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Live Feed Updates - 7/29 - Day 23

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  • Live Feed Updates - 7/29 - Day 23

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    It's eviction day!


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      SB Derek and Azah talking.
      Derek talking about all of the he said she said and it is annoying him. Says all week people coming in saying they heard he would put up so and so.
      Derek says no matter what you two hear, you come to me and ask me if that's what I said.

      Derek says he gets that he talks a lot so it makes sense for other players to say he's saying things. But he says I don't talk about you (SB was told he would put her up)
      Derek F says he loves Alyssa as a person but every dude in the house is trying to make her happy. Both girls say that it doesn't bother them.

      Brent comes in so they stop talking. Brent is grabbing his bags and taking them out.

      Tiff, Claire and Christian in another room. They are discussing Brent and his reading lips. They don't think he's telling the truth about his job or WBRB his age maybe. They think military.

      Christian says that he knows Hannah is feeling unsafe for next week. That she thinks the Kings will put her up next to Whitney.

      Tiff says what if Whitney wins safety? Christian says yes that's what worries Hannah. Christian says if that happens then Royal Flush needs to decide who else is the target.

      Alyssa comes in.
      They are going thru scenarios if Whitney wins safety. How she could win etc.
      Christian now says... aren't you guys a little bit terrified of Hannah? of her potential?
      Alyssa agreeing but Tiff arguing hard. Trying to say everyone has potential.


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        Alyssa says Hannah didn't want to win HOH why is she that confident? Says a person not wanting to win it is suspicious.

        Christian says if we want Whitney out who do we put up? They say Hannah or a joker.
        Claire says everyone knows that Hannah is sneaky.
        Tiffany says listen we have this alliance, but we also have built other relationships. Tiff tells them it is important to not tell others about this conversation.
        Alyssa brings up again Hannah not wanting to win HOH. Christian says Hannah told him she doesn't want to show her cards, and he's like what cards does she not want to show.
        Alyssa and Christian both say Whitney can't keep a secret and shows her emotions.
        Claire said she keeps thinking and hearing that Whitney wants to work with who is in power. They say nobody knows what Hannah's game plan is or who she wants to work with.
        Tiff tries to shut it down again, that Hannah isn't really playing.
        They all tell her Hannah knows this game better then anyone else and she's very smart.
        Tiff backs down just says oh OK. Oh OK.
        They tell Tiff how they've heard Hannah going through the days of the game and knows it all.
        Claire says Whitney is older then Hannah and that she's more emotional. Alyssa says yes, Hannah shows 0 emotion.


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          Christian says you can read Whitney like a book and Hannah is more a jack in the box.
          Alyssa says isn't it weird that until this point nobody was talking about Hannah or wanting to get her out?
          Tiff says she had no idea that Hannah was that comfortable.
          Christian says Hannah gives him advice all the time, and that he thinks Hannah feels it Alyssa left then Christian could come to her.
          Christian says it is suspicious she gives him advice only late at night when brushing their teeth and nobody is listening, but says maybe it would be to his advantage to keep her since she does.

          Derek X comes in so that talk stops.


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            Talk resumes about Whitney and Hannah going first.
            Tiff saying that she's afraid with Whitney's emotions she could say something that makes her mad and wants to put Tiff onTife block.
            Christian says regardless I think we do know the two nominees we want to put up. Christian says he's really hoping the HOH is endurance.
            Christian says he doesn't ever want to make Tiff mad because he loves her not because he is scared of her. Like he loves his parents and doesn't want to make them mad.

            Claire and Tiff saying they just love Christian and Alyssa that they are like little polite kids.


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              Tiff braided their hair. Alyssa says she has to look cute to win HOH. Claire says first girl HOH this season. Then says only a couple of girls won last season.
              Claire says it's kind of funny that a girl could win this HOH for first time and a girl go home for first time too..

              Camera switched to Hannah and Derek X in the kitchen. Lot of whispering and he's cooking while she's doing dishes. Really couldn't hear what they were saying. BB asks Hannah to move her mic higher so I guess they couldn't hear either lol.


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                Derek X says "if I'm your number one and everyone chose to you dies what does that say about me?"
                Hannah tells him you'll have to be very careful.

                She said she doesn't feel appreciated by him (joking) and he said he appreciates her as much as she should be. They talk about getting so close to people in just 3 weeks.

                Brent comes in and says if the HOH is endurance he's doing it in the nude.
                Brent now whispering to them, saying that he doesn't want to lose the trust. Hannah says you should wait until after HOH. They're talking about telling someone something, a girl, but I'm not sure what it is. Hannah is playing along very well though. Christian comes in so they stop whispering.


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                  Camera went to Pets.


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                    Here's how tonight's Live Eviction and HoH Competition played out ...

                    Live Vote:

                    Christian - Brent
                    Azah - Brent
                    Derek X - Brent
                    Kyland - Brent
                    Claire - Brent
                    Hannah - Brent
                    Sarah Beth - Brent
                    Alyssa- Brent
                    Derek F - Brent
                    Whitney - Brent
                    Tiffany- Brent

                    He got his wish to be part of the biggest blindside of the season ...

