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Live Feed Updates 7/27 - Day 21

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  • Live Feed Updates 7/27 - Day 21

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    I'm going to try to quickly catch us up ....


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      Kyland and Tiffany talked ...saying that if the Kings win the next HoH... they will put up Britini and Whitney ...

      Tiffany says they should win ( HoH ) if the next target is Whitney, otherwise, they have to take a shot at Britini or have someone take a shot at Claire
      She says she doesn't want to do that

      She goes on to say that she would like to put Whitney/Alyssa on the block
      Kyland says he's going to ask Xavier, if he is willing for one of his team members to go on the block as a pawn

      Tiffany then says that maybe they should just go ahead and take a shot at Britini this week... and that would leave Whitney
      Kyland - as a house target ..
      Tiffany- yes

      Tiffany says taking a shot at ( and getting Britini out ) would only piss off Derek F and Azah ....
      Tiffany- they already look at me as a little shady

      They talk about getting the Cookout to the Final 6 ....

      Tiffany said that Azah and Big D are the only ones in the Cookout.... who are not helping their alliance.... despite taking the protection of the alliance


      • #4
        Tiffany/Kyland and Claire talked

        more talk about keeping Whitney as a "house target" ...

        Tiffany tells them that ... if they can not take a shot at a Joker this week..... they could earn their trust ..
        She says if someone takes a shot at the Kings... they would lose one King ... but earn three Jokers....

        They talk about if they can throw it to Azah, they will.

        Kyland says that a Joker or Whitney has to win HoH this week ...
        He says that they can get Hannah and Derek X to tell Whitney, right before the HoH Comp, that if she doesn't win it, she's probably going home

        ( sheesh there's a lot of feed cutting again today's hard to weed through all the cuts to get to the good stuff )

        (that sorta/kinda gets us caught up... I have to jump back out )


        • #5
          Whitney Alyssa and Christian in the bathroom

          Feeds cut almost as soon as I came to it. Sounded like they were discussing the alliance and how strong it is or isn't.

          Ok back.
          Whitney saying she wants to work with people who are passionate about the game not those that just want to make it to jury.

          Alyssa asks Whitney if she wants HOH.
          Christian asks who would her target be?

          Whitney says not now but down the line Hannah needs to go because she's so good at this game and so smart.
          Whitney says I know you guys are close to her though. Alyssa and Christian both deny that. Whitney says that Hannah had told her before that she's close to them.

          Now they are going through the teams and who's on each one and the strengths and weaknesses.


          • #6
            Feeds were cut again.

            Back now. Whitney thinks their team is the closest and actually friends. Says her team is not that way at all.

            BB asks Whitney to move her mic up.. Yay I was struggling to hear her lol.

            Whitney says if I go for the HOH I can't tell Hannah that, I have to make it look almost like an accident. she thinks Hannah will throw it to one of the Jokers if she gets that chance.


            • #7
              Whitney asks who their main targets would be if they won. They say probably the Jokers. That it makes the most sense.

              Hannah came in so that conversation ended.

              They pretend they are talking about what animals can beat other animals.


              • #8
                It is only giving me Derek in the kitchen by himself to watch, or this bathroom conversation to watch right now.

                Xavier came into the bathroom as well. Christian is trying to convince them all that there's an animal called a Liger. Hannah and Xavier have never heard of them or seen them before.

                Alyssa says yes there's a habitat in Florida that has one.

                Now Christian says Zonkies also exist. Nobody is going along with that one. 🤣


                • #9
                  He says they have a donkey from half and a zebra back half. He says America knows they are real. He makes Hannah look at the camera and say she doesn't believe in Zonkies. He tells her to challenge America to prove her wrong.


                  • #10
                    (Should it be Zonkey then? Not Zonkie? )


                    • #11
                      As incredibly entertaining as that conversation was... not really...I switched to Xavier and Alyssa.
                      Alyssa is basically telling him everything that Whitney told them.
                      Whitney told them that Brent said Christian likes him a lot, that Hannah says she likes Alyssa but really trusts Christian.
                      X says so maybe Whitney is more loyal to us. Alyssa reiterated that Whitney wants to play the game with big players.
                      Alyssa tells him Whitney would listen to all of them to get out the Jokers.
                      Xavier says so maybe Hannah is the bigger threat over Whitney. Then says they should really make both of them feel comfortable. Alyssa says maybe I've been saying save Hannah for personal reasons because I like her and I have to stop doing that. X agrees, they need to take personal out of it.
                      They wonder why everyone likes and wants to save Hannah, X says they haven't seen much of her competition wise. Alyssa says but when she talks you can tell she's dangerous.
                      Alyssa says let's lie and say to the queens that Whitney isn't after any of them, let's convince them that we keep her.
                      Alyssa tells him that when he sees Whitney be ready because she's going to try to have all alliance talk with him. That Whitney wants Derek F out of slaughterhouse, isn't sure about Ky and wants Derek X.... says form an alliance with Whitney that she won't know is fake.


                      • #12
                        X talking to the camera now.
                        everyone was good with putting up Whitney and Hannah, but now SB has Alyssa thinking about Hannah, so now the Cookout is in trouble. He says dammit SB.

                        X says "how can we put the target back on Whitney's back. Hannah makes people uneasy how can we change that. I won this HOH and I'm taking out a big threat so that nobody can accuse me of floating. Now everyone sees Hannah as a dangerous floater.
                        ok Hannah is an honorary member of the Cookout but she won't target any of us so I need to save her."


                        • #13
                          Continues to talk to himself and us... goes through every team and tries to figure out who Hannah would target.
                          SB Britini and Claire are what we decided from each team.
                          He says "ok yes how do I get everyone steered towards Whitney, instead of Hannah. Gosh to think lying low like she has would come back to her her."


                          • #14
                            X "I have to figure out a way to steer everyone back towards Whitney but how I don't know. " quiet and thinking now....

                            "Between Hannah and Whitney I would rather Whitney go she's not coming after us. Hannah can't win this HOH so how do I convince people to not target her"

                            "She's not in the original Cookout so if we had to let her go we could, but Hannah in the jury would be a vote for any of us. But Hannah in the jury terrifies everyone else. Whitney already said she wants a woman to win so I can't convince SB or Britini to go against her. "

                            Lot of cussing.

                            Then "Snickerdoodle" 🤣

                            He's lost in thought again. More cussing. More thinking.


                            • #15
                              X says "first thing first, putting Whitney and Hannah up it is what it is. Convincing everyone that Whitney might be the bigger threat. Now everyone is getting off board with Whitney being the target. How do we save Hannah. And now people are even getting uncomfortable with KY! I don't get it the Cookout was doing so well for awhile and I can't have them freaking out"


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