he has his 3 teammates, she (lies ) and tells him that ... those 3 and the her team ... he's good ... she adds that she's sure Sarah Beth will too )


      • #4
        ( Also BEFORE the Veto Ceremony, not that it matters .... but time wise just saying ... )

        Britini told Derek F and Azah that when she told Xavier that she wanted him to pick from any of the other people in the house, that had not been on the block, to put them up and take her down, so that she wouldn't have to sit on the block, the entire time, that he told her that he wasn't going to ..... but he also told her that if she gets HoH next, that she should take a shot at him .. not his team...
        She told Derek F and Azah he ( Xavier ) is not going to tell her what to do ...
        Derek F asked if if she is going to take a shot at Xavier AND someone on his team and she say " correct".
        Azah tells her to pick whoever she wants


        • #5
          Now .. after the Veto Ceremony

          Alyssa - the super fan in me is so excited
          Tiffany - by a unanimous vote..... Britini...... you are safe ....
          Tiffany says it has to be unanimous.
          Hannah t - I don't even feel bad blindsiding him
          She says the super fan in her is also like "yes!"
          Hannah - this is what the fans what to see .. plus.. he's horrible

          Brent tells Alyssa that he has a feeling that intentions have shifted ( with Xavier's target )
          Alyssa tells him not to be paranoid
          He tells her that he's worried that now Xavier will try to get them ( her and Christian ) to vote to evict him
          She tells him, no way

          ( I bet she wishes she could get away from him )


          • #6
            Brent - they took the bait ( keeping noms the same ) .... and now X can't ****ing play in HoH..... we have Alyssa.
            He says they make X the target ...
            Brent- everyone's going to be under our puppeteer

            Brent to Kyland and Derek X - no one suspects us....the Mafia... Christian i loyal to Alyssa... we're running the house,..... Britini goes home.

            Brent told Kyland and Derek X that he is very relieved that they have Alyssa
            Brent - we gained intel. security and numbers.... that's huge

            Brent talked to the camera

            He said that everything is going according to plan... the nominations stayed the same ...
            He says Xavier can't compete in this weeks' HoH ...
            He says that he knows that Alyssa's allegiance is to him ( Brent )
            He says that he knows that he can trust both Alyssa and Christian


            • #7

              Brent to the camera - I'm looking squeaky clean and safe.... the Mafia is under the radar.. the nominations are the same,...X is digging himself a hole... I can trust Alyssa .... we have the votes... it ****ing worked

              ( is this going to be a Dustin moment .. do y'all remember that moment in Big Brother 8 ?? )

              This one ~~~>>


              • #8
                Ky and Baby D were outside trying to talk game.

                Brent came over and interrupted before I could really figure out the conversation.

                Brent says he's pretty sure he's convinced the Jokers to vote out Britini (he's going with Frenchie's game plan- I'm the bigger target so keep me)

                Feeds cut


                • #9
                  We're back.
                  Ky says things feel really smooth but when things feel smooth maybe they aren't.

                  Brent says X couldn't change the noms because he would have started a crap show. But now Brent says that X is much more receptive to him now because he feels now it looks like he kept to his word...... without knowing that Brent has it all worked out for him to stay.


                  Brent Says that mafia comes first. He says he can get Alyssa to tell him anything that the other team is doing, that she's very loyal to them. That her team doesn't suspect her at all.

                  Brent thinks everyone's next targets will be X and Christian.


                  • #10
                    Brent says they are working with 5 of the girls so even though there will be more of them left then guys it'll be OK.
                    Brent says I need to not be seen with your team but it's OK for you guys to hang out and with X.

                    Brent tells them that whatever talk that they have with X later let him know.
                    he says we just have to pick off the Kings and the Jokers and we're good. We can ride this out.

                    Feeds cut again.


                    • #11
                      Brent to Derek X/Kyland- I think everything is perfect right now.... no one suspects anything ... the Mafia comes first..... I'm close with Alyssa... she's giving me everything I need but she is not in The Mafia. We do need to keep Alyssa as long as possible cause she is loyal.

                      Kyland- do you think they will suspect her if the vote is too much?
                      Brent- it doesn't matter.... I think everyone's target will be Xavier and Christian

                      ( okay .. I gotta dash .. time to go home!..... I'll catch us up in a little bit )


                      • #12
                        Back. Brent is gone and Ky and Baby D are just sitting in silence lol.

                        Derek X says he could have seen Christian use the veto today for some reason. Said everyone's thinking ahead right now.

                        Ky says Brit and Whitney are tight and don't know which one would be best.
                        they are curious will the girls lie to them or are they loyal.
                        There's an airplane so kind of hard to hear.
                        Derek X saying Brit is the type to be very loyal. She was ride or die with Frenchie. And that outside of the game she plays a lot of team sports. Said last week she told him not to use the veto if it means one of her team going up instead. He thinks if you can reach the top tier of loyalty with her she's very loyal.


                        • #13
                          Derek X and Ky discussing the 8 but is there a final 4 that they could pick out of that. Derek asks Ky how do the final 8s in the past usually fall apart.

                          Ky going through past seasons and players thinking and trying to figure out who and what the down falls were.


                          • #14
                            Ky says with a third guy going out this week, it's highly likely we will have more girls then guys left.

                            Ummmm yes Ky.

                            He says that's another reason he would kind of like to have Big D left for jury, like he would like to see a more even number of each for jury.
                            Derek X says a guy this week and then two girls?

                            Lot of awkward silences from Ky while he thinks.
                            Derek X Says he tries to look ahead and what he wants the end to look like, and then work backwards from there.
                            Derek X says like when I used the veto on you, if I hadn't, I knew Travis was safe. So I looked like 3 weeks out and pictured what the house would look like. Said he pictured Frenchie in charge still, Slaughterhouse going strong, but himself at the bottom of it. So he had to ask himself how to position himself at least more in the middle of the group.

                            Feeds cut. I'm annoyed by this, Derek X is fascinating to listen to. How his mind works.


                            • #15
                              Ky says I'm going to talk to Brit and Azah.
                              Derek says he likes Azah on a personal level but she's such an emotional player.
                              Ky says if it came down to a final two and it was one of us against any of the girls I think we would win over them.

                              they circle back to so Whitney or Brit next then. Ky says yes Brit has so many reasons to put up him, Derek, X etc.

                              They figure out 2 weeks left until jury, so two HOHs two Vetos etc.


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