                    By a vote of 11/0 .... Brent has been evited from the Big Brother 23 house

                    Julie to Brent- you don't look shocked
                    Brent - no,
                    Julie- but I was watching you ... before it went live on the air you didn't see this coming did you??
                    Brent - it was the right play, if you don't get me out, I was going to create a lot of havoc in the house
                    Julie- what's going through your mind right now?
                    Brent- umm to be honest, I'm not shocked at all it is a game of betrayal, I've had a target on my back since day one.

                    Julie - right before commercial you told me you weren't shocked ...
                    Brent- no
                    Julie -w hat happened?
                    Brent - I'm a strong personality.. and obviously since day one.. people have said I look like a threat .. those things just don't go away .. but I haven't even done anything to prove that I'm a physical threat yet .. .. but for people to keep saying that I was an amazing competitor before I even got to really compete, was just a easy way of putting a target on my back.

                    Julie - your own teammates turned on you .. doesn't that shock you at all?

                    Brent - no

                    Julie - you lobbied for the veto not to be used
                    Brent - yes
                    Julie- in a game... where lying, backstabbing is common place, why wouldn't you use everything at your disposal to try and get safety?
                    Brent - the thing is ... needed to know the numbers ... needed to know where the people stood in the house... yeah winning a veto will save me one more week... but then I'd be gone the next week.. my thought process way ... get the data... me taking myself off ... would mean nothing but one more week of safety .. I've already been targeted by a lot of people in the house before.. so it wasn't going to change

                    Julie - your gut told you ... you were a target.. but then afterwards .. you said your gut was never wrong and you felt safe.. what do you have to say to your gut now?

                    Brent- the thing is ... my gut felt safe in the team aspect of the game....
                    He goes on to say that he wasn't surprised that Kyland turned on him .. etc.
                    Brent - I was working with what I had ...

                    Goodbye Messages

                    Xavier - Brent, I do think that you were my biggest competitor, remaining in this house, and that's why I took the shot that I did, and I hope you can respect that.

                    Hannah - Oh Brent, the #2 rule in Big Brother is.. if you feel too comfortable or safe.. that is usually a good indication that you are going home... so.. this is Hannah speaking from Flight BB23 .. enjoy your flight home.

                    Derek X - my man., Brent, the house target shifted to you ... and once that started moving ... there was nothing I could do to stop that. It was amazing meeting you.

                    Alyssa - Brent, I know you told people that you have me wrapped around your finger ... but clearly you are wrapped around mine. Just know that this is all game, not personal ... I czn't wait for you to visit on Halloween.

                    Tiffany - Brent, I guess you didn't see the Kings coming from the front ( she's using a lot of flight attendant hand signals ) The Queens from the back and the Jokers and the Aces (she hand motions left to right ) to send you out the door to Julie

                    Julie to Brent - final thoughts?
                    Brent- like I said .. it's a game... I don't' feel any type of way .. because betrayal, deceit, is part of it .. I would be lying if I said I wasn't doing the exact same thing .. so like I said .. it was best to get me out .. I had a lot of things cooking .... they made the right play... so there you go ...

                    HoH Competition - Pier Pressure

                    Playing with your team, race to complete your surf board puzzle, but you must do it one team member at a time, you are on the clock .. the 25 second clock, if your time expires at any time you and your team are out.

                    Each person has a 25 second clock, they must run back and hit the reset button before time runs out, in order for their team to continue to try to solve the puzzle....

                    The winner will be the house guest on the team that puts the final puzzle piece in place and hits their buzzer ...

                    Christian is the new Head of Household!

                    The final Wildcard competition will play out tomorrow...

                    Julie - will the winner chose safety for themselves but put others in jeopardy?

                    Next week's HoH .. is first Endurance Competition of the summer ...​​

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                      On the live feeds..

                      Derek F tells Alyssa that he worries that he will be a pawn
                      She tells him that she doesn't think he has anything to worry about

                      Derek F also talks to Tiffany
                      He tells her that it sucks
                      She tells him that everyone was trying hard to win it

                      Derek F to Tiffany - you know they won because of that damn you know who. ...
                      Tiffany- Sarah Beth put the puzzle together..... they won because of Sarah Beth


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                        Claire says she wonders if they ( BB ) did teams.. because it was 3/3/3 ...
                        Derek X says ... if Brent would have stayed .. production would be like.... now what do we do.


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                          FYI ..

                          the only house guests that are eligible to play in the Final Wildcard Competition tomorrow are:

                          Aces - Whitney
                          Queens - Claire
                          Jokers - Azah or Derek F


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                            Also.. with the first Endurance Competition of the summer coming up next Thursday, we are going to have to bump up the bandwidth, so any support is much appreciated.


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                              Currently .. they are all just sitting around talking about the competition .. etc.


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